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Many would assume the first step to growing a creator business is growing a social media following.

But I beg to differ.

Here are 5 reasons to consider starting a blog or website ASAP.

1. It’s Professional

Most companies have websites, and you expect them to.

It’s a prerequisite to have one if you want anyone to take you seriously.

I’ve gotten many collaboration requests because I gave a good impression and showed that I’m not some wannabe influencer on social media.

But I’m a legit personal brand.

2. You Get Over the Fear of Coding

Believe me, I put off starting my own even though I knew there were many no-code tools available on the market.

It’s a self-limiting belief that held me back because I feared that I had to dabble with code.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Instead, building and managing my site has not only gotten rid of the fear.

It has put me down the path of developing a strong working knowledge of HTML, Javascript and CSS.

Most of the custom code on my site was written by me with the help of ChatGPT.

This has saved me the potential expense of hiring a developer.

3. You Get To Leverage Search Engines

I started my site at the end of December last year with nothing.

Fast forward 5 months, I’m getting ~13,000 new visitors a month, over a million impressions, and ~18k clicks through Google.

May is my very first 4-figure month through affiliate marketing and sponsorships.

This was because I could write articles and leverage search engine optimization (SEO) to attract intentional search queries with proven volume backed by data.

Not by spending years on a content hamster wheel trying to go viral on a social media platform.

4. You Own Your Content

Aside from a newsletter and a website.

Everything else is rented property on the internet.

If you built your foundation on a social media platform, you’ll forever be at the mercy of a centralized corporation.


Because you don’t have rights to the stuff you publish on those channels.

But nobody can take away your CSV or website files.

5. You Can Create Funnels

I’m sure, at some point, you would want to sell products or services, right?

You’re rarely going to be able to convert customers directly on your social media platforms.

They need to be nurtured through marketing and sales funnels.

And this can be done via proper landing pages, which those channels don’t offer.

To Sum Up

You need a website because:

  • It’s professional
  • You get over the fear of coding
  • Able to leverage search engines
  • Full ownership of your content
  • Creating funnels via landing pages

So this is why I recommend starting creating one.

Alright, that’s a wrap.

See you in the next issue!



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