7 Best Copywriting Niches in 2024: And How To Choose One

Updated on January 15, 2024

Choosing a copywriting niche can make or break your career when becoming a copywriter

Making decent money as a generalist is long gone. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t land copywriting clients if you’re a generalist. It’s still possible. 

But establishing your authority in a specific field is better than taking everything that comes your way. 

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • What is a copywriting niche is
  • The best copywriting niches to pursue
  • A couple of sub-niches
  • The difference between a copywriting niche and a copywriting specialization

Sounds good?

Continue reading.

What Is a Copywriting Niche?

Copywriting niche is a market or industry that a copywriter decides to write exclusively for.

For example, writing for tech companies.

It requires a deep understanding of that specific market and target audience.

You must be familiar with:

  • Industry-specific terminology
  • Unique challenges
  • Opportunities
  • Language

Why You Need a Copywriting Niche?

You won’t go to a general practitioner if you need heart surgery, right?

The same applies to the mind of copywriting clients

Clients will ALWAYS choose an expert in their niche over a generalist. 

Being a “go-to” copywriter in a particular niche has many benefits.

Here are some of them:

  • You can charge premium rates
  • You attract higher-quality clients
  • You can retain more clients regularly
  • You set yourself apart from tons of generalists

What Is the Difference Between Copywriting Niche and Copywriting Specialization?

Copywriting Niche and Copywriting Specialization are often used interchangeably. 

Many copywriters and experienced marketers think they’re the same. 

Not so fast…

There’s a fine line that separates the two. 

Copywriting niche refers to a specific area or industry, while copywriting specialization is the specific type of copywriting.

Examples of copywriting specialties include: 

  • Landing page copywriting
  • Sales letter copywriting
  • Social media ad copywriting
  • SEO copywriting
  • Email copywriting

You can also mix the two to establish your authority as a hyper-specific copywriter. 

One niche. One specialization.

This could be an email copywriter for the e-commerce industry. 

You might ask, “Why do I even bother about the differences?”

So you can have: 

  • Competitive advantage
  • Targeted marketing 
  • Client attraction and retention

What Are the Best Copywriting Niches?

Now you know what a copywriting niche is and the benefits of having one… 

You might wonder, “What copywriting niche should I focus on?” 

Ideally, you’ll choose an industry in which you can provide the most value and pays well. 

Your expertise depends on your:

  • Educational background
  • Past working experiences 
  • Interests

And sorting niches by pay is quite complicated because there are many factors to consider. 

Here are the best copywriting niches in terms of market potential and demand. 

  1. Health and Fitness
  2. Finance
  3. Tech
  4. E-commerce
  5. Real Estate
  6. Travel
  7. Pets

1. Health and Fitness

The pandemic made many people realize the value of having a healthy body. 

And they are now looking for ways to lead better lifestyles.

(Took them long enough…)

The market value of the global fitness industry is over $87 billion

But the US fitness industry ALONE is expected to be $434.74 billion by the end of 2028. The fastest-growing segment is online/digital fitness which is expected to grow by 640.1%.

These will lead to higher demand for copywriters who can create persuasive copy for:

  • Gyms
  • Fitness brands
  • Nutrition products
  • Wellness centers
  • Fitness creators

It’s a great niche if you’re already into some form of fitness.

You should be…

2. Finance

You can never go wrong with the finance route if you’re looking for the BIG bucks as it’s one of the most profitable copywriting niches.

The finance and insurance industry accounts for 7.4% of the USA’s total GDP.

You know they’ve got some cash. 

There aren’t many copywriters who want to specialize in the finance industry. 

Maybe because finance topics can get technical very quickly. 

Or perhaps they find it boring. 

An industry with a huge budget and a shortage of copywriters is the recipe for a fat paycheck. 

So if you have a related background or a knack for money-related topics…

And you know:

Targeting Banks, investment firms, and insurance companies are very lucrative opportunities. 

3. Tech

Tech is one of the FASTEST growing industries today. 

The tech market in the US alone accounts for 35% of the total world market

You know what that means? Huge demand for copywriters now and in the coming years.

Businesses such as:

  • SaaS startups
  • Cybersecurity companies
  • Mobile and computer hardware stores

These companies CRAVE good copywriters to promote their products. 

But there’s one clear distinction. 

A copywriter who focuses on the technology industry differs from a technical copywriter.

A copywriter in a tech niche often writes landing pages for SaaS or ads for a new product launch. 

While a technical copywriter writes manuals, instruction bullets and white papers.

These skills can lead to solid copywriting side hustle or a full-time career.

4. E-commerce

More businesses want to launch their businesses online. Thanks to the internet’s worldwide reach.

E-commerce companies need skilled copywriters to turn their sizable audiences into paying customers.

E-commerce business owners will pay a copywriter thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars if that means they’ll 10x their profit. 

For example, a company is converting 1 out of 15 deals worth 10K each. 

Then you rewrote their copy, and now they’re converting 11 out of 15. 

Any company will gladly pay you $10,000 because you just made them an additional $100,000 in revenue. 

It is a lucrative field to go into. And you have a lot of options for the type of writing you’ll produce

Here are some of the few: 

  • Product descriptions
  • Blog posts
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media copy
  • Sales pages

5. Real Estate

The real estate industry is another goldmine for copywriters. 

Especially, if you have some background in real estate. 

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 70% of broker/broker associates and 69% of sales agents have a website.

All those businesses and salespeople need content for their websites. That’s where you come in. 

But you’re not limited to writing web content. 

Real estate companies also need copywriters to write engaging property descriptions and marketing materials (E.g. social media posts and video scripts). 

The pay can vary depending on the specific role and location. 

But if you can prove that you can increase their conversion rates with your words… 

Then these people are more than willing to pay you a good cut when they close a deal. 

6. Travel

The travel and tourism industry took a big hit during the pandemic. 

But it’s recovering steadily.

Travel agencies, hotels, airlines, and tourism boards will need talented copywriters to craft enticing travel descriptions, brochures, website content, and social media campaigns.

The travel and hospitality industry is an exciting field for copywriters to explore.

But here’s the kicker… 

Copywriters may be eligible for free or cheap travel, hotel stays, or other advantages specific to the sector, depending on their niche.

Pretty neat industry if you ask me. 

But it’s not all rainbows and unicorns… 

The demand for copywriters in this industry can be affected by external factors such as:

  • Economic conditions
  • Travel trends
  • Global events

7. Pets

Owning a pet has become more popular in recent years than having an actual kid.

And the thing is, pet owners are notorious for spending lavishly on their fur babies.

As per Mordor Intelligence, the US pet market size is expected to reach USD 103.27 billion by 2029.

Pet suppliers, E-commerce brands, trainers, groomers, etc., need copywriters to sell products and services to this lucrative market.

This is me and my little white Shiba, Toffee.

Brendan Aw and ToffeePin

My wife spends WAY more on him than you can imagine.

Let’s just say if reincarnation was real, you’d want to be Toffee in your next life…

So if you’re a pet lover with persuasive writing skills, I couldn’t think of a better niche to go into than the pet industry. 

What Are the Best Sub Copywriting Niches?

These types of copywriting niches are money mines if you have experience in similar industries. 

But they can also be highly competitive if you’re a novice competing with experienced copywriters. 

That’s why you have to go to a little smaller pond. These are sub-copywriting niches. 

What Is a Sub-Copywriting Niche?

Sub-niches in copywriting are smaller markets within the broader niche. 

Main Niche Sub-Niche
PetsDog food
Main and sub-copywriting niches

There’s usually less competition, and it’s easier to stand out. 

Though niching down alone isn’t always practical.

You might be the sole copywriter in a particular sub-niche, but being a unicorn means nothing if there is no market demand. 

So you’d have to pick a sub-niche that’s small enough so you don’t get crushed by huge corporations… 

And big enough so that there’s a demand for your services. 

“If that’s the case, Brendan, which sub-niches for copywriting would you suggest?”

Here are my top recommendation for the best sub-copywriting niches.

  1. SaaS
  2. Skincare
  3. FinTech
  4. Mental Health
  5. Vacation Rentals

1. SaaS

The software as a service (SaaS) industry is probably the MOST POPULAR sub-niche of the tech industry.

This industry is set to grow at a CAGR of 6.6% to $328.03 billion in 2027.

The goal of SaaS copywriters is to convey to customers the features and benefits of the SaaS product. And to convince them to take action.

They are masters at direct response copywriting.

The main focuses are:

  • Landing pages
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media posts

Depending on the organization and its size, copywriters are frequently compensated well.

AI copywriting software companies like Jasper AI, raised a whopping $125 Million in their series A funding round.

Don’t you think they have the cash?

But SaaS businesses are well-known for more reasons than merely paying their copywriters well. 

This relatively new industry is continuously evolving. 

New ideas, features and products are appearing frequently. 

And this dynamic nature is what makes writing for SaaS companies EXCITING. 

But if you’re thrilled about staying updated with the market trends, this industry might be perfect for you!

2. Skincare 

Interested in skincare? This is the field where you may write about what you LOVE. 

The skincare industry is a sub-niche of the ever-growing beauty industry.

It’s on the trajectory to grow to $235.8 billion in 2028.

This sub-niche stands out from other sectors in the beauty industry because it tends to appeal to a larger audience.

Skincare is a universal concern. A wider range of demographics, including men and women of all ages, are drawn to it. 

Skincare copywriters write about a wide range of:

  • Skincare products
  • Beauty routines
  • Skincare ingredients

And if this interests you, skincare brands are searching for you. 

3. FinTech

Fintech is an acronym for financial technology. 

It’s literally what you get when finance and technology have a baby. And apparently, it’s a sub-niche for both of those industries. 

FinTech is the application of technology to deliver cutting-edge financial products or services. 

Due to the funding that FinTech startups have, it’s an excellent space to focus on. 

Plus, they understand the worth of how a skilled copywriter can boost their resources. 

FinTech has many sub-niches despite being a sub-niche itself.

Here are a few examples: 

  • Digital Banking
  • Payments and Transfers
  • Insurtech (insurance technology)
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

4. Mental Health

The importance of mental health awareness has gained traction in recent years. 

Especially during and after the pandemic.

According to Statista, this market is projected to reach US$37.67bn by 2028.

People are becoming increasingly more confident about receiving treatment.

(Even me. I’ve spent a decent amount on therapy to tackle my anger management and anxiety… And I’m not ashamed)

Many online coaches, therapists and counseling services are trying to reach and help more people online. 

The problem is most don’t understand why copywriting matters.

They need you to create:

  • Service pages
  • Educational material
  • Brochures 
  • Newsletter content

These professionals need copy to create a sense of trust and security for their clients.

Not to mention it’s also a YMYL (Your Money Your Life) topic. You’ll need an SEO copywriting checklist to optimize it for Google.

Note: YMYL topics contain material that can affect someone’s happiness, health, financial stability and safety. These include topics like Finance and Medicine.

And most importantly, to encourage their audiences to seek professional help. 

You can leverage your persuasion skills as a copywriter to help them with their mission. 

5. Vacation Rentals

Pretty sure you’ve heard about Airbnb, VRBO and Booking.com.

These short-term vacation rentals are getting more popular because they offer unique personal experiences, unlike hotels.

But this growth creates tons of competition in this industry. 

So rental owners need compelling and persuasive copy to attract potential guests.

These business owners are dying for someone that can evoke a sense of wanderlust and convince potential guests to choose their place. 

The vacation rental industry offers a range of opportunities for copywriters to showcase their skills. You may be writing:

  • Rental listings
  • Blog posts
  • Travel insights
  • Property descriptions
  • Social media posts
  • And much more

And if you can increase the booking rates of these owners…

Be damn sure you’re gonna make money in this industry too. 

How to Choose a Copywriting Niche

Copywriting skills are industry-agnostic.

But understanding:

  • Customers’ deepest desires
  • Most painful problems
  • Technical jargon

Those only come from being in the industry for a while. 

The more insider knowledge you have, the easier your copywriting process regarding market research.

Either way…

Here’s a 5-step process for choosing your niche. 

1. Take A Look At Your Past Experiences

Start by looking at the things you did in the past. 

Consider your previous:

  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Specialized training
  • Hobbies
  • Extra-curricular activities you joined during high-school

List out every activity you had first-hand experience with. Doesn’t matter if it’s related to marketing or copywriting. 

Then, scan the list and highlight anything that grips you (or at least you found interesting). 

Analyzing your prior experiences can give you insights into the topics you feel confident writing about. 

These clues are valuable in selecting a niche where you have a competitive advantage.

At this point, you should be able to find an appealing niche.

And that’s a great headstart. 

But what if your skills and educational background are no longer exciting to you?

Maybe that’s the reason why you want to get into copywriting. 

If so, proceed with the next step. 

2. Identify Your Interests

Starting with zero experience and knowledge in a specific niche will double your workload.

But it’s totally worth it if it’s a niche you’re passionate about. 

Start listing out industries or topics that you are genuinely interested in.

Marketing? Web3? Artificial Intelligence?

The key is only to include topics that you GENUINELY like. 

Because if you hate researching, you’re never gonna make it.

Copywriting is more about thinking than writing.

(trust me…)

But here’s something you SHOULD consider.

“Passion vs Profits”

I get that high-profile niches are super popular.

Imagine getting paid 5-figures for a landing page copy while at the beach. Living the life, eh?

But the thing is, EVERYBODY wants to do that. 

That means it isn’t gonna pay much, if at all. Plus, it’s incredibly difficult to stand out in those niches. 

The boring stuff is where the money at. 

Finding a niche that interests you and can pay the bills is the goal.

“But how do I know if an industry has the funds?” 

The next step will answer that question. 

3. Conduct Market Research

Now that you have a handful of niche choices, it’s time to analyze the need for copywriters. 

Google is your best friend to gain insights that’ll help you narrow your choices. 

Look out for these in each niche: 

  • Industry trends. Look up stats on emerging industries or companies.
  • Samples of the best copies. Study some landing pages, ads, and affiliate articles to understand how to write for that audience.
  • Market growth potential. Observe how much money flows into the space. A thriving market often signifies a higher demand for copywriters.
  • Career pages. Are the companies hiring? If they are, it’s a pretty good indicator that there’s money to be made.
  • Competition. Gauge the level of competition in the niche. For beginners, an ideal niche would have a high demand for copywriters but medium to low competition.

The goal is to find a niche that aligns with your interests and gets you paid.

4. Write Samples In These Niches

This step is what many aspiring copywriters fail to do. They did their research and have all the data in the world. 

But they feel overwhelmed and don’t do anything…

Don’t fall into the same trap.

Thinking is your enemy. You should be executing.

Try writing some sample copy.

And ask yourself:

  • Do I still enjoy learning topics in that niche?
  • Do I like the tone, style and language used?
  • Do I get good feedback from those to who I sent spec-work?

Writing samples will give you a better feel for the work involved in that industry. 

And having a feedback loop after multiple iterations will give you an idea if it’s for you.

Here are some of my best copywriting tips to help you out.

5. Test And Refine Your Niche

After writing samples for those niches, you should have seen which industries are more attractive. 

But don’t think you’re stuck in this niche for life because you’ll refine it as you go.

You may realize you want to focus on a different industry.

That’s fine. 

Or you might prefer to dig deeper into sub-niches.

Allow yourself to make these decisions based on what your gut is telling you. 

At the same time, don’t fall into the trap of the shiny object syndrome. 

In my opinion, if you’re having success in a specific niche… 

There’s no point in changing it.

Stay in your lane and keep compounding your skills.

I’d only consider switching nitches after I’ve put in enough time and a LOT of effort.

Even I still struggle to land copywriting projects. 

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. 

Copywriting Niches (FAQs)

Why Is It Important To Choose a Niche as a Copywriter?

Choosing a niche as a copywriter is important for a bunch of reasons: 
• It will make you stand out from the competition
• You can present yourself as an expert. Hence, you can charge expert-level rates
• You get to understand what people in your niche really want

Can I Work in Multiple Copywriting Niches Simultaneously?

Yes, it’s possible to see success in specializing in different industries simultaneously.

As long as you have a diverse portfolio to back up your expertise.

I wouldn’t, however, suggest “specializing” in numerous niches at once because it can get overwhelming.

There isn’t a threshold at which you can stop specializing in new niches.
However, that’s probably too much if you want to specialize in three or more fields. And it removes the benefits of niching down.

The purpose of niching down is to establish your authority. That means you have to learn as much as possible in that industry.

So it’ll take lots of time to develop expertise in all those niches if you take on too many.

Remember, if you appeal to everyone. You’ll appeal to no one. 

Is It Possible To Switch Niches as a Copywriter?

Definitely. You can always change niches as the skills you acquire as a copywriter are transferable. You just need to get more domain experience in the new niche.

How Can I Showcase My Expertise Within My Chosen Niche?

The best way to showcase your expertise within your niche is to have a copywriting portfolio.

Clients are more interested in what you’ve done than what you can do. 
You can still produce spec pieces if you don’t yet have copywriting clients.

You should:
• Choose a niche
• Follow the best copywriting frameworks when writing your samples
• Compile it in a portfolio

This will also serve as a practice for your copywriting skills

Why Is Technical Writing Considered a Profitable Copywriting Niche?

Technical writing is considered a profitable copywriting niche because it requires specialized knowledge and expertise for a particular niche.

Copywriters are a dime a dozen. But ones with technical know-how are highly sought after.

They must break down complex topics into easily digestible content for the target audience while maintaining comprehensiveness.

That’s rare.

Can Someone Without Any Experience in the Health and Fitness Niche Become a Health and Fitness Copywriter? 

Yes, you can. It’s not a strict requirement to be a health and fitness expert to become a copywriter in this industry.

But it will give you an advantage if you do.

Otherwise, you need to have a genuine interest in the niche and the readiness to learn, explore, and write about various health and fitness topics.

Take me, for example. I’ve been into fitness and dieting for the past 15 years, but I’ve never worked in the industry.

I can easily apply my copywriting expertise and knowledge to any related company.

What Should Freelancers Know About Ghostwriting as a Copywriting Niche?

Freelancers should know they won’t receive public credit for their work as Ghostwriters. However, it’s a profitable and high-demand niche in the copywriting industry.

How Is the Finance Industry a Profitable Niche for Copywriters?

The finance industry has always been a profitable niche for copywriters.

There is a high demand for writers who can articulate complex financial concepts in a more accessible way for the average reader.

Whether it’s about personal finance, investments, banking, real estate or fintech, these companies need Copywriters to convince potential customers to buy their products and services.

And let’s just say you don’t have to worry about them not having money.

Do Freelance Copywriters Need To Be Able To Write About Different Niches?

Not necessarily. Freelance copywriters with the ability to write for different niches can definitely provide more job opportunities. But being really proficient at just one can be equally as profitable.

To Sum Up

You now know what a copywriting niche is, what the best ones are and how to choose one. 

To quickly recap, here are the best niches to go into in terms of potential industry growth. 

  • SaaS
  • Skincare
  • FinTech
  • Mental Health and Mindset
  • Vacation Rentals

And choosing a niche doesn’t mean you can’t work outside of it.

You can still accept tasks from other fields if they complement your abilities and interests.

Just don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Alright that’s it!

Hope you liked it and please share this article with others 🙂

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