Winston AI Review 2024: My Honest Review After 5 Tests

Updated on January 24, 2024

Trying to find out more about Winston AI?

I got you.

We’ll explore the following:

  • Key features
  • Use cases
  • Pros and cons
  • Accuracy test
  • Alternatives

And at the end of this in-depth Winston AI review, you decide if you wanna buy it.

I’m just going to give you the facts.

What Is Winston AI?

Winston AI has coined the most powerful AI content detection solution built for content creators, educators, and publishers.

Their co-founder Theirry mentioned that protecting the integrity of original content is their mission. They plan to do this by providing a tool that can detect AI in text-based content with insane accuracy, 

It also comes with the unique feature of extracting text information using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology and many others.

winston ai logoPin

Winston AI: The Ultimate AI Content Detector


  • Detect AI content with 99%+ accuracy
  • Extract text from documents or pictures using OCR
  • Printable detailed reports
  • AI prediction map to highlight flagged text
  • Share credits with unlimited team members

Sign up for your 7-day FREE trial with my link and get 2000-word credits. No credit card required.

I earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

How Does Winston AI Work?

Winston AI uses advanced algorithms to detect patterns and structures typically found in AI-generated text from popular tools like GPT-3, ChatGPT, Jasper, Copy AI, and more.

The tool then compares the text to a vast database of human-authored and AI-generated content, determining the likelihood of the content being AI-generated.

You’ll then get a human score and other useful metrics like text highlights, plagiarism and readability scores.

Who is Winston AI For?

In upholding educational integrity against academic dishonesty, one group is teachers.

They can leverage Winston AI’s capabilities to identify plagiarism or computer-generated content within student assignments.

By doing so, they protect the value that students derive from a quality education experience. 

Or if you are a content creator who has a blog like me, Winston AI can serve as your first line of defense before publishing to avoid being detected by Google.

Winston AI Features

Winston AI offers several powerful features that make the detection process more efficient. 

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

This technology is not new.

But Winston is the only AI detector I know of that has this.

You can easily extract text from scanned documents or pictures, even those written in handwriting.

This means nobody can try to outsmart you by sending you a PDF of an article, hiding the fact that AI wrote it.

Simply upload the file, scan and get the results.

Winston AI upload OCR ChatGPT TextPin

Plagiarism Checker

Most top AI detectors these days usually come with a plagiarism checker as part of the buy-1-get-2 package deal.

To use it, toggle the “Plagiarism” when before scanning.

Winston AI Toggle PlagiarismPin

Note: This feature is not available on the free plan and it costs 2 credits per word.

Flesch-Kincaid Readability Score

No, I can’t pronounce it too.

Winston AI Flesch Kincaid Readability ScorePin

But the Flesch-Kincaid readability score basically measures the accessibility of a text using 2 tests:

  • Reading ease
  • Grade level

It’s very similar to how the Hemingway App works.

The score is on a scale of 100, where it’s more easily understood the higher it is and vice versa.

AI Predictability Map

Their fancy way of saying in-text highlighting.

It highlights words based on how likely they would appear in a sentence written by AI.

The words are ranked and color-coded from most to least predictable.

But being flagged doesn’t necessarily mean it is AI.

Printable Reports

Another unique feature is generating a full report of your findings as a PDF.

Winston AI Printable PDF ReportPin

Hardly any other tool on the market allows for this.

So me like.

How Accurate is Winston AI?

The only way to find out is simply to test it.

I’m going to generate 5 paragraphs using ChatGPT’s GPT-3.5 model, scan each one through Winston and tabulate the results. 

I’ll also show the actual text output from ChatGPT and the results from Winston so you know I’m not just making sh*t up.

Here are the prompts I used for each of the 5 topics:

  • How to train a shiba inu?
  • Will AI replace writers?
  • Best ways to fry eggs
  • How to create sales funnels?
  • What’s so special about the mona lisa?

Here are the results:

How To Train a Shiba Inu ChatGPTPin
How to train a Shiba Inu prompt
How To Train a Shiba Inu ChatGPT ResultsPin
How to train a Shiba Inu Winston results
Will AI Replace Writers ChatGPTPin
Will AI replace writers prompt
Will AI Replace Writers ChatGPT Winston ResultsPin
Will AI replace writers Winston results
Best Ways To Fry Eggs ChatGPTPin
Best ways to fry eggs prompt
Best Ways To Fry Eggs ChatGPT Winston ResultsPin
Best ways to fry eggs Winston results
How To Create Sales Funnels ChatGPTPin
How to create sales funnels prompt
How To Create Sales Funnels ChatGPT Winston ResultsPin
How to create sales funnels Winston results
What's So Special About The Mona Lisa ChatGPTPin
What’s so special about the Mona Lisa prompt
What's So Special About The Mona Lisa ChatGPT Winston ResultsPin
What’s so special about the Mona Lisa Winston results

And here’s a table summary:

ChatGPT PromptWinston AI Score
How to train a shiba inu?100%
Will AI replace writers?100%
Best ways to fry eggs100%
How to create sales funnels?100%
What’s so special about the mona lisa?100%
Average AI Score100%
Winston AI Accuracy Test Summary

I think that proves it’s 99% accuracy.

Winston AI Pros

  • Able to extract text from documents or pictures using OCR
  • AI prediction map to highlight flagged text
  • Share credits with unlimited team members
  • Printable detailed reports
  • No credit card is required to signup
  • Extremely intuitive UI and UX
  • Has a scan history

Winston AI Cons

  • No URL scanning options
  • No plagiarism detector with the free version
  • Only supports English and French
  • No API access

Winston AI Pricing

Winston AI Pricing Plans Winston AI ReviewPin

Winston AI offers a very simple 3-tier pricing structure.

  • Free: $0
  • Essential: $18 monthly ($14 if paid annually)
  • Custom: Contact the team

All plans come with the following:

  • AI detection tool
  • Email and Chat support
  • Uploadable documents (Word and PDF)
  • OCR scanning

The higher plans come with more word credits, additional team management features, printable reports, priority support and plagiarism detection.

If you want to know the cost on a per-word basis, it’s about $0.000175 on the $14 Essential plan.

Sign up for your FREE 7-day trial with free 2,000 words. No credit card is required.

Winston AI Alternatives

Originality AI

Originality AI is currently one of the industry-leading tools for AI detection.

They are more focused on Web publishers like bloggers or anyone that produces text-based content online.

It’s not aimed toward the education sector, so I can only assume it’s not trained on academic datasets.

Content at Scale

Contact at Scale is actually a long-form AI writer, but it has its own standalone AI content detector

The upside is that it’s completely free to use.

The downside, it’s really a hit or miss from my testing.

Winston AI Review (FAQs)

How Accurate Is Winston AI in Detecting AI-Generated Content?

From my testing above, Winston AI’s claim of 99% seems to be true as I was able to get 100% for all 5 tests.

Can I Test Winston AI Before Subscribing?

Yes, you can test Winston AI before subscribing, as they offer a 7-day free trial with 2000-word credits.

Can I Use Winston AI To Check Multiple Instances of Content at Once?

No, unfortunately, that is not a feature they offer at the moment.

Does Winston AI Support the Detection of AI-Generated Media Other Than Text?

No, Winston AI only supports the detection of AI-generated text.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Complete Analysis Using Winston AI?

Processing times can vary depending on the word count, but in my experience, even a 3000-word article will only take a few seconds.

Are There Any Serious Limitations to Winston AI’s Detection Capabilities?

While I don’t think there are any SERIOUS limitations to Winston AI’s detection capabilities, it’s shortfall is the same with any other AI detector. It can only give a probability score. Even if it’s 100%, that’s just the confidence of the model, not an absolute decision. 

My Verdict: Should You Buy Winston AI?

My answer is yes.

Winston AI is a groundbreaking tool that has the potential to revolutionize AI content detection.

By offering powerful features, crazy accuracy, and wallet-friendly pricing, it’s the ideal choice for users looking to safeguard their content. 

But don’t just take my word for it.

Give Winston AI a try and experience the benefits it offers firsthand.

Winston AI
winston ai reviewPin

If you need a tool that can detect AI-generated content with 99% accuracy or scan documents and images with OCR technology, I can’t recommend Winston AI enough.

Price: 14

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Sign up for your 7-day FREE trial with my link and get 2000-word credits. No credit card required.

I earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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