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What’s inside?

The Raw Baw is where I can give you a first-person perspective of my life as a content creator while running a family business in a foreign country.

Learn from my real-world struggles, developments, and successes.

Personal FinanceCareer TipsPersonal Development, and Web Technology will also be covered if it benefits your growth as a content creator.

It’s a different angle from what you can find on my blog, which has more curated articles but is not as personal and intimate.

It will be a closed community of like-minded creators who have the same goal of reaching financial freedom with content creation.

Most importantly, YOU will be the first to know and receive exclusive benefits of any future developments regarding this community.

How Often?

I know that you already receive a ton of emails and hate spam. So while The Raw Baw is officially issued once a week, I won’t waste your time if there is nothing valuable to share that week 👍

Is There A Welcome Gift?

Yes! I made a FREE 30-Page Quick Start Guide for those looking to start creating content like a business. Worksheets and templates are included too!

Ipad and Iphone mockup of Brendan Aw's Remove The Content Creation Roadblock Guide.

It’s called Remove The Content Creation Roadblock, where I provide you with all the fundamentals concepts, strategies and tools to get started.

The goal is to help you remove all the unnecessary noise and jumpstart your journey ASAP.

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