Will AI Replace Content Writers? You Might Be At Risk

Updated on September 26, 2023

Will AI replace content writers?

I hate saying this but yes and no.

It will replace certain writers. 

Those that adapt will be indispensable, and those that don’t will be obsolete.

In this article, I’ll go over the following:

  • The implications of AI on content writing
  • Benefits and limitations of both AI and human writers
  • The future of AI content and how to prepare for it
  • Other frequently asked questions

What Is the Current State of AI Content Writing?

The rise of artificial intelligence has brought about significant changes to this entire industry.

AI models like ChatGPT can now generate human-like text that can rival the work of even professional human writers.

Look at this.

ChatGPT Output About Will AI Replace Content WritersPin

If I didn’t tell you an AI wrote that, you would have been fooled, right?

Don’t lie to me because even I couldn’t tell if someone sent me that.

All I did was use ChatGPT and took one step further to make it undetectable even by AI detection software.

Honestly, I’d be worried too if I were a freelance writer.

What Are The Benefits of AI Writing Tools?

So why do people love using these tools so much? 

Here are some key benefits that they offer:

  • Faster Turnaround Times: One of the most significant advantages is speed. They can generate content comparable to human-created text in a fraction of the time.
  • Cost-effectiveness: It can help reduce costs associated with hiring professional writers or outsourcing tasks to freelancers. This makes it an appealing option for small businesses or those looking to scale their content marketing efforts without breaking the bank.
  • Data-driven Insights: Machine learning algorithms within these tools analyze vast amounts of data from various sources, such as search engines and social media platforms, to provide insights into what type of content resonates best with audiences.
  • Error Reduction: Deep learning models can minimize grammatical errors while maintaining coherent sentence structures throughout generated texts – something experienced writers may occasionally struggle with.
  • Ease-of-use & Customization Options: A user-friendly interface allows users to easily navigate various features available in many popular AI content generators. Customization options allow users to customize the output of AI-generated content according to their own needs and preferences.

I don’t care who you are, but you can’t do the above on their level.

The advantages are clear.

You can produce content that is better and faster.

What Are the Limitations of AI Content Writing

Yes, AI can execute specific tasks or help anticipate what people search for.

But they aren’t flawless.

Here’s why.

They Are Not Sentient Beings  

Generative AI can only borrow a leaf from our book and can’t invent fresh, novel expressions or make new observations. 

Simply put, AI still needs humans.

Humans win on intuition, innovation, literary devices, and emotional aspects of writing. 

While they easily replicate intelligence, conscious beings’ subjective experiences, creativity, and emotions cannot be simulated.

They can only throw up information or answer questions within the boundaries of the available data and programming.

While it may provide semi-coherent responses to your queries, it cannot think independently or have personal experiences.

If you want to find out more, you can read my article on how to detect AI writing.

AI Cannot Contextualize On Their Own

They can promptly generate a short copy but may veer off completely with longer-form content without human guidance.


Because they lack originality and fall into repetitive patterns if not given context or constant guidance.

Oh, but what about AutoGPT or BabyAGI?

It turns out they kinda suck.

Not Reliable Fact-Checkers 

Given that they heavily rely on language prediction models, they cannot think for themselves.

It might write a very convincing answer with correct spelling and grammar molded as a “fact.”

But it’s complete rubbish.

If you asked ChatGPT anything in 2022 and beyond, you’re probably not going to get anything factual.

Because it was only trained on data up to 2021.

As with other sources of information online (e.g., Wikipedia), it is critical to probe the authenticity of the responses carefully.

Unwitty freelancers relying solely on ChatGPT risk losing their jobs if they don’t countercheck information.  

What Are The Benefits of Human-Written Content?

Despite the growing capabilities of AI-driven writing tools, human-written content still holds a unique value that cannot be entirely replicated by artificial intelligence. 

Emotional Intelligence and Creativity

One major advantage humans have over AI is their ability to understand emotions and convey them effectively in writing.

Yea, robots are heartless.

Human writers possess creativity that allows them to craft original stories or ideas, which can be challenging for an algorithm-based computer program.

And besides, where do you think the training data for these AI tools come from?

Yea, humans.

Cultural Sensitivity and Nuance

Human writers also excel at understanding cultural nuances and sensitivities better than any machine learning or deep learning system currently available on the market today.

This means they can produce more accurate translations or adapt their writing style based on regional preferences.

This is something difficult for even advanced tools to achieve consistently.

Adaptability and Personalization

The dynamic nature of human thought processes enables professional writers to quickly adapt their approach according to specific client requirements or target audience needs.

This skill is not yet mastered by artificial intelligence programs generating text automatically without input from real people involved in creating it.

Less Search Engine Risk

If you are worried that search engines like Google might be able to detect AI content and even penalize you for it, then writing it yourself should eliminate that worry.

After all, Google ALWAYS prioritizes users.

What Are Challenges Faced by Content Writers with AI?

Some of the challenges might include the following:

  • Increasing popularity of AI-generated content
  • Potential job loss
  • Adaption to new technologies

The Popularity of AI-Generated Content

NLP-driven text production has made AI-generated content highly sought after for blogs, social media posts and other professional writing needs.

I feel the stress of human writers trying to keep up with the speed and quality of machine learning algorithms.

The fact is that they can’t.

Try telling me what the square root of 2342351 is without a calculator.

How fast do you think you’ll take?

Probably not fast enough.

My calculator will do it in a fraction of a second. And this is not even AI. 

It’s just simple mathematical computation.

So why would I pay you?

Potential Job Loss

This is probably the biggest concern of any writer.

But is it surprising that employers will choose a robot over humans…

If it can perform the same job:

  • Better
  • Faster
  • Cheaper

Probably not.

But lucky for you…

There are many AI jobs on the rise.

Time to adapt and upskill.

Adapting to New Technologies

I’ve worked with a bunch of freelancer writers, and quite a handful of them actually chose not to use AI because they found it difficult to use.

I find it hard to wrap my head around that because this technology is supposed to make life easier.

But I can also respect that some writers prefer doing the work themselves.

Maybe there’s still some stigma attached to using them?

What Is the Future of AI in Content Writing?

The future of AI in content writing involves a collaboration between humans and machines.

Writers can leverage AI tools to improve efficiency, generate ideas, and optimize their work while providing the unique perspective and personal touch that only humans can offer.

Check out Content at Scale’s article about their AIO process

This should give you a good insight into what to expect.

How To Prepare for a Future with AI Writing?

Human writers must adjust their approach as AI advances and becomes more commonplace in the content writing industry.

There’s something new emerging daily, disrupting every industry’s workflows.

The content vertical is probably one of the most impacted ones.

Here are some strategies that can help you stay competitive:

Embrace AI Tools and Technologies

Rather than resisting change, consider embracing AI writing tools and technologies that can enhance your work process.

I’ve met some old schoolers who get mad at even the thought of these tools and avoid them like the plague.


Utilizing these tools allows you to create top-notch material quicker, assuming you are the one steering.

Focus on Developing Unique Skills

Differentiate yourself from machine-generated content by focusing on developing unique skills that cannot be easily replicated by AI systems like:

  • Creativity: Come up with original ideas or concepts that will set your work apart from others.
  • Empathy: Understand your audience’s emotions and needs so you can create relatable content.
  • Critical Thinking: Analyze complex information accurately before presenting it in a clear manner.
  • Storytelling Abilities: Tell engaging personal stories.

Keep yourself informed about the latest advancements in AI, machine learning, and deep learning technologies.

Even if you are opposed to it, at least know about it.

That way, you’ll be better equipped to adapt your skills and strategies accordingly if needed.

Be informed so that you’re not ignorant.

Network with Other Content Creators

Connect with other content creators to share ideas, experiences, and insights about the impact of AI on content writing jobs.

I get my news from interacting with a few authoritative AI creators, and you should too.

That’s how you keep your finger on the pulse and adapt quickly.

By the time it’s on the news…

Well, it’s old news, and you’re probably late to the party.

Diversify Your Skillset

Consider providing extra value through SEO copywriting, graphic design and content optimization.

This will make you more versatile and increase your value in a competitive job market where AI-generated content is becoming increasingly common.

The trick is to find a way to be different by offering MORE VALUE.

Can Content Writers be Replaced by AI?

Although AI is becoming smarter, it probably won’t replace adaptable human writers anytime soon.

Good writing involves creativity and human intelligence, which AI still struggles to replicate.

But those that rely only on these tools will definitely be out of a job.

Human-machine collaboration will likely play a significant role in content writing.

AI will automate repetitive tasks while writers focus on crafting compelling stories, engaging their audience and optimizing content.

Will AI Replace Content Writers (FAQs)

What Is the Future of AI in Content Writing?

It is expected that AI will affect the job market for writers and content marketers, but it won’t necessarily lead to millions of jobs becoming redundant. AI can automate certain tasks, making writers more efficient and allowing them to focus on high-level strategy or creative aspects of writing that AI cannot yet perform proficiently.

Embrace the change, and you’ll be ready to learn and work alongside AI for a successful career in content writing.

Will Using AI-Driven Tools Make Content Writing Less Unique or Creative?

AI-driven tools can actually help writers be more creative by streamlining tasks like research and fact-checking, providing inspiration for unique content ideas, and suggesting engaging words and phrases.

Instead of relying solely on AI, human writers and AI can work together in a human-machine collaboration to create content that is both efficient and high-quality.

Can AI Tools Edit and Proofread Content As Effectively as Human Editors?

AI tools, powered by neural networks and natural language processing (NLP), have become quite effective at detecting grammar and spelling errors. They can also recognize issues related to context, style, or tone. However, human editors still have the upper hand in understanding nuance, sarcasm, and other complex linguistic patterns. Combining AI tools with human editing creates a more robust editing process.

Can AI Writing Tools Help With Content Optimization for Search Engines?

AI writing tools can help optimize content for search engines by suggesting keywords or phrases, analyzing competitor content, and generating articles that beat them. Tools like Content at Scale can do all of these in one click.

How Can I Start To Learn About and Incorporate AI Into My Content Writing Process?

To start incorporating AI into your content writing process, you can begin by exploring AI-powered writing tools like those for editing, keyword research, or content planning. As you become familiar with these tools, slowly integrate them into your workflow, allowing you to enhance your writing with AI while still retaining your unique personal touch and creativity.

How Can I Incorporate AI Into My Content Writing Process?

To start incorporating AI into your content writing process, you can begin by exploring AI-powered writing tools like those for editing, keyword research, or content planning. As you become familiar with these tools, slowly integrate them into your workflow, allowing you to enhance your writing with AI while still retaining your unique personal touch and creativity.

To Sum Up

While the technology has made significant strides in content writing and can help generate ideas and optimize SEO, it still faces challenges in creating truly original human-like content. 

In short, AI will replace writers who completely rely on them.

Those that continue to adapt and provide constant value will succeed.

I hope that answers your question!

If you liked the article, share it and share your thoughts in the comments.

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