Why Copywriting Matters

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Every business in the world has 2 core pillars: a problematic user and a solution to their problem. 

But there’s one thing connecting these two that most people overlook.

Everyone can make a great product, but very few can communicate the benefit they bring to their audience.

And this is done with copywriting.

In this article, I’ll explain why copywriting matters and why it’s single-handedly the most powerful skill in business.

Let’s get to it.

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting, in its most basic form, is just writing to persuade a reader to take action. It can be clicking a link, spending money on your product or engaging with the brand. Every piece of written content that is geared toward asking people to do stuff is a copy.

Reasons Why Copywriting Is Important for Business

If you haven’t realized it already, you are surrounded by copy. Everything around you is written by a copywriter. And if you’re compelled to take action, the copy is probably made by a good copywriter. 

So here are the reasons why copywriting MATTERS. 

1) A Good Copy Will Help You Convert

A good copy will ALWAYS stem from intensive research. 

A lot of businesses make good products, but very few know how to relate their value to their clients. This is often because of a lack of research. 

A well-researched copy will help you relate more to your prospects and, in turn, significantly impact their lives.

Placing your product in a way that your customers realize how beneficial your product is to them will do wonders for your conversion rate. 

2) Nurture Your Relationship With Your Followers

As I have mentioned, a good copy stems from understanding your readers. And when people feel understood, guess what?

They are more likely to do things with you.

People like other people who they resonate with.

So placing yourself in your follower’s shoes by analyzing their pain and desires and providing value to their lives is a surefire way to establish a strong relationship with your clients.

3) Grow Your Followers

A good copy will attract NEW clients.

A well-written copy is compelling enough to attract even the most unaware people related to your product or service. A striking copy will help you gain those eyeballs to grow your content creation business.

4) Establishes Your Authority in Your Niche

Establishing trust and credibility with your audience is critical in building a loyal following.

How do I write a copy that’ll gain my audience’s trust?

It’s simple. Provide a ton of value for free. And you have to back up your claim with proof.

Avoid being too vague and unbelievable. Trust me, no try-hards make it to the top.

If you’re trying to get clients, a portfolio of your best copy is the best way to demonstrate this.

5) Ranking Higher on Search Engines

If you have a website for your copywriting side hustle, I’m pretty sure you want to rank on the first page of Google, right?

Every page or article is a chance for you to please the algorithm and get to the top of SERPs.

And how does Google or your audience evaluate each page?

You guessed it, the copy.

With the right words, you can:

  • Increase click-through rates
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Increase time on page
  • Increase readability

These provide a good user experience and send positive signals to Google, resulting in a higher rank.

Check out my SEO copywriting checklist if you want more deets.

What Makes a Good Copy?

Focus on Providing Value to Readers

A good copy is a copy that is not listing out the features. It is a copy that wins your reader’s hearts by giving them the value they need. 

The truth is nobody cares about your business until you’ve provided enough value to your target audience. So stop thinking about how good or unique you are. 

Write copies that highlight the things you can bring to the table. 

Have a Clear Idea

You HAVE to make every word count. Cut out to the chase and be straightforward with your messaging. 

A good copy never beats around the bush because it is goal-driven. Unlike content writing, the goal is not to entertain your followers. Its main purpose is to convince your audience to take action. 

But be careful. Being direct is far different from being rude. 

Show, Don’t Tell

“To see is to believe.” 

This a good old quote many people live by. 

Visualizing your value is more effective than simply telling your audience what you’re doing.

Showing creates an emotional connection with your audience, which is crucial to magnify the impact of your message.

You make your content more desirable for your audience if you talk about benefits rather than making bland statements.

Engage Your Readers

What’s the purpose of writing a good copy if nobody wants to read it?

An easy way to push your audience away is to be BORING as heck. 

So how can you make your copy interesting?

It’s simple: 

  • Write copy similar to how you would speak in person
  • Remove the fluff words in your copy
  • Ask readers for their feedback
  • Keep it friendly

Although copywriting is not geared toward entertaining people, this is not your excuse to be dull and monotonous.

If you are having trouble, here are some copywriting frameworks that are proven to work.

Alternatively, perform these practice exercises to get better at it.

Back Your Claims With Proof

“Hey guys, ready to make six figures a day with content creation with 3 minutes of work twice a week during your first month?”

Sounds like complete BS, right?

It’s because the claim is too UNBELIEVABLE. Avoid spitting out these wild claims, especially if you can not back them up with solid proof. 

Sure, throwing out absurd things will turn people’s attention to your blog, but this amount of attention requires you to work harder to prove yourself to the reader. 

Clear CTA

A call to action is one that’s often overlooked by copywriters. And this crucial mistake may cost you losing potential conversions. 

Make sure always to include a CTA that is easily understandable by your target audience. 

Here are some examples of clear, specific, and direct CTAs you can use as references: 

  • “Click the button below to download your free e-book now.”
  • “Register today to get access to exclusive content and offers.”
  • “Subscribe to our newsletter and get the latest updates and tips delivered to your inbox every week.”

Why Copywriting Matters (FAQs)

How Does Copywriting Help in Boosting a Brand?

Copywriting helps in boosting a brand by creating messaging that resonates with the target audience. By using copywriting, businesses can showcase their strengths and speak to their target audience’s language, leading to a deeper connection with their audience. Copywriting can also help set a business apart from its competitors by showcasing what they offer that others don’t.

What Is the Importance of Copywriting in Digital Marketing?

Using copywriting for digital marketing can help a business in a number of ways, including improving its SEO rankings by using relevant keywords and creating content that is valuable to users. It can also help grab the attention of potential customers with a compelling headline, leading to increased engagement and, ultimately, more sales.

Can Anyone Do Copywriting, or Does It Require a Trained Writer?

While anyone can technically do copywriting, it does require a certain skill set and understanding of how to create effective messaging that persuades someone to buy. Hiring a trained copywriter can ensure that a business puts out quality, consistent messaging that connects with its audience.

How Does Copywriting Fit Into Storytelling for Brands?

Copywriting is an essential part of storytelling for brands because it helps to convey the brand’s messaging clearly and engagingly. By using storytelling techniques in their copywriting, brands can create a deeper connection with their audience and present their products or services in a more relatable and memorable way.

What Should Be Considered When Writing Copy for a Website?

When writing copy for a website, it is important to consider a few key factors, including the target audience, the brand’s messaging and voice, and the website’s layout and design. The copy should be engaging and persuasive while also being easy to scan and read quickly.

How Can Copywriting Help a Startup Succeed?

Copywriting can help a startup succeed by effectively communicating its unique value proposition and setting them apart from competitors. It can also help establish trust with their audience and create a strong brand presence that can lead to increased conversions and revenue.

Do Social Media Posts Need Copywriting?

While an image or video can capture attention, it is essential to have effective copywriting that provides context and encourages engagement with the post. Social media copywriting should be short and concise and speak to the target audience’s needs and interests.

To Sum Up

Time and time again, we see that good copywriting conveys the value of your brand effectively. 

No matter what marketing channel you use, the foundation for any content IS COPYWRITING.

  • An affiliate blog post? COPYWRITING.
  • A YouTube video? A good script is written with COPYWRITING.
  • A social media caption? COPYWRITING again.
  • A landing page? 100% COPYWRITING.

And the list goes on.

So if you want to make money online, be a wizard with words.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and remember to share it!

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