NeuronWriter Review 2024: Best AI Writer For Content SEO?

Updated on January 24, 2024

You probably wasted precious time and effort writing articles if you didn’t use a powerful on-page SEO optimizer.

Imagine a tool that not only writes for you but scans the top articles on Google SERPs and provides invaluable suggestions, such as:

  • Semantic keywords
  • Optimal word count
  • The ideal number of headings

NeuronWriter is a powerful AI-based software tool that can help you improve your content and rank higher on Google SERP.

In this NeuronWriter review, I’ll cover the following:

  • How it works
  • Its game-changing features
  • How to optimize your content
  • The pros and cons
  • Comparison to other popular SEO tools

By the end of this in-depth review, you’ll clearly understand whether NeuronWriter is the right choice for your content creation needs.

What Is NeuronWriter?

NeuronWriter is an AI-powered SEO optimization and content writing tool that leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to drive engaging, high-performing website copy.

It was founded in 2019 by Contadu, led by co-founder and CEO Pawel Sokolowski.

Presently, they have a user base of 25,000 customers who have executed over 300,000 content analyses on their platform. 

Big names like Decathlon, Castorama, and Itaka have adopted NeuronWriter into their content marketing workflow.

neuronwriter logo fullPin

NeuronWriter: Best AI Writer For Content SEO


  • Powerful semantic SEO suggestions
  • Deep SERP and competitor analysis
  • One-click SEO optimized article
  • Uses GPT-4, ChatGPT (gpt-3.5-turbo) and InstructGPT (text-davinci-003)
  • Supports 170+ languages
  • Generous credit system

Limited offer: Get the lifetime deal on Appsumo for 88% OFF at only $89.

I earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

How Does NeuronWriter Work?

NeuronWriter leverages artificial intelligence to provide semantic SEO recommendations to streamline the article research process. 

Using natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, it analyzes top-ranking competitors on Google, suggests relevant terms, and generates content based on user prompts. 

It supports GPT-4, ChatGPT (gpt-3.5-turbo), and InstructGPT (text-davinci-003) language models to provide tailored templates and context-aware text generation. 

By offering a variety of SEO content optimization features, NeuronWriter assists writers and content creators in including all the necessary on-page elements to rank higher.

My First Impressions of NeuronWriter

I was genuinely impressed when I first tried NeuronWriter, especially since it was a more budget-friendly option than Surfer, which was a bit too pricey for me.

The interface is relatively intuitive, but Surfer’s workflow was hard to beat.

What caught my attention were the AI writing capabilities powered by OpenAI’s language models. They helped me craft well-structured sentences with correct grammar and spelling.

Plus, it even offered pre-made templates, making it an excellent combination of content generation and optimization in one tool.

The on-page SEO optimization was obviously the main highlight and did not disappoint.

Of course, it wasn’t perfect, and still had some catching up to do compared to Surfer.

But it was overall a solid AI tool for the price point.

Note: I used NeuronWriter to write and optimize this article.

NeuronWriter Features: How To Use NeuronWriter To Rank

Let’s jump over to NeuronWriter. This is the NeuronWriter Dashboard:

NeuronWriter DashboardPin

I must say that Neuronwriter is a cutting-edge tool with a simple and easy-to-understand UI.

Creating a New Project

Using NeuronWriter is as simple as it looks. Let’s start by clicking the “Create New Project.”

NeuronWriter Create New ProjectPin

This will open a new window containing options such as the domain name, the target country you want to specify, the language, and even the keywords you wish to rank for (available under “optional settings”).

NeuronWriter New Project DetailsPin

Starting a New Query

After creating a project, you can optimize your content for a focus keyword by clicking “New Query.”

NeuronWriter New QueryPin

Start by filling out the field with the keyword you want to rank. You can even create multiple analyses by flipping the slider on the right.

But for this example, I’ll just use “how to buy NFTs.”

NeuronWriter New Query DetailPin

You can also choose your target country and language.

The default is English, but there are over 170 supported languages.

If you click on advanced settings, you can include additional keywords, assign this task and set a deadline.

Click “Start” once you are done to begin the analysis.

NeuronWriter New Query Advanced SettingsPin

Scanning Google SERP for your target keyword will take a few seconds and give you an overview of each.

Competitor Selection

Once finished, click the title or the pencil icon and begin the competitor selection process.

NeuronWriter Click To EditPin

This opens a new screen that allows you to choose from the top 30 results for the guideline generations.

NeuronWriter Choose CompetitorsPin

These features include the following:

  • Rank
  • Content Score
  • Word count
  • Page title
  • URL

Filter the irrelevant results and select those that satisfy the search intent of the keyword.

That means I can filter out unnecessary sites, like forums, unsuitable for blog post references.

It’s also recommended to choose at least 5, but I’ll go with the default of 10.

After making your selections, proceed by clicking “Next.”

Competitor Analysis

You should immediately land on the content editor. But before we explore this feature, I’d like to direct you to the TOP analysis, the pie chart icon on the top left.

NeuronWriter Top AnalysisPin

This will give you access to data about the competition through multiple tabs.


Neuron Writer Competitor ParametersPin

A Content Competition will be on the top left, while an indication of your website’s index status will be on the right.

Scrolling down, you should see a bunch of on-page and off-page parameters of your competitors.

These include the following:

  • On-page metrics: content score, page title, language, content length, word count, and readability.
  • Off-page metrics (supplied by Moz): page authority, domain authority, page rank, and external links.

Competitor Structure

Here you’ll get to analyze what headers they use to craft a similar one that Google wants.

NeuronWriter Competitor StructurePin

Competitor Breakdown

If you like pretty graphs, here is where you’ll find several variables to plot on an X/Y axis to better visualize the competition.

NeuronWriter Competitor BreakdownPin

SERP Layout and Features

Just like Semrush and Ahrefs, you can get a SERP analysis and features of the top 30. 

NeuronWriter Competitor SERPPin

It’s a table with checks indicating elements like image, video, iframe, table, and form.

This should give you an idea of what is needed to get ranked.

Keyword Ideas

Over here, you get a list of keywords related to your query that you can use to create various topic clusters.

There’s even a similar score that can help you decide whether to include them in the same article or a different one.

NeuronWriter Related KeywordsPin

You can also export and run the list through a keyword clustering tool.

This is one of my favorite features because only industry-standard keyword research tools like Semrush or Ahrefs offer this feature.

On the Content Terms tab, you get a breakdown of all the different terms, their importance, where to include them, and their frequency.

NeuronWriter Content TermsPin

You’ll see this inside the main content editor but head here for a detailed analysis.

Drafting Article Content

Back to the content editor. This page is where you’ll get the bulk of your work done.

NeuronWriter Content EditorPin

As you can see, it has loaded the information that you entered during the drafting phase.

On the right-hand side, you can view all of the semantic keyword suggestions, and they highlight in green once you include them in your content.

You also get the top competitor score and other tabs like Content Terms, AI writing, and YouTube Ideas.

As you progress through your blog post, you’ll notice that the content score will also improve. It works like Surfer SEO, except that it does more.

Now click “Create Article Draft,” the magic wand icon next to the content score.

NeuronWriter Create Article DraftPin

In this window, define your article layout by choosing different headers and questions from your competitors.

NeuronWriter Choosing SectionsPin

Once you’re happy with the initial outline, click “Copy to editor” at the top to transfer it to the main editor.

The editor has all the essential formatting options to write your blog post. However, I would have preferred if they also offered H4 to H6.

You can also get frequently asked questions from the “Ideas” tab on the right, which sources information from Google’s People Also Ask and competitors.

NeuronWriter Question IdeasPin

I usually use this feature to incorporate a few relevant ones in a FAQ section at the end of my articles.

You can also get access to Youtube videos for the keyword.

Consider including relevant ones in your article to increase your chances of ranking and win some rich snippets.

NeuronWriter Video IdeasPin

Finally, there are two ways you can use NeuronWriter: optimize existing content, or write one from scratch. 

To optimize existing content, simply enter the post URL into NeuronWriter. You can even include or exclude various HTML elements under “Advanced Settings.”

NeuronWriter Import ContentPin

Else, let’s write one from scratch using the various AI tools NeuronWriter has.

Generating Content With NeuronWriter AI Writing Tools

NeuronWriter is not only great for content optimization, but it’s also a powerful AI tool.

NeuronWriter AI Writing OptionsPin

It has 4 types of AI content generation options:

  • Start paragraph
  • Expand
  • Rephrase
  • AI-writing templates

Start Paragraph

This feature allows you to generate entire paragraphs from just a few inputs automatically. You also can enter additional terms and phrases to give the model more context.

Though optional, I highly recommend you do it to get more accurate and relevant AI-generated content.

NeuronWriter Start ParagraphPin

You can even adjust the output length, creativity settings, and the different OpenAI models (gpt-3.5-turbo and text-davinci-003)

And ever since the team included the latest language models, the output has been extremely relevant and factual with barely any fluff.

I can honestly tell you this is way better than Surfer’s AI output.


NeuronWriter Expand TextPin

The expand feature can take an input of up to 1000 characters and tries to predict additional relevant text. It also uses the latest GPT models, so the output has vastly improved from previous iterations. 


NeuronWriter Rephrase TextPin

Rephrase also works similarly, but instead of generating new text, it simply shifts words around to convey a similar meaning. You can use this to avoid plagiarism or to find a better way to deliver the message.

I still recommend you edit and fact-check it yourself to be on the safe side.

AI Writing Templates

Alternatively, you can click “AI-Writing” on the right which has 2 tabs:

  • Standard Templates
  • Advanced Templates
NeuronWriter AI Writing TemplatesPin

You can access the previous 3 options and various other mind-blowing use cases.

Advanced AI Templates

The advanced AI templates need a section on their own because it’s just AMAZINGGGG.

It offers 3 templates:

  • One-click long-form article
  • Advanced blog article outline with H1-H3 headings
  • FAQ with unused terms

The one-click article is pretty standard with many top AI writers. The same goes for the blog outline.


The last one is the show-stopper.

Most articles should be including a FAQ section to earn the rich snippet, and it makes your content “thick” in Google’s eyes.

Neuronwriter creates an entire FAQ section for you with unused keywords.

This not only makes your overall SEO score go up, but it generates surprisingly coherent FAQs that you can’t even find on People also ask or related searches.

Truly sick.

Seriously, try it for yourself, and you tell me if I’m wrong.

Optimizing Content For Search Engines

Now comes the meat and potatoes of NeuronWriter. Producing SEO-optimized content that can rank on the Google search engine.

Let’s start with the meta.

This is where you’ll enter the blog title and meta description.

NeuronWriter MetaPin

What’s unique is that you’ll also be given a list of the best possible words to include in your title, so you don’t have to guess or search for them manually. The same goes for the description.

Recommended words include will be highlighted in green like in the main editor.

You can manually write the title and description or get ideas from the “Show Usage Info” book icon on the right. 

Here, you can grab some ideas and helpful information from the competition.

NeuronWriter Title ExamplePin

You also get a sample overview of what your blog title and meta description would look like on the SERP.

You should see a sea of green, yellow, and red on the right as you continue to write great content for your article.

  • Light green: Increase the frequency
  • Dark green: In the optimal range
  • Yellow: Consider using it less often
  • Red: Overoptimization
NeuronWriter Inserting TermsPin

This means including all the semantic/LSI terms in the “basic” section and some in “extended.”

  • Basic terms: Commonly included words and phrases used by the top-performing articles.
  • Extended terms: Suggestions to improve your content’s topical coverage and stand out

Note: The meta title, meta description, H1, and H2s contribute the most to the score. So make sure to satisfy those criteria first.

Here’s something an interesting tip. If you notice NeuronWriter suggesting a keyword in its singular form like “Blockchain,” but you can only fit “Blockchains,” don’t worry because they both count.

Another tip is to tackle the lowest-hanging fruits first. So if there’s a term you want to include in your article, check if the headers call for it too.

That way, you kill two birds with one stone.

Continue adding all the necessary suggestions until your content score reaches your target number. I usually aim to beat the Competitors’ best.

Finally, check the SEO checklist by clicking the clipboard icon next to the overall score on the right.

NeuronWriter On Page ChecklistPin

This will reveal a quality overview of all the on-page elements on a percentage scale. The goal is to get it all to 100%, but that’s not always possible.

Do your best.

Plagiarism Checker

NeuronWriter Plagiarism CheckerPin

You will be glad that NeuronWriter also offers an in-built plagiarism checker powered by PlagiaShield.

Simply click on the icon on the top and get a full report.

NeuronWriter Plagiarism ReportPin

Duplicated content will be highlighted, and you can see the source too.

Exporting Your Content

Once it’s all set and done, it’s time to export your content.

Thankfully, NeuronWriter has a ton of options.

NeuronWriter Export TextPin

You may choose to export the editor contents via:

  • Raw HTML: Text without embellishments, such as bold, italics, or hyperlinks. This format is useful when copying and pasting the text into other applications or platforms that don’t support HTML formatting.
  • Minimal HTML: Retains basic HTML formatting elements, such as paragraph breaks, bold, italics, bullet points, and hyperlinks. Minimal HTML is helpful when you want to maintain basic formatting while transferring the content to a platform or application that supports HTML, like WordPress. 
  • DOCX: The default file format for Microsoft Word. It’s helpful when you need to work with advanced formatting or collaborate with others using the same software.
  • Formatted text: This output format typically includes a more comprehensive formatting option than minimal HTML. Formatted text is ideal for creating visually appealing and well-organized content with a consistent style.

Alternatively, you can export via the WordPress integration.

NeuronWriter WordPress ExportPin

You only need to generate the API password on your WordPress dashboard, and you can even publish directly from NeuronWriter.

How Good Is the Content Quality From NeuronWriter?

After completing the sample article on “How To Buy NFTs” it’s time to see the quality of the content on a few different tests.

NeuronWriter Readability

I put the blog post into Hemingway, and here were the results:

NeuronWriter Hemingway ResultsPin

Not bad, I’ve got a readability score of 10 while the recommended was 9.

NeuronWriter Factual Accuracy

Next, I checked if the content it produced was factual. AI writers are notoriously known for making stuff up.

NeuronWriter Factual AccuracyPin

Fortunately, NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, and KnownOrigin are actual platforms.

I don’t need to check because I worked in NFTs previously.

But it’s still impressive to know that it can output accurate facts even for a relatively new niche.

Can NeuronWriter Pass AI Detection?

Finally, I tested if it could pass AI detection by running it through a few popular AI content detectors.

Here are the results.

NeuronWriter Originality AI ResultsPin
Originality AI results
NeuronWriter Winston AI ResultsPin
Winston AI Results
NeuronWriter Content at Scale ResultsPin
Content at Scale Results

Sadly, it got flagged by 2 of the paid detectors. Originality AI scored 98%, while Winston AI showed 72%.

Content at Scale‘s free tool was undecided.

So it looks like you can’t rely on the raw output. You still have to edit the content, which I have always recommended.

Who Is NeuronWriter Good For?

NeuronWriter is a great tool for bloggers, SEO content writers, copywriters, content marketing teams, agencies, or anyone looking for a convenient way to optimize their content for search engine rankings.

It’s also one of the best value content optimization tools.

Great for anyone individual or team on a strict budget but still looking for a way to rank higher on Google.

NeuronWriter Customer Support

Another feature I liked about NeuronWriter is that it offers customer support via live chat and email.

Back when I contacted them, it was a bot that answered instead.

It responded well when I asked that I would like to test the app. But when I asked a more personalized question, it conveniently went offline and told me they’d email me the response. 

Alternatively, they have a knowledge base FAQs tab where you can get answers to some of the most common questions about NeuronWriter.

If you are experiencing a common issue, it might be best to check there.

But for more technical and unique problems, I’m sorry, you gotta wait.

Despite that, the quality of their responses was quite comprehensive and informative.

NeuronWriter Roadmap

NeuronWriter RoadmapPin

The roadmap of NeuronWriter looks impressive, to say the least.

It’s clear that the team has been consistently taking user feedback seriously and putting up improvements to the platform. 

NeuronWriter Pricing Plans

NeuronWriter Pricing PlansPin

NeuronWriter offers the following 5 plans: 

  • Bronze Plan: 19 Euros monthly (~$20)
  • Silver Plan: 37 Euros monthly (~$40)
  • Gold Plan: 57 Euros monthly (~$61)
  • Platinum Plan: 77 Euros monthly (~$83)
  • Diamond Plan: 97 Euros monthly (~$105)

Each of these plans features the following core features:

  • Projects
  • Content analyses
  • AI Credits
  • Internal linking
  • Content sharing
  • Email support

More advanced features like Google search console, WordPress integration, and content management are only available on the Gold plan or higher.

NeuronWriter Pros and Cons

Pros of NeuronWriter

  • Provides detailed analysis of your competitors’ content and suggestions on how to outrank them.
  • Supports more than 170 languages to target any country effectively.
  • Uses Moz for their SERP data analysis.
  • High-quality AI-generated content using ChatGPT (gpt-3.5-turbo) and InstructGPT (text-davinci-003) language models
  • Offers a variety of AI content fine-tuning, like creativity, word count, etc.
  • Unlimited team members and access levels for easier sharing and collaboration.
  • Has a very generous credit system.
  • In-built plagiarism checker.

Cons of NeuronWriter

  • The plagiarism checker is only available in Gold Plan and higher.
  • Little AI writing templates.
  • Performance can become sluggish at times.
  • No automatic content optimization, like inserting missing semantic terms.
  • UI can be complicated for first-time users.

Is The NeuronWriter Appsumo Lifetime Deal Still Available?

Yes! The Appsumo lifetime deal is currently available.

NeuronWriter Appsumo Lifetime DealsPin

A one-time payment of $89 for one code gets you the following FOR LIFE:

  • 2 projects
  • 25 content analyses
  • 15,000 AI-writing credits per month
  • Automatic content outline generator
  • Templates and internal linking for on-page and off-page SEO

Stack your codes to unlock more features.

I took the opportunity to swipe 3 codes and got myself the Gold plan.

NeuronWriter Alternatives

Surfer SEO

Let’s start with the closest comparison Surfer SEO. It’s probably the main competitor to NeuronWriter for on-page optimization. 

While SurferSEO has AI writing, it costs a bomb. Not to mention, it’s an add-on that you must pay for in addition to having an active subscription.

In all honestly, they are way behind NeuronWriter in this department.

Surfer does stand out by providing other unique features like Grow Flow, Content Audit, Keyword Clustering, and Insert Key Terms, which NeuronWriter could learn a thing or two from.

However, SurferSEO is substantially more expensive than NeuronWriter.

Plans start at $29 monthly and can go as high as $299 but have fewer credits than NeuronWriter.

Frase IO

Frase IO is the closest in terms of feature offer to NeuronWriter.

Like NeuronWriter, Frase IO has AI writing capabilities, although the assistant could use further refinement. But it stands out by scraping the top results for any query to craft SEO-optimized briefs in minutes.

And at $49 per month, you can’t go wrong with using it for everyday writing.


GetGenie is pretty much NeuronWriter but meant exclusively for WordPress users. You can access similar features but work exclusively within the Gutenberg editor.

Another difference is GetGenie’s very own ChatGPT-like bot called GenieChat. You can use prompts and give commands for AI content or other copywriting purposes. It’s something I wish NeuronWriter had.

Plans start at $19 monthly and go up to $99 for agencies.

They even have a 100% free plan for you to try most of its features.

NeuronWriter Review (FAQs)

Does NeuronWriter Have a Free Trial?

Yes, NeuronWriter gives a free trial for every new user. That means you can unlock and experience its potential for a month. During this trial, you can access NeuronWriter’s powerful core features.

Unfortunately, the free trial will only let you create one project, optimize 3 articles and use up to 1,000 AI credits monthly.

It isn’t much, but that should give you a meaningful test run with NeuronWriter before deciding to upgrade.

Does NeuronWriter Use GPT-3.5 or ChatGPT?

NeuronWriter offers both GPT-3.5 (text-davinci-003) and ChatGPT (gpt-3.5-turbo) options in their AI writing tools in addition to GPT-4.

How Much Does NeuronWriter Cost?

NeuronWriter Starts at a basic plan worth $19 per month. However, that price can go as high as $97 per month. There isn’t any option for a yearly plan, so I’d assume that either NeuronWriter doesn’t offer an annual package or you’ll need to contact its customer service to inquire about it.

Can NeuronWriter Rank Content on Search Engines?

Yes, NeuronWriter is designed to help you create SEO-optimized articles so that they rank. It also helps you create quality content using the latest OpenAI language models.

The results are exponentially better once you pair them with other tools. For instance, I’ve used long-form AI writing tools like Content at Scale while using NeuronWriter for on-page SEO.

I have to say, the results were quite promising, as I managed to nab the top spot on the first page of Google.

Therefore, the potential to let you rank content on Google and other search engines is proven.

Final Verdict: Should You Buy NeuronWriter

NeuronWriter is definitely a must-buy if you want to put your best content forward and rank higher on Google SERP.

It offers features of the 2 most important functions of writing articles in one holistic tool.

SEO optimization and AI writer capabilities.

And for the number of credits you are getting for any plan, how can you resist?

It’s my favorite tool right now to prime all my content for an AI SEO future.

I hope you enjoyed reading this NeuronWriter review.

If you wanna get on the first page of Google, click my link below to get NeuronWriter.

neuronwriter reviewPin

If you need a tool that can help with Content SEO optimization and AI writing, NeuronWriter is one of the best values on the market. 

Price: 89

Price Currency: USD

Application Category: BusinessApplication

Editor's Rating:

I earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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