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PAS Exponential Copywriting Formula (The Only One You Need)

Updated on January 21, 2024

Copywriting formulas are overrated.

They all seek to achieve the same few things:

  • Grab attention
  • Highlight a problem
  • Generate interest
  • Provide a solution
  • Emphasize benefits
  • Persuade action

So why are we inflicting ourselves with the paradox of choice?

And if you peel back the layers…

All of them can be summed up using the PAS framework.

So why not be efficient and just use one?

You can use it for literally everything.

And I’m not just talking about short-form copy.

It can be used recursively throughout each section for full articles.

I call this the PAS Exponential Copywriting Framework.

Why Is The PAS Exponential Copywriting Framework The Best?

Too many copywriting formulas complicate things.

They waste time and scatter your focus.

You spend hours choosing and learning, instead of doing what works.

That’s why I choose to go with the simple PAS.


  • Straightforward
  • Saves time
  • Gets you writing faster

You’re not getting extra points for adding more steps.

The PAS Exponential Copywriting Framework offers a singular, cohesive strategy that cuts through the noise.

It allows you to address your readers’ core direct needs with precision and persuasive clarity.

The best part?

It ensures every section adheres to these copywriting best practices without even trying.

You can dedicate 100% of your focus to the actual content.

Here’s a quick breakdown.

Step 1: Write the Intro

I performed the first iteration in the intro above.

step 1 pas exponential copywriting formula

I started with a problem which was telling you Copywriting formulas are overrated.

Then I started to agitate it by telling you that you’re wasting time.

Just use PAS.

I then wrapped up the intro by providing a solution which was the exponential version.

Simple right?

Step 2: Write The Brief Background or Primer

You just saw it above again.

step 2 pas exponential copywriting formula

The purpose of this section is to act as an amplifier to agitate the problem further.

And if you noticed, I followed the PAS framework AGAIN.

You can do the following:

  • Handle common objections
  • Give some background information
  • Highlight the downsides of the old method
  • Emphasize the benefits of using the new method

Or a mixture of everything.

This section is meant to be used as a primer or to give additional context about the main topic.

Step 3: Write The Solution

If you didn’t already notice, I was already writing this section.

Step 1, Step 2, and now Step 3 which I can’t show because you’re reading it.

This should simply show the reader your solution to the problem with a series of logical steps.

It doesn’t have to be a guide, but:

  • A list
  • A concept
  • A story

It’s the “meat” of the article that gives the reader the main takeaway.

To Sum Up

It’s a relatively simple writing formula for anyone at any level to use across all forms of writing.

Here’s a graphical representation for your reference.

pas exponential copywriting formula template

Alright, that’s all for today.

See you next week!



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From 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan Peterson
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