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Let’s talk about writing.

You see, writing is probably the easiest form of content creation for those getting started or creators who have a full-time job.

It doesn’t take a lot of time or resources to make a post on LinkedIn or Twitter, right?

But it’s also the most transformative medium.

Connecting those dots, one word at a time, weaving ideas into a tapestry of thoughts that reflect our own selves, our skills, and our passions.

I don’t want to sound like thousand-year old wise sage but I’m trying to look through a different lens.

I never saw the value in writing because… well I wrote enough essays in college that I hated it.

But that was not writing. That was regurgitating.

We are now trying to write to develop ourselves while helping others along the way and building your personal brand online.

But wtf do we write about?

Most of us getting started probably have a bunch of topics all jumbled up our heads while trying to figure out what can make us money but also interested so that we stay consistent.

Now, imagine if we could strike that golden balance.

A trifecta of interests that:

  • Makes you excited
  • Puts money in your pocket
  • Lets you develop yourself

When you hit this sweet spot, trust me, writing doesn’t just become effortless, it becomes a daily affair.

Here’s the breakdown.

Your Money Interest

This could be anything, really, but it should be a monetizable skill that you have acquired through job experience or online learning.

The world is full of problems, and people are craving solutions.

All you need to do is write about your solution for a problem in evergreen markets:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships

For me, that would be marketing.

Any niche that you can think of falls under either one of these 3 categories. Some would argue happiness as the 4th, but I’d say it’s the result of those 3.

Your Heart’s Desire

What is that topic that you really love?

The one where you couldn’t give a rat’s ass if you could make money on but enjoy diving into. That one.

It could be reflected in your browser history, YouTube watch history, or that book you’ve meant to buy.

Ask yourself, “What could I spend hours learning about?

Choose something. Make a decision.

Begin your writing journey.

You can always pivot later.

Don’t let indecision stall your journey of discovery.

Your Evolving Interest

We all grow and change. So does our writing.

If you want to add real value to your writing, the kind that influences and aids others’ growth, then you need to keep developing too.

If you’re stuck talking about the same thing on the same level years down the road.

What did you really learn?

Dive into psychology, spirituality, metaphysics, self-improvement, philosophy, or any other subject that helps you understand yourself.

I know, at this point, that sounds preachy AF.

But why?

Because the more you understand yourself, the more you can understand others.

And that is the formula for transforming your writing and creating a ripple effect of value and opportunities.

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