136 Best Affiliate Marketing Niches: Must-Know Stats & Facts

Updated on September 29, 2023

Want to start affiliate marketing, but can’t choose a niche?

I understand.

There are hundreds… if not thousands. 

But I researched for you…

And narrowed down those choices into the 136 best affiliate marketing niches in 2023 based on statistics and facts.

Note: I’ve listed these niches in no particular order… so go ahead if you want to jump to the most interesting ones using the table of contents.

I’ve also provided useful tips and tricks near the end.

Read on!

7 Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing

The answer depends on your knowledge and interest… but some niches often stand out against others based on their popularity and commission rates.

The 7 best ones include: 

  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Technology
  • Food
  • Health and Wellness
  • Lifestyle
  • Wealth Building
  • Travel

These niches offer high earnings potential and have relatively low barriers to entry. 

What Is an Affiliate Marketing Niche?

An affiliate marketing niche is a specialized area of interest where you promote products or services. Niches typically have sub and micro-niches too. 

Focusing on a specific niche for affiliate marketing lets you: 

  • Target a specific audience
  • Tailor your affiliate marketing content to your audience’s needs
  • Establish yourself as an expert in that particular field

This requires you to create valuable content and personalized affiliate marketing funnels for your target audience.

This involves: 

  • Researching your niche
  • Identifying its growth potential
  • Using the power of SEO to attract a loyal customer base.

You can’t succeed with affiliate marketing without credibility.

This also shows customers your affiliate marketing efforts aren’t a part of any pyramid schemes

What Are the Best Affiliate Marketing Niches?

Here are 136 of the best affiliate marketing niches I’ve painstakingly researched for you:

1. Health and Wellness 

Health and wellness is one of the most popular evergreen niches out there. 

The health and wellness market is going to reach $12.9 trillion by 2031 based on a recent study. 

And you’re missing out a lot if you’re not getting a slice of that pie. 

This niche is also among those affiliate marketing niches with several sub-niches. These include: 

  • Weight loss 
  • Yoga 
  • Mental health 

Finding a product or service to promote is a no-brainer. Think of: 

  • Anti-aging products 
  • Wellness supplements 
  • Weight loss treatments 
  • Mental health support services 

People will always look for products that keep illnesses away and make them look and feel good. 

Not to mention the COVID-19 pandemic that significantly increased people’s awareness of the importance of health. 

You’ll always have great opportunities in this affiliate marketing niche and its sub-niches. 

And speaking lucrative sub-niches…

2. Yoga

Yoga is a great option if you’re looking for unique affiliate marketing niche ideas.

This health and wellness sub-niche reached $105.99 billion in market value in 2022.

And the yoga market is going to reach $177.6 billion by 2028

This large demand comes with the fact that you can target many audiences in this niche.

You can target potential customers looking to buy yoga equipment or get coaching services. 

Or you can become a yoga influencer yourself while earning commissions from affiliate products. 

Your goal is to enhance customers’ yoga experience…

And you’ll never run out of products and programs to do that: 

  • Subscription box services
  • Yoga exercise tools
  • Training programs 

Here’s the best part…

Even yoga has its own micro-niches, such as fly yoga and restorative yoga.

You can develop a super loyal following just by targeting these micro-niches. 

3. Supplements

Supplements are among the best niches for affiliate marketing since they overlap with bigger niches, such as the health and wellness niche. 

This niche will grow and reach up to $128.64 billion in market value by 2028

People want to be healthier. 

You can even argue that supplements are in great demand even without drastic events like the pandemic. 

Plus you’re bound to find a ton of products and services to promote. These include:

  • Weight management supplements
  • Cosmetics-focused supplements 
  • Anti-aging vitamins 

You can even promote supplements for pets (but that’s a separate niche we’ll discuss later on).

Supplement companies are always looking for lucrative affiliate marketing deals with content creators. 

There’s solid demand from both end customers and business partners. 

Time to flex your affiliate marketing muscles and secure that earning opportunity. 

4. CBD

CBD is a great niche for affiliate marketing if you know its ins and outs. 

This niche aligns with the above niches due to its focus on health benefits.

Its market value also doesn’t look too shabby: 

The CBD market reached around $6.4 billion in size in 2022

And forecasts suggest it will experience a 16.2% growth from 2023 to 2030. 

The legalization of hemp- and CBD-based products is imminent in many states and countries. 

And many companies are looking to capitalize on this development. More people are also looking to experience the products’ health benefits. 

You also have a wide variety of products to promote:

  • Oils 
  • Gummies
  • Topicals (lotions and creams) 
  • Pills and capsules
  • Vaping liquid 
  • Sprays 

Here’s a slight caveat: 

Legalities surrounding CBD product marketing are extremely strict in most countries.

So researching around your location’s state and federal rules is a must. 

5. Essential Oils

The aroma. The calming effect. 

And the fragrance of potential earnings.  

Essential oil products are experiencing impressive growth.

The global essential oils market reached $21.8 billion in 2022.

It will reach a revenue of $40.12 billion by 2030 based on forecasts.

This growth will continue as people seek products with health benefits but fewer side effects.

No wonder it’s one of the top affiliate marketing niches around. 

You’ll also see essential oil products appearing in sectors and industries like: 

  • Food and beverage
  • Personal care
  • Cosmetics 

You’ll also have a wide variety of essential oil-infused products and services to promote (apart from the oils themselves): 

  • Perfumes
  • Soaps 
  • Air fresheners 
  • House cleaning products

The market is full of high-performing affiliate programs that target essential oil users. 

So this might just be the most profitable affiliate marketing venture you can have now. 

6. Hemp

Hemp is one of the best affiliate marketing niches to try if you want to be an early adopter. 

Its market value is already quite impressive at this stage.

Grand View Research suggests that the industrial hemp market size will grow by 17.1% from 2023 to 2030.

It reached $4.74 billion in 2022 alone. 

Countries are developing more hemp products.

People also have a growing awareness of hemp’s dietary benefits. 

And you should take advantage of this increase in demand and growth. 

Promote products that use hemp as a key ingredient. You can easily find them in cosmetic and personal care niches: 

  • Soaps 
  • Shampoo
  • UV skin protectors 
  • Bath gels
  • Massage oils
  • Hand and body lotions

People also love learning new things about hemp and other legal cannabis-related products…

So starting a blog or producing YouTube explainer videos are great ideas to consider. 

7. Meditation

Mediation is one of the best niches for affiliate marketing in 2023. 

Numbers don’t lie. 

The global meditation market size is growing, and it can reach $14.7 billion in value in 2027

More people are suffering from stress and anxiety.

They resort to meditation to ease their stress and combat unhappiness. 

This increase in demand and market size makes meditation one of the best affiliate marketing ideas you should try…

And you’re helping others cope with stress and anxiety while earning. 

That’s the beauty of this niche. 

You can also promote a wide variety of products such as: 

  • Guidebooks 
  • Webinars
  • Aromatherapy items

And other items people can use during meditation sessions. 

Not convinced?

Commissions are lucrative in the meditation niche. 

You can easily earn 30% to 75% commissions on every sale you generate. You simply have to find the right program for your audience. 

8. Dental

Dental is one of the most profitable affiliate marketing niches because it’s an evergreen niche where demand never falters.

You need your teeth, right?

The dental care market will hit $699.7 billion in market value by 2032

People care more about their oral health than other health-related concerns like weight and exercise. 

Plus oral diseases are prevalent across the globe. 

Promoting oral care and dental products is also quite easy. There’s an ever-growing of products and services you can promote such as: 

  • Dental implants 
  • Toothbrush and toothpastes 
  • Teeth whitening treatments 

So you’re spoiled for choice and there’s a high demand. 

What about its profitability? 

Dental care is one of the most lucrative affiliate marketing niches out there. 

Commissions can be as high as 35% (or higher depending on your monthly sales). 

And since dental products tend to cost a lot…

Your earnings per click (EPC) will also benefit immensely. 

9. Mental Health

Mental health as a medical topic has become a major concern in recent years. 

People are becoming more aware of the importance and the benefits. 

It’s also become a highly in-demand niche for affiliate marketing today. 

2023 is dubbed as the year of mental health and wellbeing

Allied Market Research expects the mental health market to reach $537.97 billion by 2030

Committing to this niche is another chance for you to help people while earning.

Mental health affiliate programs come in endless varieties.

You can consider sub-niches such as: 

  • Parenting
  • Fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • Personal development 
  • Parenting 
  • Kids’ health

You can promote a wide range of products and services such as: 

  • Online therapies 
  • Anxiety tests
  • Meditation and sleep products 
  • Activity decks

Commissions range from 30% to 70% per sale or conversion.

Fixed dollar commissions can reach as high as $100. 

10. Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a growing niche in affiliate marketing…

And that shouldn’t be a surprise since the fitness community is huge. 

Strength training classes demand rose by 94% in 2022 alone…

And experts expect the global nutrition market to reach $85.7 billion by 2030

The market is composed of competitive bodybuilders and fitness buffs aiming to be in their best shape possible…

And then there are businesses trying to provide the needs of those customers.

It’s a great time to promote products such as: 

  • Dietary supplements 
  • Exercise equipment 
  • Workout training manuals and books 

There are also plenty of affiliate programs.

Some offer up to 40% commission per sale or up to $200 per sale. 

These hefty commissions make bodybuilding one of the most profitable niches in affiliate marketing you should consider.

11. Weight loss

When asking how to find a niche for affiliate marketing…

I often say that the best answer is one that lets you help people while earning money. 

The weight loss niche is a great example. 

Weight management is a crucial part of staying fit… and people pay good money to do that. 

The weight loss and management market grew to $224.27 billion in 2021.

It will grow to $405.5 billion by 2030. 

And Americans spend $33 billion each year on weight loss products

This niche pairs well with other health-related niches like: 

  • Health and wellness 
  • Bodybuilding 
  • Mental health 

Meaning you have many opportunities to engage an even wider audience.

Promote weight loss programs alongside products that keep your customers healthy. 

Or you can specialize in specific sub-niches such as: 

  • Special diets 
  • Weight loss supplements 
  • Pre-made meals 

Commissions range between 10% and 30% per sale. 

12. Metaphysical

Your personal beliefs aside… the metaphysical and spiritual markets offer many opportunities for marketers. 

This niche is perfect if you’re into metaphysical stuff and want to spread the word to other people… while earning money for your needs. 

The market is huge.

The global spiritual and devotional products market will reach $8.3 billion by 2031 from $3.6 billion in 2022. 

This niche also has several sub-niches that you might find interesting: 

  • Law of attraction
  • Meditation 
  • Healing
  • Motivation 
  • Affirmations
  • Mind power 

The customer bases for these sub-niches are passionate about their beliefs. You can focus on one sub-niche and build a loyal community around it.

13. Technology

Technology is another giant market that doesn’t let up regarding innovation and growth. 

It’s so large that it requires multiple studies to measure how big it truly is. 

Let’s take a look at one of its biggest and fastest-growing segments: 

The global IT market will grow to $8,852.4 billion in 2023 from $8,179.4 billion in 2022. 

Technology is everywhere… and this niche is the best category for affiliate marketing just because of its sheer size. 

So where do you start as a technology affiliate marketer? 

You can specialize in the tech sub-niche that interests you the most. 

Since technology always innovates and people love integrating convenient new tech in their lives… you’ll always have good customer demand. 

The following are great examples.

14. Electronics

Why electronics? Just imagine what you can’t do without appliances and gadgets…

The global consumer electronics market will reach $1,063.39 billion by 2030 from $740.79 billion in 2022. 

The home appliances segment has the lion’s share of that market… which means your primary audience is homeowners.

They’re almost always ready to spend money on useful products. 

Not to mention the growing number of people who prefer buying electronics online to visiting physical stores. 

Great opportunities also exist in the realm of smart home devices.

The global smart home market size will reach $581.85 billion in 2032 from $80.45 billion in 2022.

There’s more…

You can work with the most trusted brands in the electronics industry: 

  • Samsung
  • GoPro 
  • Philips Hue 

Commissions range between 2% and 20% per sale.

Electronics are big-ticket items… so your potential EPC is quite promising. 

15. Computers

Computers have evolved drastically ever since the ENIAC… so much so that computer-related products will always be among the top niches in electronics for affiliate marketing. 

The reason?

We can’t live without computers anymore. 

The global computer market size will grow to $604.75 billion in 2027 from $449.02 billion in 2023. 

That growth comes from the demand for smart technologies. 

Gamers are also responsible for this as the gaming PC market continues to thrive. 

And if you’ve built a gaming PC yourself… You know computer parts aren’t cheap.

The graphics card alone costs a fortune. 

The global computer graphics market size will grow to $35.1 billion by 2030

The products you can promote aren’t only CPU parts either.

You can also promote: 

  • Security software 
  • Gaming laptops 
  • Computer accessories 

Commissions are 3% to 10%… but the EPC is massive since items often cost hundreds of dollars.

16. Smartphones

Here’s one great niche within the tech industry. Cell phones… or as many call them now: smartphones. 

These gadgets have become a necessity and are ubiquitous in our daily lives.

No wonder the market for it is massive.

The global smartphone market size will grow to $947.11 billion by 2030 from $520.13 billion. 

The target market for this niche is diverse. Nearly everyone now has or needs a smartphone. 

Besides that… this is one of the best affiliate marketing niches for beginners because their appeal is easy to understand. 

I bet even you can develop several products and services you can promote. Here are some: 

  • Phone plans
  • Accessories 
  • Parental control apps 
  • Gaming apps 

You can work with big-name companies in the industry such as: 

  • Verizon Wireless: pays $75 commission per referral
  • AT&T Wireless: pays up to $85 commission per referral

17. Mobile Apps

Smartphones can be pretty boring without useful apps. 

“There’s an app for that” might be an old saying now… but it remains true. Hundreds of apps appear all the time and the market continues to grow. 

The global mobile app market will reach $567.19 billion in 2030 from $228.98 billion in 2023. 

Your target customers are virtually everyone who uses some form of mobile app. But you can also hone in on one type of audience. 

Great sub-niches in this market include: 

  • Work and productivity apps
  • Cybersecurity apps 
  • Gaming apps
  • Finance management apps 

Some of the most profitable affiliate marketing programs in this niche are from: 

  • Microsoft 365: pays up to $15 per signup for Microsoft 365 Business accounts.
  • ExpressVPN: pays up to $36 per referral. 
  • Swiftic: pays up to $150 per subscription referral. 

18. Software

Software is such a huge industry that it’s difficult to know where to start when researching it. 

How about we start with some stats? 

The global software market size will reach $1,397.31 billion in 2030 from $652.61 billion in 2023. 

Thousands of software products appear on the market every year.

And if you think about it… There’s a software program for nearly any task. 

You can target any audience that uses any form of software. 

That can be overwhelming…

So it’s best to specialize in a sub-niche within this market. Consider: 

  • Cybersecurity software 
  • SaaS products 
  • Website builders 

These are specialized affiliate marketing niches within the software industry… and they pay a lot. 

Norton pays a 20% commission per sale of their computer security products. 

Aweber is one of the best autoresponders in the affiliate marketing space… and they pay a 30% commission per referral. 

19. SaaS

SaaS is the top niche for affiliate marketing if you’re already dabbling in hard technical software topics. 

For the unfamiliar…

SaaS (or software as a service) is a business model where a company licenses its proprietary software on a subscription basis to other businesses. 

 And it’s a giant market in the software industry.

The global SaaS market will grow to $908.21 billion in 2030 from $273.55 billion in 2023. 

You might even be familiar with some of the most popular SaaS products in the market: 

  • Salesforce 
  • HubSpot
  • Slack
  • Shopify
  • Amazon Web Services 

And some of them have their own affiliate programs. 

You can promote a wide variety of SaaS products… not just the popular ones.

Some of the best-paying programs are from: 

  • Systeme pays up to 60% lifetime commission
  • Semrush pays up to $200 for every referral. 

20. VPN

VPNs let you browse the internet without worrying about your privacy and data. 

That reason alone makes them one of the top niches in electronics for affiliate marketing. 

There’s more.

Around 81% of people believe the risks of data collection by companies outweigh its benefits

There’s the threat of cybercriminals using people’s data to scam and steal from them. 

There’s only so much two-factor authentication and ultra-complicated passwords can do. 

That’s why VPNs are useful and people are willing to pay for data protection.

The global VPN market size will reach $137.7 billion by 2030 from $44.6 billion in 2022.

Promoting them will be a breeze because they’re cheap. 

Wouldn’t that mean you’ll get low earnings? 

Not really. Recurring commissions are great in this niche. 

Example: PureVPN offers 40% to 100% bounty payment plus 35% recurring commissions. 

21. WordPress

WordPress needs no introduction since it’s the most popular blogging and CMS platform around. 

But there’s more to WordPress than creating a blog about your daily escapades.

Around 63.1% of all websites that use a CMS use WordPress… overtaking Shopify (6.6%) and other platforms by a huge margin. 

These websites include: 

  • Corporate websites 
  • Blogging and content creation websites 
  • E-commerce sites 

So if you’re doing affiliate marketing niche research… you’re missing out a lot if you don’t consider WordPress.

You promote countless products and services such as: 

  • Hosting services 
  • Cybersecurity solutions
  • WordPress themes 
  • Page builders
  • Plug-ins 

Even WordPress training courses are popular for non-technical users. 

What about the potential earnings? 

I’ll let some examples answer that: 

  • ThemeIsle: pays 55% per sale
  • Elementor: pays 50% per sale 

22. Website Builders

We’ve discussed how WordPress is among the best website builders in the market.

It’s practically your top choice when picking a niche for affiliate marketing in the digital space. 

But other excellent website builders exist outside of WordPress (which is more of a CMS anyway).

Wix accounts for over 43% of the global market share for website builders. 

Squarespace and Weebly are second and third. 

And if you’re knowledgeable in those programs… then website building should be in your own top 10 affiliate marketing niches. 

Not convinced?

Here are some numbers.

The global website builders market will reach $3.8 billion by 2030 from $2 billion in 2022.

Your customers can be anyone from people who want a website for personal use or businesses needing a strong online presence. 

Some of the must-try affiliate programs include: 

  • Wix: $100 commission per Premium purchase. 
  • Squarespace: $100 to $200 per paid subscription. 
  • Weebly: 30% commission per sale. 

23. Web Hosting

The best web hosting services make websites accessible on the internet. 

Considering that thousands of new websites appear every day… It’s no surprise that the web hosting market is growing so much: 

The global web hosting services market size will reach $395.84 billion by 2030 from $94.64 billion in 2022. 

As businesses and people discover how much money they can earn from creating websites and online content… the market for web hosting will continue to grow.

And you can take a taste of this action by finding the most popular affiliate programs. 

I’ll give a couple of excellent examples. 

I’ve already mentioned WP Engine… but it’s worth repeating: 

They pay up to 200% commission per referral. 

Kinsta pays up to $500 per referral. 

So if you’re searching for niche affiliate marketing ideas to try… consider web hosting affiliate programs. 

24. Cybersecurity

Already have an excellent VPN? That’s good…

But cybercriminals also always innovate their ways of scamming people and businesses…

Which is why cybersecurity solutions are such an in-demand market: 

The global cybersecurity market size will grow to $500.70 billion in 2030 from $222.66 billion in 2023. 

We’ve already discussed VPNs… but there’s a lot more to cybersecurity than just hiding your IP and location. 

Products such as the following are also in-demand for those who want to be safer on the internet: 

  • Anti-malware products 
  • Password managers 
  • IT training and resources 

So if you love making people feel safe and want to find a profitable niche for affiliate marketing… then this might be for you. 

How about earnings potential?

I’ll let these examples speak for themselves: 

  • LastPass: pays 25% per sale. 
  • Avast: pays 35% per sale.
  • NordLayer: pays 30% to 50% per new signup. 

25. 3D Printing

Printing is cool. 

Do you want to know what’s even cooler? 

3D printing. 

This market is one of the best affiliate marketing niches around because of its growing demand. 

The 3D printing market size will reach $98.31 billion in 2032 from $17.38 billion in 2022. 

This market growth comes from the aggressive research into 3D printing’s applications. You can find demand for it across huge industries such as: 

  • Automotive
  • Healthcare 
  • Aerospace and defense 

Your main target audience is businesses looking to capitalize on the benefits of 3D printing. And the products you’ll promote are mainly 3D printers and 3D printing services. 

But the commissions are generous. Some examples include:

  • Autodesk: pays up to 7% commission per sale of 3D-related software. 
  • Anet Technology: pays 10% to 15% commission per sale. 

Considering that 3D printers often cost upwards of $300… I’d say those rates are superb. 

26. Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality (VR) has seen explosive growth in the tech sector…

And you can find VR applications across industries such as: 

  • Gaming 
  • Entertainment 
  • Education 
  • Architecture 
  • Real estate

VR technology is relatively new but its potential is huge.

The global VR market size will reach $187.28 billion in 2032 from $23.92 billion in 2022. 

That’s a double-digit CAGR of 22.9%.

Your customers include end users that use VR software and gear.

Some of the best affiliate programs in this niche include familiar names such as: 

  • Lenovo: pays up to 5% commission per sale of VR solutions and gadgets. 
  • Logitech: pays 4% to 10% per sale with an average order volume of $125.

VR Sync stands out as it pays a whopping 30% commission per sale of its B2B VR solutions. 

27. Artificial Intelligence

AI used to be a thing of movies like Terminator and Iron Man… until it isn’t. 

It’s difficult to find successful businesses that don’t use AI in one form or another these days.

Around 77% of companies are either exploring or using AI

And that’s for good reasons.

Businesses use AI to reduce costs and enhance their efficiency. 

The global AI market size will reach $2,575.16 billion in 2032 from $454.12 billion in 2022. 

You’re in a great position to benefit from this huge market growth. Promote a variety of products such as:

  • AI writing solutions (like ChatGPT… but better) 
  • Digital marketing tools
  • AI-powered design tools 
  • Robotics
  • Productivity apps

Some of the best programs in this niche include: 

  • Notion AI: pays 50% recurring commissions to all referred payments. 
  • Otter.ai: pays up to 60% commission per referral. 
  • Anyword: pays 40% commission per referral. 

28. Robotics

Robotics is the market for task-oriented robots that businesses can use for an endless array of applications. 

And they offer great earnings potential (assuming AI and robotics won’t go all Skynet on us puny humans). 

The global robotics market will grow to $283.19 billion by 2032 from $72.17 billion in 2022. 

But aren’t robots only used in manufacturing? 

Yes… but they’re also making waves in other industries such as healthcare and logistics. 

You have plenty of opportunities to sell robotics solutions to various businesses and customers. 

Not convinced?

Here are some of the best robotics affiliate programs I’ve found: 

  • Nvidia: pays a 5% commission per sale of its chipsets for mobile computing, automotive, and gaming. 
  • Oz Robotics: pays 5% sales commission on its global marketplace for tech and robotics. 
  • DFRobot: pays 4% to 8% commissions per sale of software and hardware products. 

29. Solar Power

Climate change is real… and many governments and companies are working hard to meet their climate commitments. 

So they invest HEAVILY in renewable energy.

This market is huge… 

The global renewable energy market size will reach $1,912.12 billion in 2030 from $988.26 billion in 2022. 

One of the best niches in this industry is the solar power market. 

The global solar power market size will hit $373.84 billion by 2029 from $234.86 billion in 2022. 


Technological advancements in solar technology are massive.

Plus, electricity costs are rising and there’s an increased demand for renewable energy 

The solar power market is ripe for picking if you’re an affiliate marketer. 

You can find programs such as: 

  • SmartPower4All: pays 75% commission per sale. 
  • SunPower: pays $75 commission per appointment (you get paid even if the customer doesn’t buy anything… sweet deal!)

30. Fashion

Fashion is one of the best evergreen niches for affiliate marketing because it’s popular regardless of the economy’s status. 

Its market costs trillions of dollars even during tough times. 

The global apparel market reached $1.53 trillion in 2022 and will hit $1.7 trillion in 2023. 

People just want to look and feel good no matter what. That’s a fact. 

You can promote an extensive range of products and services within this niche such as: 

  • Sportswear 
  • Women’s fashion 
  • Men’s fashion 
  • Kids’ clothes
  • Second-hand apparel 

And you’re in a great position to leverage online shopping services. Because if there’s one thing people love apart from looking good… It’s convenient. 

The global e-commerce apparel size reached $553.1 billion in 2021 and will reach $1,160.56 billion by 2030.

You’ll also be working with popular brands such as Daem Watches and SHEIN… and earn up to 50% commission.

31. Makeup

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder…

But that doesn’t stop people from trying to look even better than they already are. 

Americans spend $244 and $313 on cosmetics every month

Which is why I consider beauty and cosmetics an evergreen category. 

And makeup is a super popular niche for affiliate marketing in the beauty industry. 

This niche is teeming with opportunities. You can promote makeup alongside other beauty-related products. 

Your market isn’t only those who love makeup and use them for personal purposes.

Influencers are a huge market too: 

Beauty influencers spend up to $500 monthly on makeup and skincare products. 

You can even be a beauty influencer yourself and promote the brands that you love if they have an affiliate program.

Commissions in this niche pay well. 

The typical rate ranges between 10% and 25% per sale. Repeat purchases are also common. 

32. Nail

You might not believe this but… 

The nail care products market value reached $20.02 billion in 2022.

And it’s expected to continue growing by 2030 to reach $30.08 billion. 

So nail care is quite a profitable affiliate marketing niche. Just think about the products and services related to it: 

  • Nail polish 
  • Nail art products
  • Manicure and pedicure services

Plus nails grow and experience damage over time…

So people come back for more.

20.05 million Americans performed manicures four or more times in 2020 alone.

You may even argue that it’s another evergreen market that keeps on giving opportunities. 

Nail care products also overlap with businesses and products in other niches such as:

  • Beauty and cosmetics
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle 

Commissions are usually between 15% to 30% per sale of various products. Affiliate programs also almost always have a global reach and market.

33. Skincare

Skincare is the best niche for affiliate marketing if you’re among customers who spend huge amounts of money to care for their skin. 

A recent survey from Advanced Dermatology shows that the average American spends $722 a year on their appearance

Around 69% of that goes to skincare products. 

No wonder forecasts show the skincare market will grow to $273.3 billion by 2031

You might’ve even encountered people who’ve made their riches in this niche. 

This niche offers more than enough opportunities for you to do the same. 

You can promote skincare products and services such as professional dermatology treatments and programs. 

This niche is also for various types of content. 

  • Create a blog around your recommended products
  • Produce tutorial videos on how to use them 
  • Interview beauty experts about their recommendations

Or maybe try the next beauty-related niche…

34. Hair products

Remember the beauty survey above? 

The same survey shows that people have spent the most money on hair products at 71%. This overtakes skincare’s 69%.  

Experts also predict the hair products market to reach $107.2 billion in value by 2028

Hair products are one of the most profitable niches in affiliate marketing not only because of their high demand…

But also because of the development of products and services that promote healthy hair. 

Think about it: 

  • Men and women use hair products. 
  • People experience hair problems such as dryness or dandruff. 
  • Hair care covers a bunch of activities from cleansing to styling. 

Plus you can choose from an endless variety of products including: 

  • Shampoo and conditioners 
  • Hair loss products
  • Razors and clippers 
  • Styling gels and wax 
  • Hair dye and colors 

Loyal and repeat customers are also common…

Make this niche a truly great category for affiliate marketing.

35. Boutique

The boutique market is one of the most standout affiliate marketing sub-niches for a few good reasons. 

Plus boutique stores sell high-end fashion and target specific people. They carry a sense of exclusivity…

Which is quite appealing for those with strong buying powers. 

Your job is to find them and promote boutique products that align with their interests. 

  • Designer clothes
  • Accessories 
  • Boutique makeup
  • Other limited-edition items

Boutique fashion crosses over other niches such as beauty and cosmetics. Leveraging this helps you find more opportunities to sell. 

Commissions vary from 5% to 12%. 

Since you’re selling premium products… your commissions will be high. 

For example: Current Boutique offers a 8% commission rate on an average order value of $500. 

That’s a quick $40 in your pocket. 

36. Shoes

We all know someone who owns more shoes than anything else in their house. 

That’s pretty common if you look at statistics. 

The global footwear market will reach $543.90 billion in 2030 from $403.18 billion in 2023. 

Athletic shoes are popular and arguably belong to the best niches for affiliate marketing… 

But non-athletic shoes are where the money is.

In fact, non-athletic shoes made up 65.7% of the footwear market size in 2022

But targeting both athletic and non-athletic markets isn’t a bad idea either because: 

  • Athletic shoe buyers are passionate about their kicks.
  • Non-athletic shoe buyers hold a huge portion of the market. 

Plus targeting both means you can promote countless products and services: 

  • Sports shoes 
  • Kids’ shoes
  • Custom footwear

You’ll also have the chance to work with popular brands such as: 

  • Zappos 
  • Puma
  • Nike
  • Converse

Commissions range between 2% and 12%. 

37. Watches

Watches is a market that overlaps with plenty of niches.

You can find watches in niches such as: 

  • Fashion and beauty 
  • Luxury 
  • Hobby

You can even find watches in tech in the form of smartwatches from companies like Apple. 

The global market size will grow to $1,408.88 billion in 2030 from $617.8561 billion in 2022. 

The luxury watch market size will grow to $62.25 billion in 2030 from $45 billion in 2023. 

Your target audience is diverse too. You can promote products to those who love premium watches such as Rolex…

Or to those who love the possibilities that IoT-powered smartwatches offer.

Subscription boxes for watches also exist… which is definitely good if you’re looking for recurring commissions. 

All of these qualities make watches a good option if you’re looking for niche marketing affiliate programs. 

Commissions range between 4% and 20%. 

38. Ethical Fashion

Ethical fashion means “fashion that aims to reduce the negative impact on people, animals, and the planet.” 

If you’re part of this movement… then it’s one of the best eco-friendly affiliate programs you can pursue.

The market is impressive… 

The global ethical fashion market size will hit $12,000.0 million by 2027 from $6,930.0 million. 

Plus customers who advocate ethical fashion are passionate buyers… meaning you can rely on the market to sustain its growth. 

You can promote various products including: 

  • Clothing 
  • Accessories 
  • Footwear
  • Linen 

You’ll also feel good because you’re contributing to the fight against climate change.

(I hope…)

Even better, you can find excellent organic products affiliate programs that sell ethical fashion items. 

  • Made Trade: pays 5% to 10% per sale
  • Organic Basics: pays 10% per sale 
  • Thinx: pays 8% to 10% per sale 

39. Lifestyle

Lifestyle will always be the most profitable niche for affiliate marketing if you love its evergreen and seasonal sub-niches. 

Its evergreen sub-niches include: 

  • Education 
  • Self-development 
  • Productivity 
  • Home decor 
  • Travel 

Seasonal sub-niches include: 

  • Marriage 
  • Pregnancy
  • Summer outfits 
  • Small houses 
  • Luxury

And because it encompasses a wide variety of sub-niches…

You’ll have countless options for products or services to promote. You can try: 

  • Educational courses 
  • Home decorations 
  • Self-improvement e-books 
  • Makeup and beauty products
  • Productivity software 

The choices can get pretty overwhelming… but don’t worry because I’ll discuss some of the best sub-niches under lifestyle. 

Just know that the lifestyle niche is a great market no matter the sub-niche you choose.

The lifestyle market’s total volume will reach $8.50 billion by 2027.

It recorded a revenue of $5.54 billion in 2022 alone. 

Which means you’re in a good market.

Focus on picking a niche that you can enjoy.

40. Weddings

The wedding market is one of the most lucrative affiliate marketing niches around. 

Weddings happen every day worldwide… and you always have a clear audience to target. 

I’m not only talking about engaged couples (although they’re your end target).

I’m also referring to organizers and event professionals…

The ones that truly make the wedding happen. 

Plus you can easily find these audiences on social media and online communities. 

This niche has also shown a solid performance in the market.

The global wedding services market size reached $160.5 billion in 2020 and will hit $414.2 billion by 2030. 

You can promote any number of products and specialize in sub-niches such as: 

  • Wedding favors
  • Jewelry 
  • Wedding fashion
  • Flowers 

Commissions range from 4% to 20%… which are pretty great considering: 

  • Couples make purchases throughout the wedding process (including the planning stage).
  • You’ll often get high-volume orders. 

41. Outdoor

This is one of the best affiliate marketing categories if you enjoy outdoor activities like camping and hiking. 

It’s a huge market.

The outdoors equipment market will reach $30.80 billion in 2029 from $24.04 billion in 2022. 

And you’ve got a huge customer base to target.

The outdoor recreation economy generates $887 billion in consumer spending every year. 

What’s more…

This niche overlaps with other profitable niches such as:

  • Travel 
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Survival 
  • Clothing 

Meaning you’ve got a much wider variety of products to promote. You can promote everything from athletic clothes to travel insurance. 

Yes, insurance…

Because some of us just love the thrill of scaling rocky mountains and being daredevils.

The commissions from an outdoor affiliate program range between 5% and 10% on average.

And given the endless options you’ve got… 

You’ll still end up with a nice payday enough to fund your next outdoor adventure.

42. Luxury

Luxury products and experiences give people a sense of exclusivity and high social status.

It’s also one of the best low-competition niches for affiliate marketing because: 

  • You promote big-ticket products with decent commission rates.
  • Your customers are willing to pay for luxury.

And it’s a growing market: 

The luxury goods market will grow to $369.8 billion by 2030 from $242.8 billion in 2022. 

What’s driving this growth? Wealthy people love fancy things such as:

  • Private jets 
  • Designer clothes and shoes
  • Luxury interior design 

Which all cost a fortune. 

Commissions are only 1% to 10%…

While the target audience may be small… they have HUGE buying power. 

So the above rates equate to a great payday if you sell items in the three-figure (or higher) range. 

Luxury programs overlap with other niches such as travel and fashion… so take advantage of that. 

43. Golf

The golf niche has some of the most profitable products for affiliate marketing.

The amount of money customers spend in this market is simply mind-blowing.

Golf enthusiasts spend between $1,262 and $1,908 on equipment

The golf equipment market will grow to $11.01 billion in revenue in 2030 from $7.81 billion in 2023.

Why is golf this popular? 

Golf is a leisure sport… which also makes it a lifestyle and luxury sport that gives people a sense of exclusivity. 

And if we’ve learned anything about the luxury niche market…

It’s that people love luxury and will often use their buying power to get it.

The products you can sell include:

  • Apparel 
  • Accessories 
  • Footwear
  • Golf clubs
  • Nets 
  • Training 

Commissions in this niche range between 1% and 8%… but affiliate programs for golf training offer up to 50% commission per referral. 

Swing Man is one such example. 

44. Online Dating

Online dating is an easy and modern way of finding a partner… regardless of your age or where you live. 

It’s also an evergreen or eternal market because people will always try to find intimate connections whatever the economic situation is. 

The online dating market size will reach $15,789.48 billion by 2030 from $9,423.77 billion in 2022. 

But it’s only popular among younger people… right? 

Not really.

People from various age groups use dating apps… even baby boomers

Another reason why online dating is one of the greatest evergreen niches for affiliate marketing is its diverse sub-niches. 

You can find an online dating service based on preferences and categories like: 

  • Age 
  • Ethnicity 
  • Faith 
  • Passion 

How about the commissions?

They’re great. 

Match.com pays up to 50% in commissions to their affiliates while eHarmony pays a 30% commission for every successful membership referral.

Being cupid pays well.

45. Private Jets 

Nothing screams luxury more than having your very own private jet. 

Private jets are perfect for high-net-worth individuals and businesses who want convenience and time savings. 

And you’ll love them as a lucrative affiliate marketing niche.

The best part?

You don’t even need to own one…

Just be good at talking about it.

The global business jets market size will reach $41.82 billion by 2030 from $29.18 billion in 2021. 

A single transaction costs thousands of dollars… and your customers are those who truly have the buying power and intent: 

  • Big businesses
  • Government departments 
  • Wealthy people 

You might even be able to afford your own private jet (maybe) if you secure deals quickly. 

Affiliate programs in this niche are generous too:

  • Villiers: pays 30% commission per booking of their jet charter service. 
  • Privatejetfinder.com: pays €150 to €300 per flight sold on their jets. 

Sky’s truly the limit here… as long as you can find the right audience. 

46. Organic Products

Climate change due to environmental damage is real and it’s a serious threat…

Which is why organic products have become more popular in recent years. 

The organic food market will reach up to $497.3 billion by 2030 from $178.4 billion in 2021. 

This niche isn’t only about organic food… You also have a market for eco-friendly products. 

Companies are now producing more sustainable products to meet customer demand. 

So you’ll promote a much wider variety of items than just organic food.

Think about the entire green industry and products like: 

  • Eco-friendly products
  • Organic hygiene products
  • Recyclable materials 
  • Solar power equipment 

The commissions usually range from 8% to 10%. 

The good news?

You’ll always find passionate customers who will buy again and again if it means saving the environment.

Which puts organic products among the profitable niches in affiliate marketing. 

47. Home Decor

Living in a nice home is great… and many people spend a lot of time and money to ensure their living space looks good. 

That’s part of the reason why its market is growing:

The global home decor market size will reach $939,637.2 million by 2030 from $665,917.5 million in 2021. 

Households in Switzerland spend an average of $1,158.71 per capita on home decor items. 

That’s not the only reason why the home decor market is one of the best evergreen niches for affiliate marketing… 

It’s also because people always need to maintain their houses… even if they don’t necessarily like decorating them.

New chairs and furniture will always be on their list. 

Your customers also include offices and establishments that need furniture and decorations. It’s another lucrative market for you to target. 

Commissions range between 4% and 15% per sale. 

48. Home security

Not trying to scare you but… are you really safe at home? 

Home security is probably one of the best topics for affiliate marketing because of the sense of urgency it inspires. 

Criminals exist. Disasters happen. 

Even when you’re at home.

That’s why the home security market has been booming in recent years.

The home security market grew to $51.9 billion in 2021 and it will reach $106.3 billion in market size in 2030. 

You can help people beef up their home security by promoting products like: 

  • Security cameras 
  • Motion detectors
  • Alarm systems

You don’t even have to try hard to convince customers to buy.

They know they need these products.

If not these products… you can help them find good home insurance providers as an added layer of protection.

Commissions are from 5% to 25% … plus the knowledge that you’ve helped households become safer. 

49. Smart Home Devices

The idea of having a “smart home” a la Iron Man seemed like a dream just a decade ago. 

Now it’s much closer to reality… and it’s a growing market that offers a ton of potential. 

For starters…

The global smart home market size will reach $581.85 billion in 2032 from $80.45 billion in 2022. 

Smart home devices include home security devices as well as products for: 

  • Entertainment
  • Lighting 
  • Irrigation
  • Temperature control

Your customers include everyone from individual homeowners to offices and real estate businesses. 

And as technology continues to evolve… you’ll always see new products and markets to appear in this niche. 

Some popular affiliate programs in this niche include: 

  • Skybell: pays 12% commission per sale. 
  • Samsung: pays 5% in Samsung rewards.
  • Philips Hue: pays 3% commission per sale. 

Smart devices often cost hundreds of dollars… resulting in a high potential EPC.

50. Parenting

Parenting is one of the best evergreen niches for affiliate marketing if you’re a parent yourself and want to share tips to support other parents. 

Even if you’re not a parent… you’ll still be able to assist those who are as long as you know what to promote. 

Here’s an example… 

The parental control industry. 

The global parental control software market will grow to $2.87 billion by 2030 from $1.5 billion in 2023. 

That’s just one sub-niche under parenting.

You can also explore others such as: 

  • Kid crafts
  • Toddlers
  • Homeschooling 
  • Family meals 
  • Single parenting 

Your target audience isn’t just parents either. 

You can also target would-be parents or even aunts and uncles who often take care of their nephews and nieces. 

This niche is full with opportunities… and the commissions aren’t bad either. 

Parenting Simply pays up to 40% commission per sale. 

51. Baby Products

Baby products is one of the best blog niches for affiliate marketing if you know baby care or have done it before. 

It’s a highly relatable niche… and you can bet customers will always search for good baby products.

The market reflects that demand. 

The global baby products market will grow to $352.65 billion in 2030 from $225.47 billion in 2022. 

Your customers include parents and customers who help in child-rearing.

The products you promote include: 

  • Diapers 
  • Milk
  • Baby clothing 
  • Baby monitor
  • Other baby accessories

And you can count on a steady demand because…

  • Babies’ growth takes multiple years 
  • Babies are born every day 
  • Parents can’t ignore babies’ needs 

Here’s a plus… Child-rearing is expensive.

Prices snowball even if individual products don’t cost a lot.

Commissions vary depending on the product you promote… but you can expect between 5% to 20% commission on common items. 

52. Kids Toys

Kids toys are a big business… and people spend a ton of money to ensure their kids are happy with their toys. 

The kids toys market will reach $89.5 billion by 2031 from $65.8 billion in 2021. 

Kids toys are a must for people who have kids at home. And toys aren’t always cheap: 

The average American child gets more than $6,500 worth of toys in their lifetime

This makes kids toys a popular niche for affiliate marketing. 

You can promote an endless variety of products… plus your market is pretty specific. You don’t need to do a lot of research on what kids love.

They love toys. 

The trick is knowing what parents are buying for their kids. 

Educational toys have been in great demand in recent years. 

Kids toys affiliate programs pay well too. Commissions range between 5% and 10%.

53. Food

Food is one of the best affiliate marketing niches for beginners because it’s simple and easy. 

People love food. 

Food businesses and services are everywhere.

It’s also an evergreen niche… meaning you’ll always find a program that suits your taste. 

Not convinced?

Here are the numbers.

The food market revenue amounts to $9.36 trillion in 2023.

Around 3.7% of the food market’s total revenue comes from online sales as of 2023. 

But food bloggers and influencers are already getting the lion’s share of this market.

How can you stand out? 

The food niche is a giant one with dozens of sub- and micro-niches such as:

  • Vegan 
  • Restaurants 
  • Organic products 
  • Baking
  • Diets
  • Food photography 
  • Drinks 

Choose one sub-niche… and you already have a differentiating factor.

We’ll dig into some of these sub-niches below.

Commissions from food affiliate programs vary depending on the sub-niche too…

So finding the right niche where you can truly excel is a must.

54. Tea

Many people pay good money to savor the best tea flavors available. 

It’s one of the most popular drinks worldwide and has a massive market value. 

Researchers expect the tea market to reach $268.5 billion by 2025

It’s rivaled only by water and coffee in terms of consumption and popularity. 

That means…

You won’t have any problem promoting tea products to a huge audience.

Plus you’ll never run out of flavors to sell. 

There’s also an endless number of tea accessories you can promote including: 

  • Teapots 
  • Infusers
  • Presses 
  • Tea books 

Commissions range between 10% to 20%.  

And you’re in a good position to overlap your promotions with other niches such as: 

  • Food and beverage 
  • Health and wellness 

Many affiliate programs also provide you with ready-to-use marketing materials such as banners and ads. Tucson Tea is a good example. 

55. Coffee

Coffee is arguably one of the most quintessential products in the world.

I know I can’t live without caffeine…

The coffee market size reached $127 billion in 2022 alone. 

Economists expect it to reach $183.67 billion in 2030. 

And it’s a part of many people’s daily diet. 

Fun fact: 3 in 4 Americans drink coffee every day. 

Another fun fact: coffee is one of the best industries for affiliate marketing. 

You can promote a wide range of products in this niche like: 

  • Coffee blends 
  • Coffee machines 
  • Mugs and coffee accessories 

I bet you can think of more products if you’re a coffee lover yourself. 

The point is that you have two of the best ingredients for brewing success in any niche:: 

  • A wide variety of products
  • A passionate customer base 

You can earn commissions of 5% to 30% per sale.

These rates are great since customers tend to buy big-ticket items (machines and grinders) and make repeat purchases. 

56. Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the best niche markets for affiliate marketing if you’re a fan of booze. 

Its market value will blow your mind…

it reached $164 billion in 2021 and will hit $2,036.6 billion by 2031. 

That’s how much people love alcohol. 

The sheer size of its market allows you to easily promote affiliate products and services such as: 

  • Alcoholic beverage marketplaces
  • Delivery services 
  • Beer gift baskets
  • Wine clubs 
  • Drinking accessories 

You’ll also have plenty of choices when it comes to sub-niches.

Just imagine how many types of alcoholic beverages there are. 

Commissions in this niche aren’t that high and mainly range between 2% and 10%. Some programs pay a reasonable flat fee for every referral. 

But considering many people and businesses buy alcohol in bulk or subscribe to clubs with friends…

Your referral volume will help you accumulate those commissions quickly. 

Let’s drink to that!

57. Wine

It’s always wine o’clock somewhere… 

Or so they say. 

One thing is true…

Wine will always be popular. 

Roughly 75% of adults drink wine and 44% drink at least a couple of glasses per week. 

The global wine market size reached $441.60 billion in 2022 and it will reach $698.54 billion by 2030.

This makes it one of the best markets for affiliate marketing if you’re a wine enthusiast.

You don’t even need to be a sommelier to be a good wine affiliate marketer. 

Just learn your basic bubbly and reds… and recommend them to the right people. You can promote: 

  • Wine clubs
  • Wine accessories 
  • Wine-themed gifts 
  • Gift cards 

Commissions in this niche vary but can reach as high as 40%. The average order value in some wine clubs range between $180 to $200. 

You do the math. 

Seasonal promotions and incentives are also available. 

58. Beer

This sub-niche of the alcohol market is one of best types of affiliate marketing niche because: 

Beer is the largest segment of the alcohol market.

It’s highly accessible and versatile. 

People drink beer for any occasion.

It’s also relatively less expensive than other drinks such as wine. 

You can also promote products such as: 

  • Kegs 
  • Dispensing solutions 
  • Other accessories 

Plus you’ve got a large beer market: 

The global beer market size reached $793.74 billion in 2022 and it will reach $1,072.50 billion by 2030. 

And you’ve got the home-brewing market to consider if you’re looking for smaller but loyal affiliate marketing sub-niches.

The global home brewing machine market size will reach $25.4 million by 2030 from $19.1 million in 2020. 

Commissions in this niche range from 5% to 20%.

As with the alcohol niche… 

The volume will be your key earnings driver. 

59. Home Brewing

Why go out when you have drinks at home? 

Home brewing is a great hobby for those who love drinking and brewing their own beverages. 

Its market is also growing.

Millions of homebrewers prop up this market in the US and worldwide… and more people are taking up the hobby. 

Just like many hobbyists, home brewers are passionate and willing to spend good money on their hobby. 

You can easily promote products such as: 

  • Home brewing machines 
  • Brewing accessories 
  • Brewing ingredients 

This niche also overlaps with other niches such as beer and alcohol. 

Commissions range between 5% and 10%. Popular programs include: 

  • Brew Demon: pays 8% to 12% commission per sale. 
  • Electric Brewing Supply: pays 10% commission per sale. 
  • Brewer Shirts: pays 10% commission per sale.

60. Restaurant

Restaurants and other food establishments suffered losses during the pandemic… but they’re back and getting stronger. 

The global food service market size reached $2,395.03 billion in 2022 and it projected to reach $5,423.59 billion by 2030. 

This growth comes as restaurants and suppliers adapt to customers’ changing food habits. 

That means more investment in newer products and supplies. 

You can take part by promoting affiliate products like: 

  • Food supplies 
  • Kitchen equipment 

You can even work with your favorite restaurant if they have an affiliate program. 

Or you can connect people with services that deliver restaurant-quality food on their doorsteps. 

Restaurant.com pays up to 15% commission to their affiliates for doing exactly that. 

Some programs overlap with other affiliate marketing niches and offer bigger commissions. 

Unicreamer targets vegan customers buying dairy alternatives for their coffee.

They pay up to 25% commission to affiliates. 

61. Vegan

You probably know much about the vegan lifestyle even if you’re not a vegan yourself. 

Veganism as a lifestyle has been gaining traction, especially on social media.

More people are becoming more environmentally conscious. 

Around 88 million people in the world are vegans.

The vegan food market will reach $36.3 billion in 2026.

And more people demand meat substitutes and dairy alternatives.

Businesses are also adapting and producing those exact products. 

This makes the vegan niche one of the best affiliate market niches to consider. 

You can promote: 

  • Cruelty-free products 
  • Meat alternatives 
  • Vegan lifestyle subscription boxes 

You might even enjoy building communities with a loyal and passionate consumer market that promotes veganism. 

To sweeten the deal…

Vegan affiliate programs pay 10% to 60% commission per sale or referral. 

Subscription products offer lower rates… but they can offer huge EPCs if you play your cards right. 

62. Cooking

Cooking is a truly relaxing activity (unless you’re in Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay).

This market is the best niche in affiliate marketing if you love cooking. Your kitchen knowledge will help you convince customers to check out your products. 

Plus it’s experiencing massive growth right now.

The global household cooking appliance market will reach $622.54 billion by 2032 from $305.73 billion in 2022.

This growth comes as people become aware of the health and practical benefits of cooking at home. Customers are trying out new recipes and new tools to improve their food experience. 

You have a wide variety of products and services to promote in this niche such as:

  • Microwaves 
  • Cooktops
  • Cooking classes 
  • Tutorials

You can explore many avenues to promote the products. You can become a food blogger or create cooking videos. 

Commissions range between 5% and 25% per referral or sale. 

63. Baking

If you’re not good at cooking… You can at least try baking. 

It’s a lucrative market that boasts many opportunities for affiliate marketers. 

The global bakery products market size will reach $590.54 billion by 2028 from $397.90 billion in 2020. 

Baking is a timeless hobby that nearly anyone can do. People also have limited time for cooking…which makes cookies and bread fantastic ready-to-eat alternatives. 

The products you can promote include not only baking ingredients but also: 

  • Baking accessories
  • Cake stands 
  • Recipes and guidebooks 
  • Tutorials 
  • Food processors and mixers 

Baking also overlaps with a bunch of niches that you might be interested in: 

  • Cooking 
  • Hobbies
  • Lifestyle 

There’s a ton of Instagram-worthy promotional materials you can use to generate engagement. This makes it easier to promote your products and convince customers to try baking. 

Commissions range between 8% and 30% per product sale. 

64. Aquaculture

Aquaculture is raising and harvesting fish and aquatic plants. 

It might sound difficult or boring for the unfamiliar… but it’s a huge industry. 

The global aquaculture market size will reach $421.2 billion in 2030 from $289.6 billion in 2022. 

Plus it’s a hobby that pays off in terms of environmental benefits. 

Businesses are always looking for more ways to responsibly source food and commercial products.

This means your target audience isn’t only hobbyists but also companies with deep pockets. 

You can promote products and services such as: 

  • Aquariums 
  • Farming accessories 
  • Fish and coral foods

Some of the most popular affiliate programs in this niche include: 

  • Aquatic Experts: pays 50% commission per sale. 
  • The Shrimp Farm: pays 10% commission per sale.
  • DrTim’s Aquatics: pays 10% commission per sale.

65. Spices and Herbs

Who knew that spices and herbs could make you rich? 

The market size for spices and herbs is growing at an impressive rate.

The spices and herbs market size will grow to $243 billion by 2033 from $171 billion in 2023.

Recipe developers are experimenting with food by trying out more aromatic ingredients. 

Restaurants and other food establishments are expanding because more customers demand good food. 

No one can say no to good food eh?

You’ll be promoting familiar products and services that everyone in the world uses: 

  • Cooking lessons 
  • Herb cultivation 
  • Spices and recipes 

This niche overlaps with the food and cooking niches… both highly lucrative affiliate marketing niches. 

Some of the best affiliate programs in this niche include: 

  • Dan-O’s Seasoning: pays 10% commission per sale. 
  • Mountain Rose Herbs: pays 10% commission per referral.
  • Spice for Less: pays 8% commission per sale. 

66. Travel

Most people love to travel.

That fact will never change… even if the travel industry suffered much during the pandemic. 

The global tourism market grew by 41% in 2022 year-over-year after recovering from the pandemic. 

It will grow to $17.1 trillion by 2032

This market will always be among the top niches for affiliate marketers. The more important question is… 

What travel sub-niche should you target? 

People don’t just go from one place to another when they travel. They also do immersive activities and use a wide variety of services. 

You can promote: 

  • Airline bookings
  • Cruises 
  • Travel insurance
  • Travel guides
  • Ticket sales
  • Luggage and travel essentials 

It gets better… 

Huge companies offer well-paying affiliate programs.

These companies include: 

  • Expedia
  • Booking.com
  • Agoda 

The cherry on top?

You can earn commissions of up to 50% per sale. 

67. Luxury Travel

Luxury travel combines two of the most profitable niches in the market: luxury and travel. 

And this makes this niche one of the best affiliate marketing topics to consider if you can find the right customers. 

You’ll have a small target audience with huge buying potential. 

I can even argue that price isn’t the deciding factor for them when considering products and services.

They look for: 

  • Personalized experiences 
  • Privacy
  • Exclusivity
  • Networking potential 

They’ll pay good money for these things. 

Luxury travelers plan to spend more on travel in 2023 than they did in 2022. 

The luxury travel industry will grow to $2.32 trillion in 2030 from $1.2 trillion in 2021. 

Luxury travel affiliate programs offer 3% to 30% commission per sale. That’s already a higher rate than other sub-niches in the luxury market. 

Just imagine how much you can earn with a single three-figure sale.

68. Airlines

We’ve talked about private jets… but if you’re not sure you can sell expensive stuff like that to your audience…

Try the airline market. 

It’s more economical and has better mass appeal. Plus it’s growing at a great speed: 

The global airline industry market will grow to $635.8 billion in 2030 from $513.5 billion in 2022. 

You can target two types of audiences: 

  • People who love to travel thanks to the rising disposable income rate. 
  • International trade businesses that transport goods by air. 

Air travel often overlaps with luxury travel and vacations… meaning people are willing to spend good money on an amazing airline experience. 

You can join popular affiliate programs such as: 

  • Skyscanner: pays 20% commission per booking referral. 
  • KAYAK: pays 50% commission per booking referral. 
  • Dollar Fight Club: pays 50% revenue share for life. 

69. Finance

Finance is one of the toughest niches…

It’s dominated by huge brands.

But you’ll earn excellent amounts of money from this affiliate marketing niche if you have the expertise and authority.

You have several choices when it comes to affiliate partners: 

  • Banks 
  • Credit card companies
  • Loan providers 
  • Trading and investment firms 

Yahoo! finance reports that the global financial services market grew from $25,848.74 billion to $28,115.02 in 2023

This market will grow to $37,484.37 billion in 2027. 

One of the largest industries in the world and one of the three eternal markets.

People will always need financial services.

And you can be there to help them while earning.

70. Wealth Building

Wealth building is the most profitable niche for affiliate marketing…

Who doesn’t want to be rich? 

Plus it covers a lot of sub-niches that are in themselves profitable. 

Examples of such sub-niches include: 

  • Finance 
  • Insurance
  • Investing
  • Credit cards 
  • Personal loans 

It’s the go-to niche for many affiliate marketers because of its sheer size and opportunities for earnings. 

The insurance market alone will grow to $8,591.4 million by 2029

People are always searching for ways to build wealth.

Even you are searching for a way to build wealth. That’s why you’re reading this blog. 

You can promote a wide variety of products and services in this niche. Examples include: 

  • Financial advisory
  • Training courses and webinars for investing 
  • Investment apps 
  • Trading services 
  • Financial news

It’s a huge niche so consider focusing on a sub-niche where you can be an expert.

71. Insurance

Insurance is among the top niches in affiliate marketing because of its sheer market volume. It also covers many different aspects of a person’s life: 

People are happy to pay a premium if it helps them feel ready when something bad happens. 

Promoting products in this niche also lets you focus on specific sub-niches.

Apart from the above-mentioned insurance types, you can also try: 

  • Pet insurance 
  • Property insurance
  • Travel insurance 
  • Renters’ insurance 

The trick is promoting an affiliate program to an existing audience of another insurance. You can recommend providers and offer advice while earning every time a customer buys insurance.

72. Credit cards

The credit card market will reach $125,772.91 million in market size by 2028

More people are going cashless… which increases the demand for credit cards.

More affordable credit cards with awesome rewards and interest rates are also available.

This makes credit cards the a great niche to start affiliate marketing if you know them.

You earn commissions based on how many people sign up for a credit card. 

But aren’t credit cards only for customers with excellent credit scores? 

Not necessarily. 

Credit card companies have customized offerings for people with unique needs such as those with bad credit or who fly frequently. 

This means you can promote the credit cards and services to a much wider audience. 

73. Credit repair

Credit repair services help people who have financial struggles. 

Particularly those with bad credit and poor credit history. 

It’s a pretty huge market too.

The credit repair services market earned $6.5 billion in revenue in 2022

With the current hardships in the economy… 

You’ll never run out of customers who need credit repair services to get loans.

These services are also highly relevant to several audience types like: 

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals 
  • Home buyers

And people who want to make a large purchase or get a better credit card. 

This makes it one of the most profitable affiliate marketing niche options around in terms of reach and customer availability. 

Credit repair affiliate programs are highly lucrative too.

Recurring commissions range between $30 and $70. 

Not bad at all. 

Most credit repair affiliate programs are from reputable companies such as Chime and Credit Karma.

So you know you’re dealing with legitimate credit experts. 

74. Personal loans

People borrow money for many reasons…

  • To fund a huge purchase 
  • To start a business
  • To invest 

Plus the market is experiencing massive growth. 

The global personal loans market value reached $47.79 billion in 2020 and it will reach $718.31 billion by 2030

That’s a staggering 31.7% compound annual growth rate. 

This is the best niche in affiliate marketing if you’re confident in your ability to connect borrowers to lenders. 

It’s your job to promote borrowers to people who might need an influx of quick cash. 

Personal loan affiliate programs also pay a lot: 

  • Smarter Loans: pays $140 in commission per lead. 
  • SoFi: pays $150 per sale. 

This niche also pairs well with many affiliate marketing strategies such as: 

  • Content marketing 
  • Social media promotion 
  • Email marketing

You’ll earn a steady stream of passive income once you’ve set up a good referral system. 

75. Debt Settlement

Some debts are good debts if you use them for good investments. 

But unsettled debt? That’s pretty… unsettling. 

No wonder the debt settlement industry has been a huge contributor to the economy.

The debt settlement industry had an economic output of around $6.8 billion in the US in 2022.

This means people continue to use these services… and they want to get out of debt quickly.  

That’s where debt settlement becomes a good niche for affiliate marketing.

You can promote:

  • Debt consolidation assistance 
  • Webinars for credit score improvement 
  • Personal finance management products 

You can help everyone from entrepreneurs having a tough time in business to individuals struggling to pay off their student loans. 

Helping others while earning? Sounds good to me. 

Commissions range between $25 to $800 per lead.

Some of the most popular affiliate programs are from companies such as SoFi and Debt Consolidation Care. 

76. Tax preparation

Taxes are difficult. Not to mention boring. 

Am I right?  

But it’s one of the most profitable niches in affiliate marketing.

It’s a tedious but important task that many people like entrepreneurs can’t just ignore.

The global tax preparation market will grow from $29.62 billion in 2022 to $38.28 billion in 2027. 

And it continues to grow despite the slowdown in the global economy in recent years. 

This affiliate niche market has a lot of potential. You can promote products and services like: 

  • Tax filing services
  • Tax preparation software
  • Online tax filing services 

The commissions? Not too shabby either:

  • QuickBooks: pays 10% per sale. 
  • FreeTaxUSA: pays a 15% baseline commission per sale. 
  • TaxSlayer: pays 40% per sale. 

You don’t even need to be a tax preparation expert. 

Your affiliate provider will handle the actual tax preparation. 

77. Jobs

The jobs market is one of the top niches for affiliate marketers because of its ever-changing landscape. 

There’s always something new…

The Tech Boom of The 1990s compelled companies to find people with more updated skills. 

The COVID-19 pandemic required people to work from home and companies to find ways to make that happen. 

With the rise of more powerful AI tools and similar technologies…

More drastic changes await the jobs market. 

You’re also in a good position to help empower jobseekers and employees advance in their career as changes happen.

Employers in 2023 will be more concerned about hiring top talent and retaining them.

Employees are also looking to upskill and improve their internal mobility. 

You can help them by promoting affiliate products and services such as: 

  • Training courses for upskilling
  • Resume creation platform
  • Career coaching services 

All of which are useful to jobseekers and professionals seeking to advance professionally. 

78. Real estate

The real estate market’s value is in the trillions… and it’s still growing. 

The global real estate market will reach $6.13 trillion by 2030 from $3.88 trillion in 2022. 

Does that mean that lands are getting bigger and bigger? 


But it means that property prices are rising… and people will always work toward the dream home they want.

It helps that real estate prices always recover even after a particularly damaging recession. 

Real estate will always be among the best affiliate marketing topics you can explore because most real estate products carry a high price tag. 

Higher price tag = higher commissions

Plus you can promote a wide variety of products and services: 

  • Property listings 
  • Mortgage services
  • Real estate courses

Just pick one that meets your audience’s interest. 

Commissions are also excellent. 

An example, Property MOB pays 20% base commission per sale of any of their products. 

79. Mortgage

Speaking of buying real estate products… 

Did you know that the average mortgage payment is $2,823 on a 30-year fixed mortgage and $3,724 on a 15-year fixed mortgage?

The global mortgage lending market size will reach $27,509.24 billion by 2031 from $11,487.23 billion in 2021.

That only means the mortgage market is alive and booming… thanks to faster loan application processes these days. 

The constant demand and steady growth make this market the most popular affiliate marketing niche among those who understand how mortgage works. 

But even if you don’t… You can still earn pretty quickly in this niche. 


Simply partner up with the most trusted names in the personal finance niche.

These names include: 

  • Lending Tree: pays up to $44.50 commission per lead 
  • Motley Fool: pays up to $100 per lead 
  • Mortgage Training Center: pays 50% commission per referral 

You don’t need to be Saul Goodman or Mike Ross to know that the legal services industry is highly rewarding. 

Its market size already gives you an idea of how much people spend on legal services. 

The global legal services market size will reach $1.362 trillion in 2030 from $952.29 billion in 2022. 

The main legal needs of customers include: 

  • Child custody 
  • Personal injury
  • Divorce or separation 

But you don’t have to learn each of them. 

Instead of confusing yourself with legal jargon… you can join affiliate programs that: 

  • Provide customers access to templates of legal documents and contracts
  • Connect law firms to B2B services providers

Here are some examples: 

  • LegalContracts: pays 30% commission on sales of legal documents. 
  • PracticePanther: pays 12% per subscription for their practice management software. 

Many programs offer subscription-based services so you can earn recurring commissions.

81. Investing

Investing involves managing your money and trying to build wealth much like in the finance and wealth-building niches. 

The difference is you’re promoting a specific type of wealth-building approach…

And that’s investing money in financial assets such as: 

  • Stocks 
  • Forex
  • Gold 

Which are also great sub-niches. 

You don’t have to be a wolf on Wall Street to succeed in this profitable affiliate marketing niche. 

You just need to find the right audience and provide basic guidance on how they can start investing. 

Not sure if there’s a market for that?

A Stash survey shows that 90% of Americans want to invest but nearly half of them don’t know where to start

You can help these people get started by advising on the best investment asset for them.

Or create content about investing basics.

They’ll likely visit your recommended platforms or brokers if they find your content useful.

82. Binary options

This is the best affiliate marketing niche if you’re eager to learn a bit about the currency trading market. 

It’s certainly not for beginners…

But it rewards people who take the time to learn the industry. 

Binary.com (Deriv) pays a 45% commission per referral. 

Binarycent pays a 60% to 70% commission per lead.

And each of them have a wide user base and reasonably priced products. 

Still not convinced?

Here are more reasons:

  • Binary options have a global market so you can earn commissions worldwide.
  • Beginners and professionals in the trading world use binary options. This leads to higher conversions and more referrals. 

Affiliate programs in this niche also offer free marketing tools to help you promote their products effectively. These tools include: 

  • Banners
  • Landing pages
  • Tracking links 

So all you have to do is promote the program and find good referrals. 

83. Forex

Forex is short for “foreign exchange” and refers to trading currency rates.

It’s one of the biggest financial markets in the world. 

The forex market will increase from $715 billion in 2022 to $763 billion in 2023.

And that’s not mentioning the 24-hour operation of the market thanks to various trading hubs around the globe. 

Forex is one of affiliate marketing’s most profitable niches. 

Commission structures are also flexible: 

  • One-time payments: small fixed payments per referral 
  • Percentage of sales: 10% to 15% of the referred trader’s expenses
  • Spread (commissions): 10% to 50% of the user’s deposit 

Your goal is to help find new traders for your affiliate partner. You earn your keep once new traders open an account and start trading with the business.

These businesses include brokerages and trading platforms. 

84. Gold

Who doesn’t like gold? 

It’s shiny and beautiful.

And most of all…

It’s a great affiliate marketing niche. 

Gold has always been valuable but has seen an even bigger rise in value in recent years.

It has been one of the top performing assets in 2023 and prices will rise to $2,289 per ounce in 2028 from $1,950 per ounce in 2023.

The best part? 

You don’t have to invest in the precious metal to earn from it. 

Being a gold affiliate marketer gives you the chance to earn from the gold market just by promoting: 

  • Gold dealers
  • Secure storage services
  • Gold IRAs

Commission rates range between 3% and 10% on average. 

The rates might be low compared to other niches but…

The average gold bar sale ranges from $50,000 to $100,000. 

Your actual commission will still be pretty high even if the rates are low.

85. Silver

Not impressed with gold?

Maybe silver is more your thing. 

The global silver demand will reach 1,196 million ounces in 2026 from 1,064 million ounces in 2022. 

Customers love silver not only because of its elegance but also because of its investment value.

Businesses use silver across an ever-expanding list of industries such as: 

  • Jewelry 
  • Silverware
  • Electrical and electronics
  • Photovoltaics
  • Photography 

This demand for silver makes it a highly profitable niche in affiliate marketing. 

You can also promote silver across a variety of niches such as:

  • Investing 
  • Jewelry 
  • Personal finance

Meaning you can target a wide variety of customers. 

Commissions vary: 

  • Augusta Precious Metals: pays $200 per qualified lead + revenue share
  • Birch Gold Group: pays $25 per qualified lead + 3% on transactions

Those who invest in silver also often make repeat purchases over time to build their holdings… 

So commissions from repeat customers are highly likely. 

86. NFTs

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) may be the best category for affiliate marketing if you love the Web3 but can’t handle the volatility of crypto. 

And before you say that NFTs are past their heyday… 

The global NFT market size is growing at a CAGR of 18.55% and set to reach US$3,162.00m by 2027.

Even big brands are investing in NFTs. These companies include: 

  • Adidas
  • eBay
  • Shopify
  • McDonald’s 
  • Samsung
  • Nike

So if NFTs are good enough for these giants… 

It might be a great venture for you too. 

You can promote the products and services of companies such as Coinbase and Crypto.com.

Both of them are investing in crypto and NFTs. 

The commissions are also quite impressive: 

  • Coinbase: pays you 50% of your referral’s trading fees for the first three months. 
  • Crypto.com: pays $20 for new referrals + $10 per existing customer activation.
  • mintNFTs.co: pays you 50% per sale. 

Here are some of the most expensive NFTs ever sold.

Just imagine the commission if you close one.

87. Bitcoin and Crypto

Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin have had a tremendous impact on the financial markets ever since Satoshi Nakamoto created them. 

Those who adopted Bitcoin early earned a staggering amount of money after a few years. Prices have since been a roller coaster ride for many. 

Is it too late to buy and hold cryptocurrencies? 

Maybe. Maybe not. 

But one thing remains true…

People are looking for the next Bitcoin. 

This makes cryptocurrencies one of the most profitable products for affiliate marketing. 

Even the experts agree. 

They expect the crypto market revenue to reach $38 billion in 2023 and $65 billion by 2027

Commission rates in affiliate programs are quite high too: 

  • Binance offers a commission rate of up to 50%. 
  • Coinbase offers a 50% commission on referral trading fees with no limit on the number of referrals. 

Other products you can promote include digital wallets and trading software. 

88. Casino

Some people aren’t comfortable dealing with casinos or online gambling sites. 

But that’s understandable. 

Especially since many US states prohibit access to and use of online casinos. 

But the online gambling industry is growing and will reach as high as $144.4 billion in market value by 2028

And those who can access them know how good their affiliate marketing programs are. 

If you’re one of those people…

Know that you can earn money from these casino affiliate programs through: 

  • Revenue sharing: you get a percentage of a player’s losses. 
  • CPA: you earn a commission every time a person uses your link to visit the casino. 
  • CPL: you earn a commission for every registration you generate. 

Commissions range between 30% to 50% depending on the type of program you use.

This earnings flexibility is a great reason why online casinos are one of the most profitable affiliate market niches. 

89. Sports Betting

This is another slippery slope for some people… 

But it’s also one of the most high-paying affiliate marketing niches around. Its market value is quite impressive: 

The global sports betting market reached $83.65 billion in market value in 2022

This number will continue to grow to reach $182.12 billion in revenue by 2030. 

And if you’re worried about its legality…

Sports betting is legal in 28 US states. Other states are in the process of legalizing the market. 

Online sports betting is also legal in many countries around the world including the UK and Australia. 

So why would you not grab the opportunity to earn through this niche? 

The niche is competitive but it’s also highly rewarding. 

You can earn commissions through referrals. Commissions can reach as high as 50% on every referral or sale you make. 

Other affiliate programs also use a revenue-sharing model. 

90. Personal development

Like I said before…

Helping others while earning is one of the best ways to do affiliate marketing. 

And that’s why personal development will always be among the top affiliate marketing niches around. 

This is a profitable market that keeps on growing.

The global personal development market will grow to $71.42 billion by 2030 from $44.11 billion in 2022. 

More importantly… you’re helping your customers become the best version of themselves. That in itself is a rewarding experience. 

You can promote products and services such as: 

  • Self-help books
  • Online courses
  • Coaching programs
  • Wellness products

You may even pick up valuable lessons and experience personal growth yourself while in this niche. 

Commissions are generous.

For example, Coursera pays 45% commission per sale. You can promote any of their over 4,000 courses and specializations.

Meanwhile… dating and relationship advisor David Wygant pays 50% commission per sale. 

91. Education

Learning is a never-ending journey. 

Which is probably why the education industry keeps on growing. 

The global education market will reach $1.5 trillion by 2028 from $1.2 trillion in 2021.

But statistics aside…

I can think of many reasons off the top of my head why education will always be among the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing. 

For starters… people will always need to learn

Kids need school supplies. Adults need to learn how to distinguish facts from fiction on the internet. 

Educational and training materials are now easier to access than ever.

People can now even get a degree just by studying online. 


  • There’s a wide range of products to promote. 
  • You have a specific target audience… making them easier to find. 

The best part? 

You can earn up to 45% commission per sale. Coursera offers that rate. MasterClass offers 25%. 

92. Language Learning

Learning another language is like a game upgrade that unlocks more maps and levels…

Quite literally at times. 

And people are seeing the importance of connecting with the world through another language.

The global language learning market size will reach $337.2 billion in 2032 from $52.7 billion in 2022. 

While you might think people learn a new language because they need it in their studies or jobs… more people learn language because it’s their personal choice. 

Individual learners held around 60% of the language learning market share in 2022; that’s over $30 billion in revenue. 

You can leverage the niche’s mass appeal to your advantage. 

What should you promote?

Personalized experiences that let learners learn on their own time and speed.

Programs that offer these services include: 

  • Innovative Languages: pays 25% commission per sale. 
  • Mimic Method: pays 50% commission per sale.
  • Rocket Languages: pays 40% to 50% per sale. 

93. Homeschooling

Homeschooling is a popular educational choice for parents who want more personalized learning for their children. 

The pandemic further bolstered its market demand. 

The homeschooling market size will grow $10.14 billion in 2029 from $5.41 billion in 2019. 

Besides the market size… why is homeschooling one of the best affiliate market niches around? 

Because parents are seeing positive results.

Around 11 of the 14 peer-reviewed studies show that homeschooled students perform better academically than students in institutional schools.

This alone is a great selling point. It convinces your customers that investing in homeschooling is worth it. 

You also have a lot of choices on what to promote: 

  • Homeschooling curriculum 
  • Educational kits 
  • Online tools 
  • Workbooks
  • Online courses

Your earnings will come mainly from subscriptions and one-off sales. Commissions range between 10% and 50% per subscription or sale. 

For example, ArgoPrep pays 30% to 50% commission on online course subscriptions and 10% on workbooks. 

94. Webinars

More people now work from home.

In-person meetings aren’t exactly obsolete… but more people now prefer doing conferences and collaborating remotely. 

The pandemic also helped prop up demand for this service.

Global webinars and virtual events market will triple in size and reach $4.44 billion in 2025 from just $1.57 million in 2020. 

But is this demand sustainable? 

The answer is yes… 

Businesses now see the benefits of reaching audiences without spending a fortune on in-person meetings and events (although these definitely still have their market). 

This means businesses are willing to invest in quality tools that help them create and host webinars effortlessly. 

Your choices and earnings potential are great too: 

  • WebinarNinja: offers 30% recurring commissions per sale of their webinar software. 
  • BigMarker: offers 50% commission per sale of their webinar platform. 

95. Books

I used to hate reading…

But I’ve now spent hundreds of dollars on good books… and I don’t regret any of it.

Those who love good books will understand.

And that’s one reason why the book market has one of the most consistent growth in the world:

The global book market size will reach $164.22 billion in 2030 from $138.3 billion in 2021.

And even if the e-book market has experienced tremendous growth… passionate book lovers will always want the physical copy. 

Plus books can talk about a lot of different things.

They can be fiction or nonfiction and target a large variety of customers who love: 

  • Textbook rentals
  • Used and preloved books
  • Collectible copies 

While the book industry isn’t one of the most popular affiliate marketing areas… you can still find good programs that pay well. 

For example, Premier Collectibles pay up to 15% for every sale of autographed first versions of books.

96. E-books

We’ve talked about how books are irreplaceable for passionate buyers… 

But e-books offer unique advantages that books can’t replicate: 

  • E-books are convenient and portable. 
  • They’re versatile with customization options.
  • They’re eco-friendly. 

These qualities have propelled the e-book market.

The global e-book market will reach $32.19 billion by 2032 from $19.95 billion in 2022. 

Digital books are so widely available and easy to get… making them a mainstay of any affiliate marketing niches list. 

Your customers include everyone from students to professionals.

Plus the products you can promote are diverse: 

  • E-books and audiobooks 
  • E-book publishing and selling tools

You’ll also work with popular e-commerce brands: 

  • Amazon: pays $3 to $10 on Kindle subscriptions and 4% on Kindle devices 
  • Apple Books: pays 7% on sales revenue 
  • Barnes & Noble: pays 2% to 5% per sale of e-book titles. 

They’re a worthy addition to your niche selection for affiliate marketing. 

97. Nonprofit and Charity

This market isn’t as popular as others… but it’s definitely a huge market.

The global nonprofit market size will reach $377.34 billion by 2029 from $276.72 billion in 2022. 

This growth comes as more companies incorporate social and environmental issues into their operations. 

The affiliate programs you’ll find in this niche are those that help charities and nonprofits raise more funds for their advocacies. 

Your job is to: 

  • Sell what the platform is selling. 
  • Direct leads to donation pages. 

You earn commissions every time someone donates or buys the program’s products. 

For example: 

  • Brides Against Breast Cancer: pays 10% commission every time you convince someone to buy their wedding dresses. Their average order value is $650. 
  • Plan International: pays 4% to 7% commission for every donation you generate.  

98. Pets

I’m confident my wife contributes almost half of the global market share of pet spending on our dog.

Ok, I’m exaggerating…

But you’ll understand if you’re a pet owner.

Having a pet is a responsibility… and it gets expensive. 

Owners treat them like their kids and are willing to splurge.

The pet market is also one of the most popular affiliate marketing niches because of its sheer size.

The global pet care market size will reach $368.88 billion in 2030 from $246.66 in 2023.

Promoting in this niche means you’ll market products and services such as: 

  • Pet food 
  • Toys
  • Wearables 
  • Pet grooming 
  • Pet sitting 
  • Pet training

And your target audience is virtually anyone who has a pet.

Dog and cat owners easily come to mind… but you can also count on others such as birds and exotic pets. 

Having those options is great for narrowing down your specialty niche. 

Commissions in this market range between 4% and 30%… but some programs like Brain Training for Dogs pay up to 75% in commissions. 

99. Dogs

Speaking of dogs…

Did you know that the dog segment holds the highest share of the global pet care market?

(from my wife haha…)

Homeowners love dogs for many reasons. 

  • They’re easier to train than other pets.
  • Well-trained dogs can protect homes. 

And they love their humans.

“A man’s best friend” never applies to any other animal.

No wonder people spend a fortune on their needs such as: 

  • Dog food and snacks
  • Toys 
  • Insurance 
  • Grooming 
  • Training 

Which also happen to be the most popular products and services that affiliate programs promote. 

Those are the main reasons why you should consider the dog market in your affiliate marketing niche selection. 

But there’s more… 

The commissions in this niche are diverse. You can earn between 4% and 20% in commission from most affiliate programs. 

The above-mentioned training program for dogs pays 75%.

Others even pay a flat fee of up to $100 per sale such as SpotOn GPS Fence.

100. Cats

Dogs may have the lion’s share of the pet care market…

But the cat market is also a highly lucrative niche for affiliate marketers. 

In fact, cat care product sales are increasing across prominent websites such as Amazon and Walmart. 

Cat owners who love pampering their pets spend a ton of money on products and services such as: 

  • Cat food
  • Litter sand and boxes 
  • Cat toys 
  • Vitamins and vaccinations 
  • Grooming 
  • Cat houses 

And you’ll probably never find another group of pet owners more zealous than cat owners (even if their cats just ignore them). 

This market is one of affiliate marketing’s most profitable niches if you’re also into cats or pets in general. 

Commissions are from 5% to 35% per sale on average… but you can earn more in some programs. 

Here’s an example, Cat Spraying No More pays up to 75% commission per sale. 

101. Hobby

Everyone has a hobby… and hobbies can be everything from collecting interesting rocks to building ultra-expensive gaming PCs. 

Which makes it one of the best affiliate marketing niches you can target. 

You have countless choices… and a lot of them require hobbyists to spend a lot of money: 

  • Photography
  • Gaming 
  • Traveling 
  • Golf 

See what I mean? 

So which hobby sub-niche should you choose?

The answer may be your own hobby… because that’s where you can be an expert and serve like-minded people. 

One hobby can also have several sub-niches. 

You must be laser-focused when targeting your audience based on that sub-niche. 

But when you do find your preferred target audience… you’ll see how loyal and passionate hobbyists can be. 

Commissions in this niche vary widely depending on the sub-niche you pick

 Pick one that pays well and lets you enjoy a good hobby.

102. Guns

Did you know that about 45% of US households had at least one gun in possession in 2022? 

While guns remain a divisive topic all over the world… there’s no doubt about the money you can earn from it.

The global guns and accessories market will reach $9.33 billion by 2027 from $6.14 billion in 2019. 

This is the best niche for affiliate marketing if you’re also a gun enthusiast. 

But even if you’re not… you’ll find loads and many opportunities to earn.

You can promote:

  • Ammos
  • Accessories 
  • Tools 
  • Other gun components 

Gun affiliate programs abound and your potential partners include big-name brands like: 

  • Guns.com: an online store that sells guns and pays 3% to 8% commission per sale. 
  • Smith & Wesson: a popular brand that pays 7% to 10% commission per sale. 

High-performing affiliates can earn even higher… so why not take your shot? 

103. Hunting

Hunting is one of the best niche ideas for affiliate marketing if we’re talking about: 

  • A passionate audience 
  • High chances of repeat purchases 
  • Wide variety of products 

Plus the market for it is quite solid.

The global hunting equipment and accessories market will grow to $38.26 billion in 2030 from $21.14 billion in 2022. 

This growth comes from rising interest in hunting and growth in safari tourism. 

Fans of this niche spend a fortune on various products… so it’s easy to find a well-paying sub-niche and capture leads.

You can also choose from a diverse array of products including: 

  • Weapons 
  • Emergency food
  • Clothing 
  • Footwear
  • Shelter

Hunting also overlaps quite nicely with other niches like survival. 

Commissions range from 5% to 20%. Customers in this market often make repeat purchases and are loyal. 

Which means those commissions can easily accumulate quite quickly. 

104. Survival

Zombies aren’t real (at least not yet).

But pandemics and wars are. Plus you can never tell when you’ll need those survival kits you’ve been building. 

Those are just some of the reasons why the survival prepping market is a trending niche for affiliate marketing right now. 

The global survival tools market will reach $2,460.60 million by 2030 from $1,159.5 million in 2022.

More people are interested in emergency preparedness… and you have the opportunity to earn by promoting: 

  • Survival and hunting gear
  • Emergency food storage 
  • Prepper backpacks 
  • Camping equipment 

What’s more… the survival-prepping community has passionate members.

It’s easier to connect with them if you have what they need. 

Commissions range between 5% and 15%.

Many survival affiliate programs also offer recurring commissions…

105. Gardening

Gardening is the best profitable niche for affiliate marketing if you have a green thumb and are willing to share your knowledge with the world. 

Even if that’s not the case… you’ll still see the appeal of this market.

Here are some stats:

Plus more people are joining the GIY (Grow It Yourself) movement and cultivating their own food.

The products you can promote include: 

  • Gardening tools
  • Plants and seedlings
  • Gardening accessories 
  • Guides and tutorials
  • New gardening technologies

And your customers are essentially anyone who wants to start their own garden. Your market may also overlap with other niches such as cooking and home decor (indoor plants anyone?).

Commissions range between 3% and 25%. 

106. Gaming

Gamers are one of the most dynamic, hardcore and passionate customer bases you can have.

I don’t even want to think how much I’ve spent over the years on games.

The average gamer spends $76 per month on gaming or about $58,000 from 16 years old to 80 years old. 

The video game market size will reach $583.69 billion in 2030 from $242.39 billion in 2023. 

And it’s easy to see why.

Games are fun and addictive.

You can promote not just games in this niche but also products such as: 

  • Gaming peripherals 
  • Game mods

Plus everything a gamer can use to design their gaming rooms. 

And if you have your own gaming setup… You know this hobby can get out of hand quick.

You’ll also be familiar with the companies that offer gaming affiliate programs: 

  • Razer
  • Alienware 
  • Nvidia

Even Microsoft and Logitech have their gaming affiliate programs.

Commissions range between 4% and 30% per sale.

107. Vaping

Smoking is bad…  

So people search for alternatives or try to quit smoking. 

And since quitting is more difficult than juggling five jobs… vaping has emerged as a highly lucrative market.

Not that it’s healthy, but it’s some what better than smoking.

The global e-cigarette and vape market size will reach $182.84 billion by 2030 from $28.17 billion in 2023. 

Vaping is among good affiliate marketing niches not only because of that market growth but also because of its popularity among customers who build vapes as a hobby.

Social media has definitely helped prop up its market appeal…

Which happens to be one of the best places where affiliate marketing can work. 

You can promote: 

  • Disposable vapes 
  • Vape accessories 
  • Components 
  • E-juice 
  • Vape building services 

Plus it’s relatively easier to enter the vape affiliate market than actually owning a vape shop. 

Commissions range between 20% and 30%. 

Vape also has a major overlap with the CBD market… that’s an even wider target audience for you. 

108. Fishing

Fishing has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years. 

You’ve got “sports fishing” to thank for that… alongside the sea of fishing programs that attempt to make the hobby a popular sport.

And their efforts have been paying off: 

The sports fishing equipment market will grow to $2.45 billion from 2022 to 2026

You can promote various products in this niche: 

  • Fishing gear
  • Crafts and equipment
  • Apparel 
  • Fishing drones 

But isn’t this an old-people hobby? 

Not really. 

Millennials and Gen Z also have a growing interest in recreational fishing

The availability of quality fishing equipment among online stores is making waves in terms of demand.

Think of brands such as: 

  • Cabelas
  • Fishing Tackle Unlimited
  • Tackle Warehouse 
  • Amazon

All of these qualities make fishing one of the best niches in affiliate marketing especially if you’re into fishing too. 

Commissions in this niche range between 2% and 20%. 

109. Printing

People love personalizing everything and companies know that.

Custom printing is a great way to personalize products…

And that’s one of the reasons why the commercial printing market is booming: 

The global commercial printing market will reach $598.06 billion in 2030 from $494.53 billion. 

Businesses try hard to give customers a more personal feel to their products. Not only that… customers also expect that kind of service. 

Customers are willing to pay up to a 20% premium for personalized products and services.

That’s why you’re seeing more print-on-demand services in the market today. 

You might’ve even tried it before: ever had your favorite quote or TV character printed on a t-shirt? 

Commissions in this niche range between 5% and 40%. 

Considering the sheer willingness of customers to pay premiums for personalization.

110. Antiques and Vintage Collectibles 

Antiques and vintage stuff are fascinating.

They give us the sense of nostalgia we all love to feel from time to time. 

The remnants of the good old days…

They’re not only elegant; they’re also a great way to generate extra income. 

The collectibles market size will reach $1 trillion in 2033 from $458.2 billion in 2022. 

Antique and vintage collectibles can range from coins and stamps to books and fine art. 

More people are getting into the hobby of collecting awesome things from the past…

And your potential earnings from helping them complete their vintage collections are great. 

You can promote any service that sells nearly any kind of vintage product (anything that’s at least 100 years old).

The best affiliate programs in this niche include:

  • International Vintage Watch Company: pays $100 commission per sale. 
  • Antique Farmhouse: pays 7% commission per sale. 
  • Castle Antiques: pays 10% commission per sale. 

111. Equestrian

Horses are majestic creatures. No wonder many people love them and get into the equestrian hobby. 

Just the amount of money they spend on this hobby is evidence of their love for horses and horse-related activities.

The equestrian apparel market will grow to $9.7 billion in 2032 from $6 billion in 2022. 

Pursuing an affiliate marketing career in the equine industry gives you plenty of choices in terms of promoting products: 

  • Equestrian apparel
  • Horse accessories (saddles and shoes)

This niche overlaps with others such as sports betting and pets (to some extent). 

Meaning you can generate many tangential earnings opportunities. 

The following are some of the best affiliate marketing programs in this niche:

  • BookHorseRidingHolidays.com: pays up to 50% commission per referral. 
  • Daily Racing Form: pays 10% commission per referral.

112. Boating

Near… far… wherever you are… the boating niche will always make waves regarding affiliate marketing.

(Pun very much intended…)

The global boat market size will reach $47.80 billion by 2029 from $30.93 billion in 2022. 

The boating market not only stayed afloat during the pandemic. It also experienced a massive growth of 11.3% in 2020 year-over-year. 

More people worked flexible hours and shifted their attention to outdoor activities.

Many first-time buyers further propelled the boating market toward growth. 

Recreational boating also made a splash in the outdoor recreational activities industry. 

Indeed… this titanic market is one of the best affiliate marketing niches to pursue in 2023. 

Commissions are great too. They range between 3% to 20%.

  • Boatbookings: pays 20% commission on completed charters. 
  • Sea Eagle: pays 9% commission per sale. 

You can promote everything from yacht charter services to boat care products.

This makes it a great outdoor affiliate program to pursue. 

113. Woodworking

Woodworking is one of those hobbyist sub-niches that many people consider to be boring or exclusive to old people.

Here’s what they don’t know…

Woodworking is one of the most profitable affiliate marketing niches in the market. 

That’s because woodworkers need high-quality tools to do all of their woodwork. 

And if you’ve tried building furniture from scratch at least once… You know that such tools aren’t cheap. 

The global woodworking tools market size will reach $13.30 billion by 2031 from $8.95 billion in 2021. 

Your customers aren’t only the professionals who use these tools. More people are now trying woodworking as a hobby. 

Commissions in this niche are from 3% to 11%.

Hobbyists don’t mind spending money on their favorite activities. 

So even if the commission rate isn’t as high as in other niches… the sales volume will more than makeup for it. 

114. Art

You may think that art is only for those who love drawing and painting… 

But this market is far larger than that. 

For starters… It’s a growing market.

The global arts market will reach $682.08 billion by 2027 from $441.02 billion in 2022. 

Plus art isn’t only about paintings… It’s also about: 

  • Museums
  • Performing arts
  • Art promoters
  • Art collectibles

Not to mention you’ve got an equally lucrative market for art and crafts supplies.

The global arts and crafts market will reach $63,590 million in 2028 from $44,120 million in 2021. 

Platforms for aspiring artists are making waves as they help artists gain exposure to a greater audience. 

Art should definitely be on your list when considering different niches for affiliate marketing.

Commissions range between 5% and 15%. 

Others pay huge flat fees per sale.

For example, Sotheby’s pays up to $250 per sale. 

115. DIY

DIY arts and crafts have been on the rise ever since people had to stay at home. 

It’s fun… but did you also know it’s one of the most profitable affiliate marketing segments around? 

The global arts and crafts market size will reach $63,590 million by 2028 from $44,120 million in 2021. 

You probably even have done some DIY-ing too.

You can easily promote products in this niche such as: 

  • Fabrics 
  • Sewing supplies 
  • Custom cards 
  • Scrapbooking supplies 

Your target audience includes hobbyists and professionals like: 

  • Designers 
  • Teachers
  • Students 
  • Artists 

DIY affiliate programs come from companies that sell arts and crafts supplies.

But you can also work with prominent brands such as: 

  • Amazon 
  • Alibaba
  • Etsy 

Which all have a ton of DIY crafts-related products to offer.

Commissions range between 4% to 30%… but some pay up to a whopping 90% like AliExpress.

116. Anime

Anime has become a dominant media in the entertainment world since the first Kamehameha reverberated in TVs.

If you’re an Otaku, you’ve definitely tried turning super saiyan once or twice in your life.

Be honest because I sure have.

And anyone who’s watched anime has their favorite character/s. 

Which means they’ve probably spent much money on products such as: 

  • Manga
  • Action figures
  • Apparel
  • CDs

If you’re looking for a super passionate customer base to promote products to… 

Anime fans won’t let you down. 

The global anime market size will grow to $60.06 billion in 2030 from $31.22 billion in 2023. 

But this is only for kids right?

Not really. 

Even those in the 45 to 54 age bracket in the US have a favorable opinion of anime

Commissions are 10% to 20% per sale on average. 

Given the tremendous amount of money fans are willing to spend on anime-related products… you can truly earn a lot. 

117. Podcasting

Joe Rogan isn’t the only one who can earn a truckload of money through podcasting… 

You can too!  

The global podcasting market size will grow to $58.9 billion in 2028 from $14.1 billion in 2022. 

Podcasts might be new… but their popularity is undeniable.

You can find a podcaster for nearly any topic you want to explore. 

But what other things can you possibly promote for a medium that’s primarily digital? 

These include: 

  • Recording equipment 
  • Editing software 
  • Training courses 
  • Studio accessories 

Those products also overlap with the needs of content creators in other affiliate marketing niches. 

You can be a podcaster yourself and work with big-name brands such as: 

  • Amazon Associates 
  • Fiverr
  • Skillshare
  • Manscaped 

For example, commissions can easily reach up to $150 per referral in Fiverr’s affiliate program. 

118. Movies

If you’re a movie buff and want to learn how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing… 

Then this is for you. 

Movies are a great escape from reality… and they can be immersive learning experiences too. 

People love them regardless of what kind of “cinema” they’re watching and where they’re watching it. 

Movies are a pretty easy sell for many. 

The global movies and entertainment market will reach $169.62 billion by 2030 from $94.45 billion in 2022. 

The products and services you can promote are diverse.

However, the money lies in affiliate programs from streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

Most of these programs pay a flat fee in exchange for user registrations or orders.

For example: 

  • Amazon: pays $2 to $2.50 per free trial registration 
  • Paramount Plus: pays $9 per sale 
  • FuboTV: pays $30 per subscription 

119. Photography

A picture speaks a thousand words…

And you can earn thousands of bucks with photography. 

Photographers can be hobbyists or professionals. They shoot photos to kill time or to make a living. 

Either way… 

You’re in a great position to help them find the best products for their photography adventures. 


For starters… the market for photography equipment is growing: 

The global digital photography market will reach $149.4 billion by 2028 from $105.2 billion in 2020. 

The products in this niche aren’t cheap.

So even if you have a low commission rate… You can still expect a good EPC. 

These products don’t only include flashy DSLR cameras but also: 

  • Camera accessories 
  • Photo-editing software
  • Drone cameras

You’ll be working with popular companies with good affiliate marketing programs: 

Commissions range between 8% and 50%. 

120. Music

The world is a desolate place without music. 

No wonder musicians and music lovers are everywhere.

The music market size will hit $42.62 billion by 2028 from $28.29 billion in 2023. 

And when I say that your target market in this niche is huge… I truly mean HUGE. 

Your customers are diverse and they include: 

  • Musicians 
  • Hobbyists 
  • Composers 
  • Instrument players 
  • Bands 
  • Singers 
  • Producers 

Your partners can range from huge e-commerce brands such as Amazon to retail music stores and recording studios. 

It’s a chorus of endless opportunities. 

Some of the best affiliate programs in this niche are from: 

  • Amazon Associates: 3% per sale 
  • MasterClass: 25% per sale 

Want something even better? 

Singnorama pays 40% to 70% commission per sale on instant download courses. 

121. Digital Art

When art and technology collide… they create a space full of surprises like digital art. 

NFT art is a sub-niche that overlaps digital art and the NFT niches… and it’s a growing market: 

The NFT art market has grown to $3 billion in market size in 2022 from $2.26 billion in 2021. 

And that growth isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

Digital art is also in demand across many industries and applications: 

  • Advertising
  • Entertainment 
  • Gaming

These use cases can further grow as technology and digital media improve and complement artists’ ability to create art. 

The affiliate programs in this niche overlap with arts and crafts niches. Some of the best ones in terms of commissions are:

  • Adobe: pays 85% commission per sale of Creative & Document Cloud + monthly plan.
  • iStock: pays 20% recurring commission.
  • ArtStation: pays up to 80% per sale. 

122. Sports

Sports fans are just like gamers. They’re passionate and loyal… and they’ll spend any amount of money to enjoy their hobby. 

The global market for sports is also gigantic: 

The global sports market will grow to $623.63 billion in 2027 from $512.14 billion in 2023.

This makes sports one of the best niche ideas for affiliate marketing. 

You can promote a wide range of products here: 

  • Sports memorabilia
  • Equipment 
  • Trading cards 
  • Apparel 
  • Tickets 

You can also overlap sports with the fitness niche and promote gym accessories and fitness equipment. You may also find a good outdoor affiliate program focusing on a specific sport.

You’ll get the chance to work with heavy hitters in the sports industry.

Some of the most popular companies that have affiliate programs include: 

  • Under Armour pays a 5% commission per sale with a $100 average order value.
  • Go Pro pays 5% per sale with an EPC of $81.56. 

123. Boxing

Boxing is a combat sport where many champions such as Muhammad Ali and Manny Pacquiao rose.

This sport may not be for everybody… but you can’t ignore its one-two punch of huge market and popularity: 

The market for boxing gyms and clubs in the US reached $1.2 billion in 2022. 

It took a blow during the pandemic… but that’s not enough to knock it out.

The boxing gear market will reach $2.7 billion by 2031 from $1.79 billion in 2023. 

Which makes it a highly profitable niche for affiliate marketing. 

The products and services you can promote include: 

  • Boxing gear 
  • Training 
  • Boxing gym membership
  • Gym equipment 

You can even overlap it with other niches such as fitness and other combat sports. Commissions range between 5% and 25% on every sale. 

For example, Expert Boxing sells digital products for boxers and pays its affiliates a 25% commission per sale. 

124. Soccer

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world.

It’s beloved by around 265 million people around the world.

Its market is booming.

The global football market size will grow from $870.40 million in 2028 to $712.32 million in 2023. 

I’m not talking about the players only.

I’m talking about an even more loyal customer base… the fans. 

Soccer fans have repeatedly proven that they’re one of the most lucrative affiliate marketing customers ever. 

For example, Super Bowl spending in 2023 reached $16.5 billion… that’s a 13% increase from 2022. 

You can get a slice of that action too. 

Soccer affiliate programs pay 7% to 10% in commissions per sale.

All you have to do is promote products such as: 

  • Gear 
  • Uniforms 
  • Collectibles 
  • Shoes 
  • Apparel 

Any real soccer fan will love you just for letting them know where they can buy these products. 

125. Dropshipping

Dropshipping goes like this: 

You promote a product → a customer buys it → the supplier sends it to the buyer. 

You don’t need to deal with any logistics. 

This is great if you want to keep overheads low.

It’s kinda like affiliate marketing.

It’s a thriving global industry that experts predict will reach $182.64 billion in market value by 2023

Is it a good category for affiliate marketing? 


You don’t even have to become a drop shipper yourself to earn from it. 

Your job as a dropshipping affiliate is to promote tools for would-be dropshipping business owners.

These include tools that help business owners: 

  • Find the right niche
  • Find the right supplier/s
  • Track sales
  • Order products from the supplier/s

The commissions in this niche range between 20% to 50%.

Flat commissions and revenue sharing are also available. 

126. Coupons

Do you know what customers love more than a great product?

Greater deals. 

Coupons are amazing in this respect. They have excellent promotional powers and can drive sales to new heights. 

Its market is also growing.

The number of redeemed digital coupons in the US reached over 337 million in 2021 or 40 million more than in 2020.

The global digital coupons market will hit $29.77 billion by 2031 from $4.67 billion in 2020. 

This is one of the best niches in affiliate marketing because customers will always look for vouchers and discounts. 

Coupons can apply to a wide range of products. 

Think about it…

There’s a coupon for every product type. 

Which means you can easily promote them to whoever your target audience is. 

The commissions aren’t high but the sheer volume of customers who use coupons more than makes up for it.  

127. Event Tickets

The pandemic prevented people from attending events like concerts and sports games…

But it definitely didn’t temper their eagerness to attend such events. 

The event tickets market will grow to $92.44 billion by 2027 from $77.53 billion in 2023. 

This market also serves people of (nearly) all ages and from all walks of life. 

Plus you’re making it easier for them to buy tickets they can’t otherwise buy physically in their local ticket booths. 

All of these qualities make event tickets one of the best affiliate marketing niches in 2023. 

But that’s not all…

Some providers let buyers see where they can sit during the event.

SeatGeek is a great example.

Commissions are between 4% and 10%. 

128. T-Shirts

The t-shirt niche is one of those affiliate marketing areas that aren’t popular but pay a lot. 

And I mean A LOT.

Its sheer market size shows how much people love their t-shirts. 

The global custom t-shirt market size will hit $9.82 billion in 2030 from $4.71 billion in 2023. 

This is a perfect market for you if you’re confident about your t-shirt ideas. 

Your audience is essentially anyone who loves getting comfy in shirts. 

The only challenge here is finding the right affiliate programs… and the trick is to target a niche audience that is loyal and passionate. 

For example, you may find programs that target video game enthusiasts and geeks. 

Gamers and geeks are loyal and passionate… so you won’t have to work much to convince them they need that awesome Diablo IV t-shirt you’re promoting.

It will improve their armor and HP regeneration by 100%.

Commissions range between 3% and 15%. 

129. Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are super convenient and people love them.

That’s why their market is booming.

The global subscription box market grew to $28.1 billion in 2022 and will reach $73.6 billion by 2028. 

It’s also easy to see why this service is super popular… 

  • Subscription services are predictable: customers know what they’re getting for what they’re paying. 
  • Customizations are common: they can customize the subscription to better fit their needs.
  • There are savings potentials: they can prevent impulse buys. 

It’s the most popular niche for affiliate marketing if you want to serve multiple markets. 

You can find subscription box affiliate programs in almost any niche including: 

  • Outdoor products
  • Food and cooking 
  • Personal grooming 
  • Beauty products 
  • Succulents
  • Fragrance

Commissions vary across these niches… but you can expect a 5% to 10% rate on average.

These programs usually pay on a per-sale or per-subscription basis. 

130. Email Marketing

Email has no place in a world full of messaging apps. Right? 

Not according to digital marketers and their customers. 

The number of global email users reached 4.26 billion in 2022 and it will grow to 4.73 billion users in 2026. 

And businesses are catching up.

Around 71.8% of companies use email to communicate with customers based on a Campaign Monitor survey. 

The average ROI for email is $36 for every $1 so businesses love it.

Hence email marketing will always be in the top niches for affiliate marketing. 

I promotes newsletter platforms and AI email assistants, but there are many other related products/services in this niche.

Such are full of features that integrate marketing and CRM functions.

Your customers can include not just email marketers but also advertising and marketing people in general. 

Average commissions are around 30% per qualified sale. 

131. Automotive

You don’t need to own a Tesla to know that it’s a nice car… 

And you don’t need to be a car enthusiast to earn high in the automotive niche (though skills certainly help).

The automotive industry is one of the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing for many reasons. 

For starters… 

The global car and automobile manufacturing revenue is $2.6 trillion in 2023.

I’m not talking about promoting muscle cars or utility vehicles only…

You can also specialize in a diverse range of products and services such as: 

  • Accessories
  • Repairs 
  • Car insurance 
  • Locks and alarms
  • Driving lessons 

The car accessories market alone will be worth $702.92 billion in 2030

Commissions vary. Here are great examples: 

  • EZ Battery Reconditioning: pays up to $148.50 commission per sale. 
  • Advanced Auto Parts: pay only 4%… but they sell big-ticket items so your EPC will still be high. 

132. Recreational Vehicles

Vehicles aren’t just for travel… they’re also great for enjoying yourself and adventure. 

You want flexibility when traveling and exploring destinations… you want to feel at home even when on the road. 

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are perfect for that. 

RVs are highly profitable products for affiliate marketers.

The global RV market size will hit $104.34 billion by 2032 from $64.73 billion in 2022.

RV ownership has also risen by over 62% in the last two decades. 

You can promote a variety of products and services in the RVs market. These include: 

  • Rentals 
  • Auto parts
  • Appliances 
  • Restoration 
  • Supplies and accessories 
  • Insurance 

You can also target various types of RV owners from casual campers and escapists to full-timers. 

Commissions vary depending on the product or service… but expect to earn around 5% to 15% commission on every qualified sale. 

133. Motorcycle

The motorcycle market is another affiliate marketer niche that’s teeming with possibilities. 

For starters… 

The global motorcycles market will reach $171.5 billion by 2028 from $108.0 billion in 2022.

You also have the opportunity to work with popular brands that offer affiliate programs.

These include: 

  • RevZilla
  • Cycle Gear 
  • Viking Bags 

You can promote not only motorcycles but also: 

  • Motorcycle parts
  • Accessories such as saddle bags 
  • GPS trackers

Your customers love to customize their bikes and spend good money on this hobby. 

For example, US owners spend $519 on average for motorcycle insurance. 

What’s more…

Dealers often collaborate with big-name brands such as Yamaha and Kawasaki. 

Quality Products + Loyal Customers = High Earning Potential

That’s a formula for success. 

Commissions range between 3% and 10% per sale.

134. Car Rental

We’re switching gears from two wheels to four wheels.  

Not everyone can afford a good car.

But that doesn’t stop them from renting one.

The car rental market will reach $111.70 billion in 2027 from $99.27 billion in 2023…

And the global number of car rental users will reach $616.54 million in 2027. 

Vacationers using car rentals for leisure make up a huge segment of this market.

But they’re not your only customers.

You can also target:

  • People moving to new places 
  • Domestic travelers 

You can promote services based on: 

  • Rental category: on-airport or off-airport
  • Application: leisure or commercial 
  • Vehicle type: luxury or economical 

Which means you can specialize in many sub-niches. 

Commissions vary but expect to earn at around 1% to 6% rates. 

A standout is Discover Cars

It’s a car rental comparison website that pays a 40% commission for qualifying revenue. 

136. Biking

Now back to two wheels. 

Biking is just a hobby for many people… but don’t be surprised by the following statistics: 

Like other great niches for affiliate marketing… the cycling niche isn’t just about bikes. 

It’s also about everything an avid biker needs such as: 

  • Helmets 
  • Tires 
  • Accessories 
  • Spare parts 
  • Gadgets 

Your customers include casual cyclists and those who join competitions. 

The cycling community also has passionate members. You can acquire a super loyal customer base by tapping into this market.

Your partners?

They’re usually companies that manufacture bikes and accessories for well-known brands such as: 

  • Santa Cruz
  • Yeti
  • Pinarello 

Commissions range between 4% and 12%. There’s also a high potential for many repeat purchases. 

Why Is Selecting an Affiliate Marketing Niche Important?

Selecting an affiliate marketing niche is important for two main reasons:

  1. You can differentiate your business and stand out from the competition. 
  2. You can create highly focused and valuable content for your target audience. 

Hitting these goals with your chosen niche lets you scale up your marketing efforts easily. 

You can also better appreciate the importance of choosing a niche by considering the potential downsides. 

Without a specific niche… 

  • You’ll throw everything at your audience without knowing what really sticks. 
  • You’ll waste time and resources on a space that you don’t even like or know anything about.

Pretty dire… right? 

Affiliate Marketing Niche Categories

Many first-timers don’t know how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing.

The sheer number of choices can be overwhelming. 

But the choice can be a bit easier if you know the broad categories from which you can choose: 

Broad Niches 

Broad niches cover a wide variety of topics under a theme.

These include:

  • Technology
  • Health and Wellness
  • Pets
  • Luxury

Fun fact: broad niches generate more clicks and views than any other category of niches.

They have dozens or hundreds of sub and micro-niches. 


Ranking for these niches requires a ton of effort. 

You’ll face competition from many establish brands with huge followings and high domain authority websites.

Sounds tough… but it’s totally worth it if you consider how much you can earn in such niches. 

Community-Based Niches 

Community-based niches are smaller than broad niches… but that’s not a disadvantage.

It only means that you’ll have a more focused targeting. 

The biggest benefit? 

Your audience is generally much more willing to invest good money in the products you’re promoting. 

Note: more specific niche = greater conversion opportunities

If you search for any top 10 affiliate marketing niches… you’ll always find community-based niches in there. 

That’s how effective they are in terms of generating conversions and attracting a passionate audience. 

There’s essentially no downside in this category if you’re already a part of the community you’re targeting. 

But if you’re not… then you’ll have to be deeply involved first and understand the community’s ins and outs to effectively promote products and services. 

Product-Based Niches 

If you want a narrower focus and are knowledgeable about a specific product… then product-based niches are the best for you. 

You can start a blog about a specific product and discuss why this or that brand is better than another.

Affiliate links are super easy to insert and promote. 

You also don’t have to be deeply involved in a community… though having an in-depth knowledge of the product type you’re promoting is a must. 

Note: you’ll rely heavily on Google rankings and affiliate partners to stay afloat. 

Search algorithms change A LOT. 

Google implemented nine updates to its algorithm in 2022 alone. 

You have to always be on the lookout for such updates or your traffic will suffer… and you might not be able to find a quick alternative traffic source. 

Your affiliate programs may also stop… meaning your source of income may also disappear. 

So be careful when finding an affiliate marketing niche in this category.

It’s usually best to stick with programs that have been operating for a long time or that come from reputable brands. 

Problem-Based Niches

The goal of any product or marketing effort is to address a customer’s pain point. 

That’s where problem-based niches are great: they address specific problems that customers may have. 

Customers in this niche have strong buying intent because: 

  • They know they have a problem.
  • They’re searching for a solution to that problem. 

Your goal then is to convince them that your product solves that problem.

Pulling that off means you can easily monetize the traffic that comes to your website. 

Barriers to entry and risks are also low.

That’s the reason why this category has the most popular affiliate marketing niches for beginners. 

But… be sure to be an expert in the problem you’re addressing.

Build credibility so you can develop a loyal customer base. 

Important Factors When Choosing an Affiliate Marketing Niche

Now that you know how to pick a niche for affiliate marketing based on categories… it’s time you understand what factors affect the success of your efforts. 

Consider evergreen and seasonal content. 

Evergreen Content

Evergreen niches have content that stays relevant even after many years. Targeting these niches means you’re promoting products that will have customers even after trends change. 


Websites in these niches take years to fully mature. You might also find a niche that seems so popular and relevant right now but will disappear after five years. 

Fidget spinners used to be so popular… but where’s the market now? 

Meanwhile… who knew that those clunky rephrasing tools years ago would be upgraded so much today that businesses are investing heavily on AI tools? 

Pro Tip: Weigh the risks and think about the long term. 


Seasonality is a major factor to consider when learning how to choose an affiliate marketing niche. 

What’s seasonal content anyway? It’s content that rises and falls in demand depending on the season. 

Example: holiday gifts are highly seasonal. They’re in high demand during the holiday season but aren’t so hot at other times of the year.  

Impact on Customers’ Lives and Wellbeing

In niches like healthcare and legal services, expertise is everything.

These are the YMYL (Your Money, Your Life) niches, and they come with immense responsibility.

Your content can shape people’s choices, for better or worse.

Google takes this seriously and doesn’t let inexperienced beginners rank highly.

So, if you’re thinking about these niches, check if you are qualified.


Building a community around your product or service is crucial to the success of your affiliate marketing efforts. 

A solid community will:

  • Remain loyal to you
  • Stay longer on your website
  • Visit your pages 

And most importantly… they’ll help you make more money. 

How To Choose a Niche for Affiliate Marketing?

You already know that choices are overwhelming when learning how to choose the best niche for affiliate marketing. 

So I’m going to give you tips on how you can narrow down your options and potentially find the best one: 

Step 1: Create Niche Groups

Group similar niches. 

Example: health belongs to the same group as physical fitness and mental health. 

Create multiple lists if necessary since some niches and niches overlap. Visualizing niches this way will help you get a clearer idea of what niches will work for you. 

Step 2: Create Sub-Niches 

Identify sub-niches. 

Example: Dogs and cats are sub-niches of pets. 

Use tools like Spreadsheets to group top-level and sub-niches. You may think of sub-niches that you haven’t listed yet. 

Step 3: Purge Niches You Dislike 

Decide which niches will never work for you. Think about your interest and level of expertise. 

Example: If you can’t see yourself talking about homeschooling enthusiastically for a long time… let go of it. 

If something interests you truly even if it might not work for you… expand it into further sub- or micro-niches that work. 

What Makes a Good Affiliate Marketing Niche?

Finding a profitable niche for affiliate marketing isn’t only about which niches pay a lot or have consistent demand. 

It’s also about YOU… 

Note: You are the most important part of your affiliate marketing career. 

This is why you should consider the following when deciding what niche to pursue: 

Your Interests and Skills 

The most successful affiliate marketers are those who have a genuine interest in their niche. 

They might face challenges and risks… but they’ll endure and succeed just because they’re passionate about their niche. 

I’ve experienced doubts and sleepless nights when starting my blog… but I overcame them. Because I truly like what I’m doing. 

So think about your passion and hobbies.

Some of them might be good niches for affiliate marketing. 

Your Speed and Cadence 

Do you want to go slow or fast? 

Quickstarts are amazing for fast rewards… especially if affiliate marketing is just your side gig. 

The slow approach is great for niches that are slow to grow but have unlimited potential.

Carefully consider which method works best for the niche you choose. More importantly… consider how fast or slow you want to go. 

Your Willingness to Commit 

The most profitable affiliate marketing products are those that require commitment and hard work. 

So how willing are you to commit your time and energy? How big do you want to go in terms of profits and scope? 

Note: bigger profits require great commitment. 

Bigger scope = greater effort

Choose a scope and profit target that you can commit to it.

Your Long-Term Plans 

We all have a life outside of work or business… I know I do. I’ve got long-term plans for my career and personal life.

And sometimes those plans don’t go well together. 

When asking how to find a good niche for affiliate marketing… also ask how the affiliate marketing business will affect your long-term plans. 

It’s also best to have an exit strategy regardless of how long you plan to do affiliate marketing. 

How To Find Affiliate Marketing Niches?

Now that you know how to choose affiliate marketing niches… It’s time to find one online. 

I’m going to recommend some of the most effective ways I know.

Some of them are pretty straightforward… while others require a bit of know-how. 

But all are useful. 

Using Disclaimers

When researching a niche affiliate marketing website… You probably notice that they use disclaimers such as: 

“Please keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases…” 

Or something along those lines. 

This lets customers know the website’s affiliation and shows transparency. 

Google such lines and see which websites have them.

Disable your ad blocker to determine if the website truly monetizes through ads. 

Look for signs that the website earns using the usual affiliate marketing method and not something else. 

This is one of the simplest ways to find which niches work and what markets are best for affiliate marketing. 

Look at Job Ads on Job Boards 

Check out content marketplaces where users hire people to write their content in specific niches. 

Some of the most popular content marketplaces are: 

  • Upwork: Sign up to see their listings. Search for writers and check which niches have the most number of job postings. You can also check what sort of content is in demand among job posters and how clients make money through them. 
  • ProBlogger: View their job listings to get a feel for their niche. See how they make money and what type of content is most popular. 

The higher the demand for a certain type of content service… the better they pay. 

Reverse Engineer Affiliate Tracking Domains

This one’s a bit more complicated… but it’s 100% worth it. 

You’ll need a subscription for Ahrefs or Semrush and a list of domains you want to track or “reverse engineer.” 

I’ll use Ahrefs for this.

Follow these steps: 

  1. Use Ahref’s “Site Explorer” feature and insert your competitors’ tracking url. 
  2. Click “Referring Domains” to see the link profile. Add filters to narrow down your list. Do that by clicking the “Export” button and opening the downloaded file on Excel. 
  3. Click the first column and then text to a comma.
  4. Click “Delimited” and enter a comma. Clicking “confirm” will split data into proper columns. 
  5. Mover to the last column and use the “Find and Replace” functionality to replace periods with commas. 

Apply these filters too: 

  • There should be at least 50 links pointing to the tracking domain to prove its popularity.
  • Filter the DR to below 65 as a realistic target for your own website.
  • Traffic should be at least 25,000 or more. 

These steps will narrow your lists down significantly… and you can work your way through the list of niches that you can pursue. 

Reverse Engineer Affiliate Networks

This method of finding a profitable niche for affiliate marketing requires you to sign up for affiliate networks

Browse their advertisers and see all programs available. The trick is to filter programs by earnings (high to low) or EPC.

Look into the programs that pay out a lot of money per commission. 

What programs pay the most? Which ones can you realistically target? 

Reverse Engineer Website Marketplaces 

A website marketplace connects website sellers to buyers. This is a good place to check when searching for popular affiliate marketing niches because: 

  • You can see financial information on the website. 
  • You can see traffic analytics and monthly profits or losses.

Here are three popular marketplaces: 

These websites give you a broad overview of niches.

Keep an eye on the following as you dig through the sea of information: 

  • Article number: The more articles a website for sale has… the better. 
  • Earnings relative to article number: Websites with a low number of articles but high earnings likely operate in well-paying and high-profile affiliate niche markets. 
  • Article type: Search for websites that produce mainly review articles. 
  • Keywords: Some websites tell you what keywords they rank for…  which will tell you what content type they rank for and if they produce affiliate marketing content. 
  • Affiliate programs: Take note of what affiliate programs work for the website owners. 

This method gives you valuable insights into how websites make money.

Use these insights to find profitable niches.

Affiliate Marketing Niches (FAQs)

What Is the Highest Profitable Affiliate Niche?

Technology is the most profitable affiliate marketing niche in 2023.

It’s a broad niche with a plethora of sub-niches like:

• Software 
• Mobile apps 
• Electronics 

You can work with big names such as GoPro and Microsoft.

What Is the Fastest Growing Affiliate Marketing Niche?

Gaming is the fastest-growing affiliate marketing niche you can target right now.

The video game market size will reach $583.69 billion in 2030 from $242.39 billion in 2023.

That’s a staggering 13.4% CAGR from 2023 to 2030… a rapid growth few other niches can achieve. 

What Are the Best Affiliate Marketing Niches for Beginners?

The best affiliate marketing niches for beginners are those that have low barriers to entry and relatively minimal risks.

These niches include: 

• Technology
• Health and fitness
• Fashion and beauty
• Hobby
• Travel

Each niche is evergreen and accessible to true beginners.

Plenty of programs are also available for each one.

Which Niches Are Currently Oversaturated in Affiliate Marketing?

Oversaturated markets are niches with decreasing demand from customers.

Examples of such markets are:

• Adult websites
• In-person dating services
• Vintage collections
• Student loans

These markets have become oversaturated because new technologies render them nearly obsolete.

Some of them also lack demand because of economic weakness.

To Sum Up


Have you made up your mind? 

Choosing an affiliate marketing niche becomes easier if you know facts and important statistics. 

The best niches will always be the ones you’re passionate about. 

The choice will always be yours. 

I hope this helps you.

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