How To Undo in Notion

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Messed up on Notion?

No worries. There are many ways to undo your mistakes.

Let’s get to it.

What Are The Shortcuts To Undo on Notion?

Most of us are lazy, so here are some quick keyboard shortcuts for all platforms to undo in Notion:

  • Windows: Control + Z
  • Mac:  Command + Z
  • iOS: Shake your phone and select “Undo”
  • Android: Use two fingers to swipe from left to right across the keyboard 

How To Undo a Change in the Notion Mobile App?

To undo a change in the Notion mobile app, tap the undo button (a curved arrow pointing to the left) located at the bottom of your screen. If you want to redo the action, tap the redo button (a curved arrow pointing to the right) in the same location.

How To Undo in Notion (FAQs)

Why Doesn’t the Undo in Notion Work When I Press Ctrl+Z?

Why Doesn’t the Undo in Notion Work When I Press Ctrl+Z?

Can I Undo a Change Made by Another User in a Shared Workspace?

Yes, you can undo a change made by another user in a shared workspace if you have edit permissions for that specific page or database. However, if you want to restore a previous version, you may need to ask the page owner or an admin for assistance.

What if I Want To Undo a Change I Made a While Ago in Notion?

If it’s been a while since you made the change you want to undo, you can check the page history to restore a previous version. Click the ••• menu on the top right corner of the page, select “Page history,” and choose a previous version to restore.

Can I Undo a Delete Action in Notion?

Yes, to undo a delete action in Notion, use the keyboard shortcut for undo (Ctrl + Z on Windows or Command + Z on Mac). You can also check the Trash section in the left sidebar to restore a deleted page or database item.

What’s the Limit for Undoing Changes in Notion?

There isn’t a specific limit for undoing changes in Notion; however, the undo history might be limited by factors such as browser storage and memory capacity. But it’s unlikely you’ll face this limitation, and you can confidently undo multiple actions in a row within a single session.

Can I Undo Changes in Notion if I Am Offline?

While using Notion offline, you can still undo changes by using the keyboard shortcut or tapping the undo button in the mobile app. However, remember that your changes will sync with your online Notion workspace when you regain internet access.

Why Doesn’t Undo Work for Changes I Made With an Integration or API in Notion?

Undo in Notion primarily works for manual changes made by users directly within the user interface. Some integrations or API actions might not be undoable using the shortcuts. In such cases, you may need to reverse the change manually or restore a previous version of the page from the page history.

To Sum Up

That’s a wrap.

I think I’ve answered everything you need about undoing in Notion.

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