WordHero Review 2024: Unlimited Words & AI Detection Free?

Updated on January 24, 2024

Yes, you read that right. Unlimited words. At least for now, with their Lifetime Pro Plan.

It’s pretty rare for an AI writing tool to be offering such a feature. So is there a catch?

You are about to find out.

In this WordHero review, I will cover its key features, pros and cons, use cases, pricing plans, and everything else you need to know before you purchase.

Let’s go.

wordhero logoPin

WordHero: Best for Unlimited Words

  • Unlimited words on most plans
  • Can bypass top AI detectors
  • Supports 108 languages
  • Massive 78 templates library
  • Refund within 14 days if unsatisfied

Limited Lifetime Deals. Pay once, and use forever.

I earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

What is WordHero?

WordHero is an AI writing tool founded by a fellow Singaporean Digital Marketer, Jeff Tay, in July 2021.

I promise you that does not impact this review because that means nothing to me. All I care about is the tool.

Besides, the guy didn’t accept LinkedIn connect request. No grudges, though.

Jeff Tay No Reply MePin

They currently have over 10,000+ active users and an active Facebook Group with over 5,000 members.

WordHero Facebook GroupPin

Their software is built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 model, Text-Davinci-003, which is better at generating higher quality and longer outputs while being better at prompts.

This means it’s easy to create high-quality blog articles while handling other short-form content for ads, social media posts, emails, and much more.

My First Impressions of WordHero

WordHero was actually the first AI writing tool I bought.

I was just getting my toes wet in the blogging world, so I just wanted an affordable tool that could generate AI content indefinitely.

My first thoughts were, “YEAH, UNLIMITED WORDS!” and “LOL, only a fool would pay for limits.”

Also, I was really impressed with the user interface, roadmap, and number of templates WordHero had.

So there’s that.

How Does WordHero Work?

WordHero uses the GPT-3 AI model trained on a large collection of written and spoken text on the internet to produce similar outputs.

175 billion parameters, to be exact, might rise to 100 trillion if they shift to GPT-4 eventually.

The model can take in a user prompt and generate text based on the context it has learned from its training data.

And it’s not just some simple pattern matching.

It identifies the probability of a sequence of letters appearing together and creates a wide range of responses and ideas that satisfies the prompt.

WordHero is a user-friendly interface that fine-tunes this model to create custom templates that provide structure and guidance for the generated text.

WordHero User Interface

The interface is rather sleek and simple to navigate, so it’s unlikely you will get lost.

On the home dashboard, there is a huge search bar in the middle for you to choose your desired template.

WordHero Home DashboardPin

If you are on the Lifetime Pro plan or any of the normal subscription plans like me, you will be able to see the long form editor on the top next to the history tab.

Note: Lifetime Starter doesn’t come with it.

Application and profile-specific settings can be accessed by clicking on the hamburger icon and your profile picture, respectively.

Who is WordHero Good For?

WordHero is an excellent tool for highly converting short-form content and long-form outline structuring.

Here are some examples of potential users:

  • Bloggers: Using the long-form editor and keyword assistant to create blog outlines and produce a minimum viable draft.
  • Marketers: Create converting copy using a wide variety of templates for ads, sales pages, social media captions, welcome emails, lead magnets, press releases, and more.
  • Book Writers: Incorporate marketing copy best practices by crafting unique titles, descriptions, and storytelling in your book.
  • YouTubers: Come up with catchy title hooks, video ideas, descriptions, and video scripts.
  • Agencies: Create compelling content for your clients at greater speeds without sacrificing quality.
  • eCommerce and SaaS Businesses: Generate benefit-driven and converting copy to persuade potential customers.

There are literally endless applications for this tool.

Ultimately, if you need to create any form of text content that is captivating quickly, you stand to benefit from using WordHero.

WordHero Key Features

Now that I’ve gone over a top-level overview of this AI writing tool let’s find out what kind of features WordHero has.

Generator Mode

They have made it super easy to generate content by entering a few keywords into the prompt box after selecting any template, and out comes your text.

Here is an example of me using their AIDA Copywriting Formula recipe:

WordHero AIDA Copywriting FormulaPin

It’s the first option on the home dashboard.

Following the onscreen prompt, I enter a short product description of my fictional GPS tracker for dogs called DoggyLocate.

After clicking “Write for me,” WordHero’s AI will produce a few results in the AIDA format on the right for you to choose from.

In just a few clicks, customer-ready content. Crazily simple, right?

This applies to all the other templates they offer.

I will tell you more about the templates in the templates section below.

Multi-Language Support

With over 108 supported languages, this is truly one of the more impressive features of WordHero.

WordHero Multi Language SupportPin

Even big boy, Jasper AI only supports 25+ languages.

Right now, I am in Cambodia working on my family’s business, and I need localized content for ad copy and social media posts.

I couldn’t for the life of me find a professional AI writing tool that could output the local language, Khmer until now.


Tone Selection

Most of the templates that produce medium to long-form content will also come with a tone selection.

All you need to do is enter your desired tone into the text field, and the AI will try to incorporate it into the output.

WordHero Tone OptionsPin

However, as the tones are not predefined, we don’t really know if the team properly fine-tuned the model with appropriate data sets.

It’s really a hit or miss depending on what you enter.

From my testing, common prompts like casual, formal, funny, and friendly produced more accurate results than unorthodox ones like majestic, luxurious, and academic ones.

Take it with a grain of salt, and don’t get your hopes too high.

You can always take the text and ask ChatGPT to rewrite it in your desired tone.

Keyword Assistant

WordHero also comes with a keyword assistant for some of the templates, including the Blog Paragraphs option in the long-form editor.

WordHero Keyword AssistantPin

You can only add up to 3 keywords at a time, so pick wisely.

I want to point out that it doesn’t scan the top-performing articles on Google SERP based on the keywords you selected.

It won’t automatically incorporate SEO-optimized, semantically related words in your output.

It will try to include your desired keywords in the paragraph.

So it’s still your job to determine what needs to be included.

If you want a tool that does all that and generates an entire SEO-optimized article with one click, you can check out my Content at Scale review.

WordHero Long-Form Editor

Their Long Form Editor is their bread-and-butter feature but is only available for Lifetime Pro users or those on any of the normal subscription plans.

It looks strikingly similar to Google Docs, with lesser options.

WordHero Long Form EditorPin

While that may sound like a turn-off, the simplicity is what makes the tool great.

On the top, you see essential text formatting tools and other unique content generation features like Blog Outline, Blog Paragraphs, and Write More.

On the left, you can find document settings and even access all their templates to incorporate specific AI content directly into your article quickly.

Let me take you through writing a blog article using the WordHero long-form editor in just a few steps.

I’ll be creating an article based on the topic of “What is AI writing Software?”.

Step 1: Creating a Blog Outline

Start off by entering the keyword into the title field. Next, click on the blog outline icon that looks like a 6-cell table on the top.

And POOF, magic!

Step 1: Create Blog OutlinePin

Alternatively, you can go to the left and search for the Blog Outline template and use generator mode.

Then just click on the double arrow on the top to transfer all sections or individually using the single arrows.

Note: The output will vary each time.

Step 2: Generate Blog Content

Next, highlight the section header that you want content for and click on the Blog Paragraph icon that looks like a rocket.

Step 2: Generate Blog ContentPin

In just a few seconds, you get a well-written paragraph. If you need more words, click the Write More icon that looks like a pencil next to the rocket. Make sure your cursor is at the end of the paragraph.

Again, you can use generator mode to do it. But now you can add keywords and tone to the prompt.

Once you get the result, transfer it to the long-form editor.

Note: I noticed one of the keywords I selected, “content writing,” was omitted.

Repeat this step for the rest of the sections. Or move on to step 3.

Step 3: Use Other Templates From Generator Mode

You could just use the blog paragraph tool to finish your article, but why not utilize WordHero’s templates to add more specificity?

I wanted to generate a section about the pros and cons of using AI writing software.

Head to the writing tools on the left and search for the “Pros and Cons” template.

Enter the prompt, and you get an entire paragraph. Easy.

Step 3: Use Other Generator Mode TemplatesPin

Step 4: Generate a Conclusion

Finally, create a conclusion using the blog paragraph tool or the “Blog Conclusion” template found in the writing tools on the left.

Step 4: Generate ConclusionPin

Using the template in generator mode might give you more relevant output because you can enter short points in your prompt.

If you used the blog paragraph tool, it would produce a general result based on the main article title.

How Good Is the Content Quality From WordHero

I took the liberty of generating all the sections to complete the blog post.

Now it’s time to see how good the content quality is.

Note: I made no adjustments and didn’t edit it. I’ll be testing the raw output from WordHero.

WordHero Readability

I copy pasted the entire blog post into Hemingway, and here were the results:

WordHero Hemingway ResultsPin

As you can see, it’s neither amazing nor bad.

Remember, this is without any edits, so you can definitely improve the readability with some touch-ups.

WordHero Factual Accuracy

WordHero didn’t generate any statistics, cite an event, or mention any particular names.

Our best bet is to simply check if it got the definition of AI writing software right.

WordHero Factual AccuracyPin

So the output seems pretty accurate when talking about NLP, machine, and deep learning. Nothing made up.

Note: From my testing, more complex or niche topics are more likely to produce inaccurate content output. Always check.

Can WordHero Pass AI Detection?

Now, the question that is on everyone’s mind. “Can it Pass AI Detection?”.

Let’s find out by running this paragraph through all these AI Content Detectors.

WordHero Test ParagraphPin

Here are the results:

WordHero Winston AI ResultsPin
WordHero Winston AI Results
WordHero Originality AI ResultsPin
WordHero Originality AI Results
WordHero Content at Scale ResultsPin
WordHero Content at Scale Results
WordHero Crossplag ResultsPin
WordHero Crossplag Results
WordHero Sapling ResultsPin
WordHero Sapling Results
WordHero Writer ResultsPin
WordHero Writer Results
WordHero Kazan SEO ResultsPin
WordHero Kazan SEO Results
WordHero Hugging Face ResultsPin
WordHero Hugging Face Results
WordHero GLTR ResultsPin
WordHero GLTR Results

It’s quite insane, actually.

As I was running the tests while writing this blog post, I wasn’t expecting the content to pass most of the popular AI content detectors.

It even passed the plagiarism test from Originality AI.

Good job WordHero!

At first, I thought maybe the detectors were broken.

But if 6 out of the 7 on that list gave the content a pass, then we gotta give credit to WordHero.

Note: This is just one test I did on one paragraph. Results will vary each time. So always check and edit your content no matter what.

WordHero Use Cases (Templates Review)

As of writing this post, there are 79 templates available on WordHero.

They are separated into the following categories:

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Writing Tools
  • Miscellaneous

I’ll cover the more important ones in each section.

Business Templates

Features to Benefits

Whether you are a product owner or a reviewer, this tool will come in handy to craft benefit-driven copy easily.

All you need to do is provide a short description of the product with bullet points of its features, and it will turn that into a more compelling sentence.

In my case, I used “Dog tracking GPS collar”.

Features to BenefitsPin

It’s pretty decent. The first result gives you a collective answer, while the bottom ones are the results of each individual feature.

Marketing Ideas

If you are clueless about how to come up with an interesting campaign, you can use the marketing ideas template.

I went with the “Viral” option. The other is “Conventional“.

Marketing IdeasPin

The ideas it gave were not too bad.

It didn’t make me go “Oh Damn“. But it will definitely get the ball rolling for a less experienced marketer.

Product Descriptions

So you got a product with all its features and benefits but have no idea how to craft a professional product description.

No problem. Use this template.

Product DescriptionsPin

Honestly? Not bad at all.

All 3 results produced really good results.

Product Names

We already know my fictional Dog Tracking GPS collar is called, DoggyLocate. But can WordHero come up with something better?

I went with the Casual tone, but it also has Serious and Wacky.

Product NamesPin

What do you think?

I’m biased, so I prefer DoggyLocate.

Other Business Templates

Here is a list of the other templates in the business category:

  • Book Descriptions: Write captivating descriptions for your book.
  • Book Titles: Want to be a New York Times Best Seller? You’re gonna need a good title.
  • Brand Name Ideas: Starting a new business but can’t think of a name? No problem.
  • Real Estate Listing Description: Make sure your property sells with a compelling description.
  • Review Responder: Can’t contain your anger or find it hard to be polite? Let AI take your emotions away and reply instead.
  • Startup Elevator Pitch: You got a great product but can’t string a quick and direct sales pitch together. Use this.
  • Startup Ideas: Got value skills but didn’t know how to monetize them? Get some startup ideas.
  • Startup Slogans: Coming up with cringy slogans by yourself? It’s ok WordHero does so too, but there are some pretty good ones.
  • Startup Value Propositions: Honestly, if you need WordHero to do this for you, you shouldn’t have a startup. But it’s here if you need it.
  • Vision and Mission: People usually get these 2 mixed up, and the output from this template is actually quite good.

Marketing Templates

Blog Headlines

After selecting a keyword, many can’t develop a catchy hook to get clicks. Let WordHero do it for you.

Here are the results for “Best AI Writing Software“.

Blog HeadlinesPin

Overall, not too bad, but I realize it won’t keep the keyword in the blog titles.

It does come up with a creative combination of adjectives and verbs that will be excellent accompanying text for your main keyword.

You will still need to tweak it to fit the appropriate title tag length of 60 characters if you want it to appear nicely on the SERPs.

Blog Outlines

This is a great template to get the juices flowing, especially when working off a blank canvas.

Blog OutlinesPin

It gives you a decent blog post structure with foundational section headers.

But if you really want to get ranked, you still need to scan the top results on page 1 of Google and see what titles those blog posts include.

Blog Intros

If you are anything like me, I suck at writing intros. It’s been this way since I was in school.

Writing reports were a nightmare.

Blog IntrosPin

This template makes it very simple to get a straightforward introduction with no fluff.

Blog Paragraphs

This is probably going to be your go-to tool when writing long-form articles.

It will be damn useful in producing initial drafts for section headers. Especially when all you see is a blank page.

I entered the topic “Benefits of NFT Airdrops,” and this is what it produced.

Blog ParagraphsPin

As an ex-marketing manager for multiple NFT companies and consultant on various projects, I can tell you that’s pretty spot on.

Blog Conclusions

Definitely not as trouble as introductions, but still a pain to think about.

After spending all that brain power writing an entire article, the last thing you want to do is to conclude right.

Like, wasn’t the article enough? Why do you still need me to summarize?

Anyway, using this template takes some of that stress off.

Blog ConclusionsPin

You will still need to fact-check and edit because WordHero won’t be able to identify the key takeaways.

Explain It to a Child

This is one of my favorite templates, as it’s my personal opinion that many people these days try to use fancy language to act smart.

Heck, I do it too sometimes when trying to explain a concept. Because of sophistication and wokeness, right?

So I want to see how this template answered: “What is quantum mechanics?“.

Explain It to a ChildPin

Not bad. Very clear and easy for my monkey brain to understand.

Facebook Ads

If you are in charge of Facebook ads like I was when I worked in an eCommerce company, this will be a lifesaver.

The template follows a structure similar to AIDA, which is excellent for ad copywriting or even social media captions.

Take a look.

Facebook AdsPin

Both results hook, inform, and incentive action, which is a must-have.

Features, Advantages, Benefits

Most of us can come up with names and roughly describe what a product or service is about.

However, many struggle with writing benefit-driven copy that converts.

Features, Advantages, BenefitsPin

You can use this template to write a compelling FAB statement and then refine it later.

Just like the Facebook Ads template, the Google Ads recipe will be useful if you deal with that.

As the title has character limitations, you notice that the results are relatively short but actionable.

Honestly, it shouldn’t be challenging to come up with these yourself.

But if you are having trouble, there you go.

Google AdsPin

Other Marketing Templates

Here is a list of the other templates in the marketing category:

  • Amazon Product Descriptions: Get a description of your product from a bulleted list.
  • Blog Topics: Great for coming up with blog ideas, but you should still be using a keyword research tool.
  • Cold Emails: A fast and easy way to get a professional email written from scratch. Most of us can’t do this right.
  • Email Subject Lines: Can’t get people to open your emails? Maybe try this.
  • Explain It Like A Professor: If you want to sound REALLY smart. But you better back it up.
  • FAQs: Great for getting quick generic questions, but you should use Google’s “People also ask” for relevant queries.
  • Generic Emails: Similar to the cold emails template but you get a full email with subject line suggestions too.
  • HSO Copywriting Formula: Implement the Hook, Story, and Offer strategy for your sales pages or ads.
  • Lead Magnets: Trying to build your email list or generate more leads? You need a solid lead magnet.
  • Listicles: Generate generic section titles for your article. I still prefer analyzing the top articles for the keyword and taking inspiration from those instead.
  • News Paragraphs: Writes a rather formal paragraph like those you see on a News site. Great if that’s your goal but I always prefer to write simply.
  • Offer Ideas: Awesome to get some ideas, but you should figure out if your offer makes sense to your business.
  • Press Release: Got something exciting to announce? Use this.
  • Product Benefit Statements: Create a benefit-driven paragraph section for any feature.
  • Product Story: Storytelling is critical in selling a product. Use this if you can’t do that.
  • Quotable Quotes: Great for short-form content on social media posts or product headlines.
  • Sales Page Call-to-action: If you just need a convincing CTA, this will work.
  • Sales Page Guarantee: Superb for brainstorming, but never make promises you can’t keep.
  • Sales Page Headlines: This is actually pretty good for invoking emotion in your customers.
  • Sales Page Opener: This template follows a problem and solution formula which is perfect for a sales page opener.
  • SEO Descriptions: Great if you just want something quick and dirty. Google rewrites your SEO descriptions anyway.
  • Social Media Bio: Generates quite lengthy bios but still follows good marketing frameworks for a compelling paragraph.
  • Website About Us: Great if you want to just brain-dump all your offers and see a condensed paragraph. But you should know your business better.
  • Welcome Emails: Don’t know how to greet new subscribers? No problem. You got this template.

Social Media Templates

Google My Business Posts

This is very useful if you have a local business, but it works for just about anything.

Google My Business PostsPin

Image Captions

Can’t craft good social media captions?

Yea, me too.

Image CaptionsPin

The results are pretty good and serve as a good intro paragraph.

Video Descriptions

Automatically generate a solid description for YouTube or any other video platform.

It introduces the topic for your video and ends with a call to action.

Video DescriptionsPin

Not bad.

Other Social Media Templates

  • Personal Opinion: It’s not really personal anymore if you ask WordHero, right? But why not?
  • Pinterest Title & Description: Gives rather creative headlines and descriptions for your Pinterest posts.
  • Social Media Post Ideas: This is not going to give you your next viral post, but it does come up with decent ideas for fillers.
  • Video Ideas: You really should be using a YouTube keyword research tool like VidIQ or Tubebuddy. However, this template will be good for brainstorming.
  • Video Titles: This does the same thing as the other title templates.

Writing Tools Templates

AIDA Copywriting Formula

Use to create convincing content that can generate attention, interest, desire, and action.

Most web copy trying to convince potential customers to buy something should use this framework.

AIDA Copywriting Formula TemplatePin

This template can be applied to anything from social media captions to even ads.

Content Rewriter V2

A lot of times, you will be taking inspiration from others.

You must include the rough idea but can’t rewrite or paraphrase it. Use this template to get it done for you.

Content RewriterPin

By the way, Plagiarism is not cool. I hope you are still putting it in your own words and adding more value.

Grammar Corrector

You just bought WordHero, but so now you can’t get Grammarly.

No worries. This is the next best thing.

Just type the text you want corrected, and there you have it.

Grammar CorrectorPin

PAS Copywriting Formula

This PAS copywriting formula is also my personal favorite.

You can be more convincing by following the Pain, Agitate, Solution framework.

PAS Copywriting FormulaPin

If you can solve someone’s problem, that’s the best reason to purchase something from you.

This works really well for social media captions if you’re trying to sell something.

Tone Changer

As you know, not all templates come with the tone option.

You can simply paste the output from others here and choose from a set of tones.

Tone ChangerPin

Other Writing Tools Templates

  • Analogy Provider: Come up with relatable explanations for any statement. More people should include these in their articles.
  • Bullet Point Expander: Do you love to jot down bullet points but can’t put them in proper sentences? You can use this tool.
  • Descriptive Expression: Pretty much the same as the content rewriter with tone options.
  • Essay Paragraphs: Similar to the blog paragraph template.
  • Example Provider: Honestly, I wouldn’t trust this at all. Get your facts from Google and verified sources.
  • Fictional Story Narration: This is fun and produces creative results.
  • Mini Story: If you need some extremely random but creative.
  • Pros and Cons: This is ok for generic topics but will be highly inaccurate for most. It’s better to do your own research.
  • Sentence Expander: This does add a few more sentences based on the input. It starts to produce irrelevant results the more times you repeat.

Miscellaneous Templates

Cover Letters

This provides you with a very professional cover letter.

All you need to do is add your credentials and let WordHero do the rest.

Cover LettersPin

Obviously, some editing is required, but it’s clean and professional.

Job Description

Looking to hire someone for the first time?

LinkedIn job descriptions are actually great.

If you like that style, use this template.

Job DescriptionsPin

Quora Answers

I regularly use one of my favorite templates for my FAQ sections.

I use it more for generic answers to try and earn rich snippets.

Just enter your questions, and you will get a short Quora-style answer.

Quora AnswersPin

If the question requires more expertise, don’t use it, but the results are fine.

Other Miscellaneous Templates

  • Fictional Story Ideas: The output from this is alright, but definitely not J.K Rowling quality.
  • Food Recipes: Generic recipes work fine, but don’t expect to find your friend’s grandmother’s secrets here.
  • Greetings: Come on, this is a basic human skill.
  • Personal LinkedIn Bio: List your key milestones and turn the AI into a professional bio.
  • Poems: I’m not a poet, but I guess it sounds Shakespeare-ish.
  • Product Reviews: Great if you just want to list out key points and get a full paragraph out of it.
  • Song Lyrics: I’m also not a songwriter; besides, I don’t have a beat. However, the lyrics at least rhyme.

WordHero Pros

  • Simple and User-Friendly UI: The UI is straightforward to navigate, and the UX is smooth. Its minimalistic design makes it easy for beginners to dive straight in.
  • By-Passes AI Detection: It can pass most of the current AI detection tools, which protect your content from being flagged by Google as spam. You should still make edits yourself.
  • Mostly Relevant Output: The output was relevant, especially for well-established topics. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t need to edit and add your own input.
  • Promising Roadmap: Their public roadmap on Trello has active community feedback with many ongoing and upcoming developments from the WordHero team, which is very promising.
  • Multi-Language Support: It’s one of the only tools on the market right now that can generate content in over 108 languages. This is quite rare and extremely useful for users worldwide.
  • Many Use Cases: You get a massive library of 78 templates (more than Jasper) in multiple categories like social media, business, marketing, writing, and other miscellaneous tools.
  • Unlimited Content Generation: They offer unlimited content on all plans except Lifetime Starter, which is a shame.
  • Huge Knowledge Base: You get access to an extensive knowledge base filled with guides, articles, and short snippets about how to use all the tools on the platform.

WordHero Cons

  • Poor Quality for Niche Topics: Though decent for general and well-established topics, the output quality tends to drop for niche topics that require more technical expertise from the user.
  • Doesn’t Work Through Prompts: You can’t speak and have human-like conversions with WordHero like a ChatGPT. You can specify some standard input parameters like topics and keywords.
  • Can’t Fine-Tune Outputs: It doesn’t allow you to specify the number of generations or creativity level. Instead, you just have to keep re-running the query to get different outcomes which might eat credits if you aren’t on their unlimited plans.
  • No Integrations You don’t get any integration with other popular products like WordPress, Grammarly, or Surfer SEO.
  • No Plagiarism Checker: Unlike many other tools that use the Copyscape integration, WordHero still doesn’t have a plagiarism checker yet.
  • Slow Developments Despite having active community feedback, the team seems to be swamped with other commitments, and developments have been quite slow lately.
  • No Team Management Features: Essential team management features like adding sub-accounts, team members, or permissions are not available on any of their plans.

WordHero Pricing

WordHero Pricing Early PriorityPin

They are currently still in early-priority access.

There are 2 subscription plans, both offer the same features, but one is a monthly fee of $49 while the other is a yearly subscription of $348 (you save $20/month).

However, here’s a special offer for you.

WordHero Pricing Lifetime DealPin

For a limited time only, they are offering 2 LIFETIME plans. Meaning you pay once and get access to the WordHero FOREVER.

Under the lifetime deals, you have the option of Lifetime Starter, which is $89, and Lifetime Pro at $267.

The only issue is that Lifetime Starter only comes with 20,000 words per month. 

It doesn’t come with the Long-Form editor, Keyword Assistant, or Future SEO tools.

I’ll tell you this is a steal for the unlimited words ALONE, so go with the Lifetime Pro plan.

Lifetime Deal: If I have convinced you, click my link below and get lifetime access for a one-time payment.

WordHero Refund Policy

WordHero has a 14-day money-back guarantee on WordHero for you to test all its features.

If unsatisfied within those 14 days, you can get all your money back by requesting a refund via [email protected].

No questions asked.

WordHero Fair Use Policy

WordHero allows its users to create unlimited words per month, but OpenAI has implemented rate limits on their API.

This is to protect against abuse, ensure fair access for everyone and manage computational resources.

You also might notice a drop in output quality after multiple generations within a specific time frame.

WordHero Customer Support

Honestly, I never had to contact customer support. Hopefully, that’s a good thing.

But if you need to, they have a comprehensive knowledge base that answers pretty much any question you might have about the tool.

Alternatively, you can drop them a message on the live chat on their website.

Generally, what I found to work best is to simply hang around in the WordHero Facebook Group, which has over 5,000 members.

If there is any issue, other users will probably be the first to notice and also be the first to provide solutions.

WordHero Product Roadmap

The WordHero product roadmap is located on a public Trello board, with users providing feedback regularly.

WordHero RoadmapPin

Many new features have been and are scheduled to be released at different stages. Though slow, it’s still getting implemented.

However, the more popular requested features, like the plagiarism checker and the sub-accounts, have been in the works for almost 2 years.

That’s a real head-scratcher.

Because I can’t imagine implementing sub-accounts to be difficult, and they can simply integrate Copyscape for plagiarism checks.

Hopefully, the team will expand its development team to handle the growing demand.

Why is WordHero Offering Unlimited Words?

Truth be told, I don’t really know. But since they are in early access, it’s most likely a marketing tactic to onboard more users.

If you didn’t know, OpenAI GPT-3 API is not free.

OpenAI PricingPin

We don’t really know how long the unlimited words offer or lifetime plans will last.

So, if you really want to make full use of WordHero, I suggest locking in the Lifetime Pro Plan before it ends.

WordHero Alternatives


Copy AI Home PagePin

Copy.ai is an AI writing tool that helps you create powerful copy and write unique SEO-driven pieces.

It can save you time and money by crafting briefs, outlines, and full first drafts in minutes. It has one of the best user interfaces with over 90+ templates and even a better chatbot than ChatGPT.

They offer monthly credits that automatically renew at the end of each month. On their paid plans, you have access to unlimited words.

Pricing starts at $0 with a free trial and goes up to $49 monthly.


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Jasper AI (formerly known as Jarvis.ai) is probably the most popular AI writing tool right now that can handle all aspects of content writing extremely well.

It has a solid UI, long-form editor, multiple templates, tone selection, and even Jasper Chat.

With plans starting at $59/month (or $49/month with an annual plan), you can have access to up to 50,000 words per month.

If price isn’t an issue, you might want to pick this up


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WriteSonic is also another popular AI writing tool that offers a huge library of templates, a ChatGPT-like bot, ChatSonic, and even AI images.

Plans start at $19 per month for 60,000 words. 

A free trial is also available with 10,000 Words per month.

It’s a great option if neither of the above alternatives suits your needs.

WordHero Review (FAQs)

Who Owns the Rights of the Content Generated by WordHero?

You own all the rights to the content you generate using WordHero.

What Languages Does WordHero Support?

WordHero supports 108 languages. You can check the full list of supported languages on their knowledge base.

Do I Get Unlimited Words With WordHero?

Yes, you get unlimited words on all plans except Lifetime Starter.

Does WordHero Provide API Access?

No, WordHero doesn’t provide API access.

To Sum Up: Should You Buy WordHero?

The tool is definitely not without its flaws.

But it’s one of the very few AI writing software tools left on the market that offer unlimited content on their plans.

That feature alone, coupled with the fact that it can pretty much bypass all the AI detector tests, makes it a must-have in your toolkit.

It still doesn’t replace human writers, but it will definitely speed up your writing process.

I hope you enjoyed this WordHero review.

So if you want it, click my link below.

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WordHero has one of the best lifetime deals for AI Writing Software in the market right now that might end soon. If you need a reliable AI writing tool that can generate as many high quality blog articles as you want. There’s nothing better.

Price: 49

Price Currency: USD

Application Category: BusinessApplication

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Limited Lifetime Deals. Pay once, and use forever.

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