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If you don’t have time to read the article, here are my top 3 picks for the best AI email assistant tools.

Best for Contextualizing Web Content
smartwriter ai logo
Smartwriter AI
Scan the web in real-time to create hyper-personalized emails.
Try Smartwriter AI
Best for Cold Outreach Personalization at Scale
lyne logo
Blast out personalized email intros at scale with just a single click.
Try Lyne
Best for Managing Team Email Communication
missive logo
Centralize all your team’s communication with one tool.
Try Missive

Managing your email inbox can be overwhelming in today’s fast-paced business world.

Your entire day can be wasted on countless emails to read, respond to, and organize.

Fortunately, the growing popularity of artificial intelligence tools has made this process easier and more efficient.

But tools like ChatGPT are general-purpose AI writers which aren’t fine-tuned for this purpose.

AI email assistants are.

You can save time and energy by automating repetitive tasks such as drafting responses and correcting grammar and spelling errors.

These assistants can also generate personalized subject lines and automate follow-ups.

In this article, we’ll look at the best AI email assistants available to help you:

  • Increase productivity
  • Streamline email communication
  • Automate mind-numbing tasks
  • Achieve better open rates

Keep reading if you’re ready to take your email game to the next level.

What Are AI Email Assistants?

AI email assistants are time-saving tools that use artificial intelligence to help you manage your email activities.

Using advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms, these assistants understand the intent behind your prompts to craft a customized email that fits your needs.

And with extensive training on various topics, they can even understand quite complex prompts.

But the benefits don’t stop there.

Advanced AI Email assistants can even profile prospects, understand the sentiment and create personalized messages for each recipient.

Say goodbye to mundane email tasks and hello to more personalized replies that get you those sweet conversions.

What Are the Best AI Email Assistants?

1) Smartwriter

Best for Contextualizing Web Content

SmartWriter Home Page

SmartWriter is, in my opinion, the best for scanning web pages in real-time and referencing the content to contextual emails.

Not to mention being able to create flows like popular Email marketing software but with AI. 

Ironically, using this tool will make your cold emails more personal and less robotic.

If you want to increase your chances of getting that lead to convert, seriously consider SmartWriter.

“Just used SmartWriter to generate some cold email templates using AI. Holy cow! I did a cold outreach test email to an attorney using his website URL to personalize the content, and he wrote me back 5 minutes later! This is an excellent addition to your toolbox! Don’t miss this one.”
David Eyler, CEO of Call To Action Media

Key Features of SmartWriter

  • Real-Time Data: Scan massive sources on the internet like Google Reviews, Website News, Linkedin, Podcasts, media mentions, Medium blogs, and more in real-time to craft extremely targeted emails to prospects.
  • Smart Scripting: Create your own flow and automate your AI personalization across multiple channels and 60 data points simultaneously.
  • 30+ Templates: Access their large library of fine-tuned templates to craft punchy Marketing, eCommerce, and Email copy.
  • Automated Backlink Outreach: Contextualize entire blog articles to reference specific points to create hyper-personalized backlink request emails.
  • LinkedIn Browser Extension: Scrap LinkedIn for verified personal and company data to craft target emails at scale.

Pros and Cons of SmartWriter


  • Accurate web scanning
  • Unused credits will roll over and not expire
  • All plans offer generous lead credits


  • Customer service needs to improve
  • The software bugs out sometimes


SmartWriter Pricing Plans

SmartWriter offers the following pricing plans:

  • BASIC: $59 per month ($49 if paid annually)
  • POPULAR: $149 per month ($124 if paid annually)
  • PRO: $359 per month ($299 if paid annually)

2) Lyne

Best for Cold Outreach Personalization at Scale

Lyne Homepage is an AI-powered tool that aims to revolutionize cold email outreach by saving you a ton of time and money. 

It utilizes machine learning to uncover information about a prospect to craft unique personalized intros that will increase your sales pipeline and response rates.

Oh, did I mention you could generate 100s of these in just one click?

“I’d recommend Lyne for everyone looking to scale their outreach while saving time. I’ve spent hours every single day on my outreach, but Lyne has allowed me to free up time while getting more responses from prospects”
Kjetil Longva, Founder of BLNK

Key Features of Lyne

  • AI-Powered Icebreakers: Generate personalized intro lines that break the ice and capture your prospect’s attention.
  • LinkedIn Scraper: Extract verified lead prospects’ data directly from LinkedIn in bulk with their browser extension.
  • Integration with Popular Tools: Lyne AI integrates with, LinkedIn, Lemlist, Mailshake, and more.
  • No-touch Lynes: Lyne AI automatically adds personalized intro lines to your cold emails without any manual review

Pros and Cons of Lyne


  • Writes personalized intro lines or icebreakers for cold outreach
  • Pay as you go
  • Increases response rates and conversions by making messages engaging and relevant
  • Able to scrape official contact data from LinkedIn


  • Need to pay separately for the LinkedIn Scraper
  • Scans lesser data points compared to SmartWriter


Lyne Pricing Plans

Lyne offers the following pricing plans:

  • FREE: 0$ per month
  • CUSTOM: Starting from $120 per month (Starts at 1200 Lynes or 2000 emails per month)

The LinkedIn Scraper starts at $39 for 2000 credits per month.

Try Lyne for free now and get 25 extra credits with my link below.

3) Missive

Best for Managing Team Email Communication

Missive Homepage

Missive is a robust email management tool that allows teams to collaborate on email replies, delegate tasks, and manage multiple email addresses from one platform. 

It’s ideal for small business teams that must efficiently coordinate email communications.

Missive helps our team make sure emails are handled quickly and effortlessly.”
Sarah Hum, Co-Founder at Canny

Key Features of Missive

  • Collaborative inbox: Share emails with your team members, assign conversations, chat in real-time, and use @mentions to loop in anyone.
  • Email templates: Save time and create consistent messages with customizable templates that you can insert with a keyboard shortcut or a slash command.
  • Rules and workflows: Automate your email processes with rules that trigger actions based on conditions, such as assigning, tagging, snoozing, or archiving emails.
  • Integrations: Connect Missive with your favorite apps, such as OpenAI, HubSpot, Trello, Asana, Zapier, and more, to streamline your workflows and sync data across platforms.

Pros and Cons of Missive


  • Manage emails and assign tasks all in one place
  • Internal chat function within the email thread
  • Supports all email providers like Gmail and Outlook
  • Integrates with popular software like HubSpot, Trello, and Asana
  • Automate workflows with rules and canned responses
  • Use OpenAI to draft messages quickly and accurately


  • Might not work well with complex or ambiguous emails
  • Requires an OpenAI token and a subscription fee to use the AI features
  • Not be compatible with some third-party apps or extensions
  • May have some privacy or security risks when using AI to generate or translate emails


Missive Pricing Plans

Missive offers the following pricing plans:

  • FREE: $0 per month per user
  • STARTER: $14 per month per user
  • PRODUCTIVE: $18 per month per user
  • ENTERPRISE: $29 per month per user

4) Flowrite

Best for Supercharging Your Daily Communication

Flowrite Homepage

Flowrite is a game-changing tool that helps you write emails and messages like a pro.

It uses AI to turn your instructions into ready-to-send texts that match your tone and style.

Whether you want to follow up with a client, pitch an idea, or ask for feedback, it can help you craft the perfect message in seconds.

You can use it across the browser on any platform or app, and it is ideal for saving time, overcoming writer’s block, and increasing response rates. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to supercharge your daily communication.

Key Features of Flowrite

Flowrite Integrations
  • Multiple Integrations: Connect Flowrite with all your favorite daily applications.
  • Chrome Extension: Maximize your time with their Chrome extension, empowering you to craft compelling emails in Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, and all your go-to apps.
  • Smart Templates: Unlock immediate, impactful email drafts with just one click, leveraging their arsenal of over 50 AI-driven templates for all your messaging needs.
  • Tone Selector: Effortlessly select the ideal tone for concise, straightforward emails that achieve your intended response.
  • Web App: Generate powerful emails no matter which platform you are on with their web app.

Pros and Cons of Flowrite


  •  Accelerate your day-to-day email ops with AI
  • Seamlessly integrates into your favorite platforms and tools


  • Email client integration only works on Chrome
  • Supports only English


Flowrite Pricing

Flowrite offers only one pricing plan at $16.20 /month (€15 /month) with unlimited generations. You can save 20% if paid annually.

Start your 30-day free trial now and cancel anytime.

5) Copy AI

Best for Short-Form Email Marketing Copy

Copy AI Homepage

Copy.AI is an AI-powered writing assistant that assists you in writing better email marketing copy and content. 

It helps you generate compelling email copy that resonates with your recipients and produces better conversions.

You even get grammar, style, and tone suggestions.

“With, we now craft briefs, outlines, and full first drafts in minutes that our writers can use as the perfect inspiration for fine-tuning a valuable piece of content.”
Jeremy Moser, CEO of uSERP

Key Features of Copy AI

  • 90+ Powerful AI Writing Tools: Access one of the most extensive collections of AI templates available on top of premium email-specific templates.
  • Chrome Extension: Write engaging emails on the fly with their Chrome extension. You can generate subject lines, introductions, follow-ups, and more in Google Docs and Gmail tools.
  • Multiple Languages: Reach a global audience with support for over 25+ languages.
  • Chat by Copy.AI: Scan and access data from any public URL to create personalized emails at scale.

Pros and Cons of Copy AI


  • Generate large amounts of text quickly and efficiently
  • Create high-converting email campaigns in just a few clicks
  • Corrects grammar and spelling errors
  • Automates repetitive tasks, such as crafting responses


  • Have to switch between email client and app manually
  • Not many pre-defined email templates
  • Difficulty understanding context from actual emails to craft personalized replies


Copy AI Pricing Plans

Copy AI offers the following pricing plans:

  • FREE PLAN: $0 per month for 1 user (Can only generate English content)
  • PRO PLAN: $49 per month for 5 users (20% off if billed annually).
  • ENTERPRISE PLAN: Contact their team.

6) Compose AI

Best Free AI Email Assistant Chrome Extension

Compose AI Homepage

Compose AI is a free AI writing assistant chrome extension backed by Y Combinator that offloads mundane email communications to AI.

Basically, you get autocomplete anywhere, even in your emails.

It can help you with your outreach activities by learning your writing style and generating responses referencing the original email’s context.

“I spend a lot of time writing: writing emails, product specs, etc etc. Anything that saves me time, like Compose AI, is a gamechanger.”
Jake Kozloski, Founder of

Key Features of Compose AI

  • Auto Complete Everywhere: Automatically write as you speak with your common phrases, style, and verbiage as you type across all your popular web-based platforms.
  • Contextually Aware: Get more personalized and specific outputs tailored to your writing the more you use it.

Pros and Cons of Compose.AI


  • Free to use
  • Excellent contextual learning


  • Splash screen spam can be annoying
  • Requires personal identifying information data


Compose.AI is free to use, but they have a premium version with advanced features. I might be blind, but I can’t find that information.

7) Rytr

Best Multi-Purpose AI Email Assistant

Rytr Homepage

Rytr is a full-suite AI writer with a huge range of content creation options ranging from email marketing to complete blog posts.

There’s no better value if you need an AI tool for emails and more.

Over 5,000,000+ content writers trust them from companies including Adidas, Ikea, Dell, and Ford.

“I have tried a few AI copywriting apps but so far the best outputs have been on Rytr. If you need to create quality content quickly, I would thoroughly recommend Rytr.”
Paula Donnan

Key Features of Rytr

  • AI Email Writer: Generate convincing emails in seconds by selecting from 37+ languages, 20+ tones, and custom inputs.
  • Chrome Extension: Create stunning copy across the web and on your current email clients like Gmail and Outlook.
  • Huge Template Library: Choose from a wide selection of 40+ templates, including optimized email templates for writing highly-converting copy.
  • AI-Generated Images: Have the option to create engaging images automatically with AI to share in your emails.

Pros and Cons of Rytr


  • Integrates with more tools than even Compose.AI
  • Create catchy subject lines, cold email outreach, and more


  • Lack of customization for email messages
  • Can’t understand context and generated personalized replies


Rytr Pricing Plans

Rytr offers the following pricing plans:

  • FREE: $0 per month (10,000 characters per month)
  • SAVER: $9 per month (100,000 characters per month)
  • UNLIMITED: $29 per month

8) Warmer AI

Best for Sales Emails

Warmer AI Homepage

Warmer.AI is an AI-powered writing tool that excels in sales email.

It can profile prospects using their bio or website and pitch a personalized message to engage them more.

“Warmer is the #1 AI email writer. Start getting more replies and more sales using it today.”
Sujan Patel, Co-Founder of Mailshake

Key Features of Warmer AI

  • Profile Analyzer: Generate highly personalized emails by analyzing your prospect’s LinkedIn and website, even for multiple people on a list.
  • Easy Email Bookings: The profile analyzer can scan credentials and create a flattering but not cheesy message to schedule a meeting.
  • Campaign Dashboard: Manage all your personalized outreach on a single dashboard.
  • Integrations: Send emails directly from Warmer using the Mailshake integration.

Pros and Cons of Warmer AI


  • Extremely convenient to insert a URL and get a personalized email
  • Excels specifically for lead generation


  • It can only be used for emails and not much else
  • No chrome extension


Warmer AI Pricing Plans

Warmer AI offers the following pricing plans:

  • STARTER: $59 per month
  • BASIC: $97 per month
  • PLUS: $279 per month

9) Grammarly

Best for Keeping Emails Error-Free

Grammarly Homepage

Grammarly isn’t built to be an AI email assistant. Neither does it have personalization features nor profile scanning capabilities.

But it’s probably the most essential tool for improving your writing quality to sound more professional in your emails.

You don’t want to have a solid offer but can’t string a proper sentence together.

It uses machine learning to suggest spelling, grammar, tone, style, readability, and punctuation errors across all your emails.

“Grammarly allows me to get those communications out and feel confident that I’m putting my best foot forward. Grammarly is like a little superpower, especially when I need to be at 110%.”
Jeanette Stock, Co-founder of Venture Out

Key Features of Grammarly

  • Brand Tone: Create custom tone profiles to sound on point every single time with precise consistency.
  • Phrasal Autocomplete: Auto-complete your sentences when composing or replying to an email.
  • Style Guides: Make every email’s specific writing nuances clear and concise according to your brand.
  • Popular Integrations: Their chrome extension works with all the popular email clients, web browsers, and more.

Pros and Cons of Grammarly


  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Industry-standard and used by literally everyone
  • The best tool to keep on brand and consistently produce error-free emails
  • Chrome extension


  • Doesn’t have templates to help with AI email writing
  • Only supports English


Grammarly Pricing Plans

Grammarly offers the following pricing plans:

  • FREE PLAN: $0 per month
  • PREMIUM PLAN: $12 per month
  • BUSINESS PLAN: $15 per month

Try the free plan with my link below, and sound more professional in your emails.

AI Email Assistant Alternatives

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is the industry-leading AI writing software that can help you generate articles, blog posts, reports, and more.

It handles pretty much all aspects of content creation well with artificial intelligence, including text and images. Not to mention the wide variety of templates plus a chat feature that can take in prompts too. 

However, it doesn’t have email-specific features like website or profile scanning, hyper-targeted personalization, or email management.

I’d say go for this if you are looking for a tool beyond email assistance.


I don’t think you need an introduction to ChatGPT unless you have lived somewhere without the internet for the past few years.

Either way, you can use this general-purpose AI tool to create professional and personalized emails, but it will take more manual prompting.

It also doesn’t come with all the advanced features like those products on this list.

Still a great option if all else fails.

Why You Should Use an AI Email Assistant

You should use AI email assistant because it can help you improve your email writing productivity and quickly generate new email talking points. It can also help you customize emails, reduce errors, increase productivity, and improve communication. 

What Are the Benefits of Using an AI Email Assistant?

Here are some benefits of using an AI email assistant:

  • Save Time: Spend less time writing personalized emails yourself. AI does it faster and better.
  • Personalized Emails: Craft compelling and personalized emails by referencing specific prospect data to help you increase your click-through rates. 
  • Reduce errors: Avoid email errors by detecting spelling and grammar mistakes while suggesting corrections.
  • Increase productivity: Prioritize your emails by organizing your inbox to find what you need quickly so that you can focus on the most important ones.
  • Improve communication: Communicate more effectively with your clients and colleagues. They can write better than you while suggesting ways to improve your communication skills.

Using an AI email assistant lets you unlock the full potential of your email communication and take your productivity to the next level. 

While canned responses help eliminate the tedious task of typing out the same responses over and over again, an AI email writer truly comes in handy when you need personalized emails

How To Choose the Right AI Email Assistant?

If you didn’t like any of the tools mentioned in my list, here are some things to look out for when picking your own:

  • Ease of Use: These tools should make your life easier, so look for one with a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate.
  • Quality of AI-Generated Emails: You’ll want one that generates high-quality emails, thus requiring minimal manual editing. Those that use natural language processing models with their own proprietary ones generally do better.
  • Value For Money: This will probably not be your only software subscription. So unless that’s all you need it for, pick one that offers a range of pricing plans with extra AI writing features that suit your budget and requirements.
  • Positive reviews: Don’t only take my word for it, so see what others say on review sites such as G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot.

Best AI Email Assistants (FAQs)

How Does AI Help in Email Communication?

AI can help make email communication more efficient and effective by:

– Writing better subject lines
– Optimizing email send times
– Discovering the right sentiment and language for each customer
– Automating personalized content and imagery
– Sorting emails into different categories using AI
– Flagging emails that require a response or dangerous emails that may be phishing attempts
– Offering short email reply options for any email

AI can also help manage your emails by prioritizing them, organizing your inbox, and detecting spelling and grammar mistakes.

Does Gmail Have AI?

Yes, Google has announced that they’ll soon release AI-powered writing features like Smart Compose, and Smart Replies for Gmail and Docs users.

What is The Best AI Email Assistant Free Tool?

Compose AI would probably be the best free AI email assistant. It comes with all the essential AI email copy personalization features and more. However, it’s only a chrome extension without a web app.

To Sum Up

Alright, that’s a wrap.

I’ve shown you 9 excellent AI email assistants that’ll change how you handle emails and send your open rates through the roof. 

These nifty tools are like having a personal assistant for your inbox, helping you write killer emails, whip up smart replies, translate stuff, and even fix those pesky grammar and spelling errors.

And hey, with options like OpenAI-powered solutions, you can customize the prompts to make your emails even more personal and on-point. 

Best part? You don’t need to worry if Google can detect AI content or use an AI detector since it won’t appear on search engines.

So I hope you found this article helpful in finding the perfect AI email assistant. 

Pick one, increase your productivity, and watch your open rates increase.

I’ll be sure also to update this list, so don’t forget to bookmark it.

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