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PAS Copywriting: The Most Effective Copywriting Formula

Updated on March 18, 2024

Struggling to write copy that compels your audience to take action?

That’s because your content lacks oomph.

You can easily transform your writing from 0 to 100 by following the PAS copywriting framework.

Problem, Agitate, and Solution.

This article will show you how to master the PAS formula, enhance persuasion skills, and turn words into conversion magic.

Excited yet?

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Key Takeaways:

  • The PAS copywriting formula uses Problem, Agitate, and Solution to make writing more persuasive.
  • The problem part talks about the trouble your reader has. It’s key to know this well.
  • The agitate step means you stir feelings about the problem, so people want a solution fast.
  • You provide the solution clearly showing how what you sell or offer can help fix the problem quickly.

What Is the PAS Copywriting Framework

PAS stands for Problem, Agitate, and Solution. It’s a way to structure your copy that’s designed to resonate with the customer’s pain points. You first present the problem (Problem), then the potential consequences or agitate the problem (Agitate), and finally, offer a solution (Solution).

It makes sense for businesses because it connects with your reader’s emotions, making your message more persuasive and impactful.

Let’s dissect its structure.


The first step of the PAS copywriting formula is “Problem.”

It’s the big problem you are trying to help solve.

It can be:

  • Not earning enough money
  • Unable to lose fat
  • Can’t find the right partner

Each case can give you great ideas for how to write your text.


Agitation is where you twist the knife.

This part stirs up feelings about a problem. It makes it seem big and hard to fix.

If you construct this well, it makes the reader want a solution immediately.

It makes them desperate.

Keep poking.


Now that you’ve scared them don’t leave them hanging.

This is your chance to show authority and build trust by providing the best solution.

Whether it’s a product or service.

Describe how it BENEFITS the reader. Not features.

Show them you understand their problem and have the best way to solve it.

Tell them about your offer in clear and simple words.

Paint a picture where their pain goes away with what you are offering.

Outcome (Optional)

Most sources will end with a problem, agitate, and solution.

But if you want to take it up a notch, add a final outcome at the end.

This paints an ideal picture of the transformation readers can expect by following your advice.

PAS Copywriting Examples

Now that you know how it works, here are some examples of the PAS framework in action:

1. Weight Loss Product

  • Problem: Struggling to lose weight? Worried about your health? Have tried various methods but none worked?
  • Agitate: Excessive weight weighs you down in multiple ways. You get easily tired. You can’t wear the clothes you want to wear. There is a greater risk of having diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Low quality of life. Restrictive social life.
  • Solution: A breakthrough weight loss product that helps you shed pounds effectively and improve your health.
  • Outcome (Bonus): Shed pounds, boost health, and reclaim a vibrant, unrestricted life with our breakthrough weight loss solution

2. AI Writing Software

  • Problem: Writing can be a pain, especially when you’re unsure what to say or how to say it. Writer’s block, eh?
  • Agitate: You’re wasting time staring at a blank screen, your deadlines are looming, and you’re feeling the pressure.
  • Solution: Jasper AI, an AI writing software that helps you create high-quality marketing materials in seconds.
  • Outcome (Bonus): Unleash creativity, meet deadlines, and ease writing woes swiftly with Jasper AI, your instant writing companion.

3. Project Management Software

  • Problem: Are you struggling with managing your team’s work and productivity in a remote work setup?
  • Agitate: Miscommunication, missed deadlines, and lack of transparency are causing stress and inefficiency.
  • Solution: Notion is an online workplace that improves productivity by providing a single platform for all your team’s needs.
  • Outcome (Bonus): Streamline teamwork, enhance communication, and hit deadlines effortlessly with Notion, your unified remote work hub.

4. Part-Time Creator Newsletter

  • Problem: Are you finding it hard to start a creator business with a 9-5 job?
  • Agitate: You’re being lied to if others say you have to quit your job to pursue it.
  • Solution: The Creator Rebellion is the go-to newsletter for actionable tips, resources, and strategies to start and grow your creator business alongside your full-time job.
  • Outcome (Bonus): Monetize your knowledge and build an online personal brand with a financial safety net before deciding to go full-time.

Remember, the key to effective PAS copywriting is to deeply understand your audience’s problems and present your product or service as the best solution.

It’s also important to practice with copywriting exercises to effectively use this framework.

The Benefits of Using the PAS Framework

The PAS framework is an easy but effective framework for telling good stories and evoking emotions.

First, you talk about a hard part (the problem). Then, you make the reader feel it more (agitate).

In the end, you give a way to make it all better (solution).

This makes your reader want to do something or buy something.

One of my favorite copywriting quotes according to copywriting expert, Dan Kennedy’s book “The Ultimate Sales Letter,” mentions:

“The effectiveness of the PAS framework for getting people to take action is based on the fact that when you talk about problems, you are in a sense ‘reading people a page from their own diary’.

Dan Kennedy, The Ultimate Sales Letter

Here are more benefits:

  • Audience relevance: Targets audience’s specific pain points, ensuring copy resonates and is pertinent.
  • Emotional engagement: Amplifies the problem’s urgency, heightening audience connection and emotions.
  • Structured approach: Offers a clear, concise copywriting structure, enhancing focus and audience comprehension.
  • Action-driven: Not just about presenting solutions, but spurring the audience to act, optimizing for conversions.
  • Versatile application: Suitable for various copy types, from landing pages to social media posts.
  • Builds empathy & trust: Demonstrates understanding of audience challenges, fostering trust.
  • Enhanced persuasion: Amplifies the copy’s persuasive power by delving deep into audience’s emotions.
  • Benefits over features: Prioritizes the solution’s benefits over mere features, showcasing real value to the audience.

PAS Copywriting (FAQs)

How Can Using PAS Framework in Email Marketing Help Grow My Business?

Using PAS in email marketing can make your content more appealing to readers by focusing on their problems and offering useful solutions that lead them to make a purchase.

Can I Implement the PAS Framework on My Landing Page?

Yes, you can use this effective copywriting method to write compelling content for your landing page copy. It helps you focus on customer needs and convince them about your product or service.

Are There Other Ways The PAS Framework Can Boost Sales?

Yes, you don’t only have to stick to writing copy. You can also use PAS during presentations, YouTube videos, and public speaking gigs because it’s excellent at persuading via any medium.

How Can I Introduce the ‘P’ or ‘Problem’ in the Pas Copywriting Formula?

The “P” or “Problem” step requires you to identify and explain something your reader or customer is struggling with. You’ve identified the problem that your product or service can solve, now it’s your job to present it in a way that your reader can relate to and say, “yeah, that’s exactly how I feel.”

Why Should I Agitate the Problem Before Presenting the Solution?

You should agitate to show readers the potential consequences of not solving the issue right away.

When you make the reader feel this pain more intensely (but don’t want to make them sick or overly hurt), they’re more likely to be receptive to your solution.

It’s like you’re illustrating why they need your product or service, which seems like an even better idea after they’ve felt their problem deeply.

How Can I Effectively Write the Solution Part With the PAS Copywriting Formula?

You should introduce the solution in a way that seems valuable and effective to the reader. Empower them by showing how your product or service is the BEST solution to solve their problem, offering ease and growth in return.

Can This Formula Be Used for Web Copy on My Website?

Yes, you can use PAS for web copy. It’s versatile and can be used anywhere the goal is to persuade.

It’s just as effective on any digital platform like your website, blog posts, product descriptions, and even SEO copy.

It speaks directly and clearly to your readers, which is always valuable in copywriting.

Can I Use the PAS Copywriting Formula for Social Media Ads?

Yes, you can use the PAS framework whether it’s a Facebook ad, an X post, or an Instagram caption. It helps you write more compelling and engaging copy.

While the character limit may make it more challenging, the principles remain the same: identify a problem, agitate it to make it hit home, and then present your product or service as a solution.

When I was working as the digital marketing specialist for one of Singapore’s top e-commerce smart home brands, I used this formula exclusively to generate over 7-figures in MMR (monthly recurring revenue).

What’s a Common Mistake To Avoid When First Using the PAS Copywriting Formula?

A common mistake is to confuse the “agitate” step with exaggeration or fear-mongering. The goal is not to scare your reader but to make them understand and feel the gravity of their problem.

You should avoid trying to make the problem seem unmanageably huge or painful. This can push the reader into the “zone of denial” where they don’t even want to think about solutions.

How Does PAS Compare to Other Copywriting Formulas, Like AIDA?

AIDA is more focused on grabbing attention and instilling a desire for a product.

On the other hand, PAS is more about empathy, understanding the reader’s problem, and then providing a solution.

Both can be effective depending on the context and what you think will connect with your reader better.

Can I Use the Pas Formula While Writing Blog Posts for My Site?

Yes, you can use it for blog posts. That’s what I do most of the time.

The intro of this article is a good example.

It works extremely well with informational blog posts like how-tos, step-by-step guides and product roundups.

Identify a common problem your readers have, agitate it to make it realistic and urgent, and then resolve it with your solution, product, advice or tips.

It increases your chances of readers taking a desired action.,

To Sum Up

PAS is a top tool for writers.

It makes your words strong and clear.

If you use PAS, you will get better at selling things with words without even trying.

You’ll be one step closer to becoming a copywriter that gets paid big bucks.

Try it and let me know.

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