How To Turn NFTs Into Avatars in Metaverse

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NFTs have been booming lately as we head towards global Web3 adoption. 

Bored Apes, Cryptopunks, Doodles, and many others have become a crazy sensation online.

And you’ve jumped on this bandwagon and snagged some digital art or collectibles, but now you’re wondering, “What’s next?” 

Well, how about turning your NFTs into avatars in the metaverse? Sounds pretty cool, right?

In this article, I’ll guide you on how to turn NFTs into avatars in Metaverse, so you can flaunt your unique digital assets and interact with others in the virtual world. 

Ready to dive in? Let’s get started.

What Are Avatars in Metaverse?

Avatars in the metaverse are digital representations of users within a virtual environment. They allow users to interact, communicate, and engage with other avatars, digital objects, and experiences.

These avatars can have unique appearances, characteristics, and even tokenized ownership through NFTs on a blockchain, providing a distinct identity for each user in the metaverse.

It can be a 2D or 3D unique digital manifestation of yourself.

What Makes Them Unique From Other Avatars?

Avatars in the metaverse are unique from other avatars because they exist in a persistent virtual environment and often have a distinct digital identity.

They can interact with other users and digital assets.

Additionally, they may be tokenized as NFTs on a blockchain, ensuring verifiable ownership and enabling seamless transactions across various platforms within the metaverse.

This is what makes them stand out from other avatars.

People can use a metaverse avatar across compatible platforms without losing their digital assets, NFT collection, and identity. 

What Are the Ways To Turn NFTs Into Avatars in Metaverse?

Here are the 4 ways how to turn NFTs into Avatars in Metaverse.

Turn NFTs into Avatars using Ready Player Me

As a leading avatar creator in the space, Ready Player Me provides a simple and delicate way to make your digital dream become a virtual reality. 

Step 1: Log in to and choose your preferred avatar type: masculine, feminine, or don’t specify.

Ready Player Me Step 1 - Choose Avatar Type

Step 2: Upload a selfie or your NFT artwork that shows the face clearly. You can also skip this step and create avatars for use.

Ready Player Me Step 2 - Choose Photo

Step 3: Customize your avatar’s appearance, clothing, and accessories.

Ready Player Me Step 3 - Customize Avatar

Note: You can also import your NFTs as wearable items from Ready Player Me’s marketplace or other platforms like OpenSea.

That’s it! You can now export your avatar to any supported apps and games.

Turn NFTs into Avatars using CloneX 

To note, RTFKT studios have their own way of converting NFTs into avatars to prevent malicious activity.

But if you’re a CloneX holder, this will be easy. First, you need to: 

Step 1: Download the 3D files of your CloneX NFT from the RTFKT website or Discord channel. 

Step 2: In this case, you must verify your ownership of the NFT by connecting your wallet to avoid any fraudulent activity.

Step 3: Open the 3D files in virtual development software like Blender or Unity. You can customize your avatar through colors, textures, accessories, or animations.

Step 4: Export the metaverse avatar as a GLB file, a format intended for digital platforms like Decentraland, Sandbox, or CryptoVoxels.

Step 5: You can then upload your avatar to the metaverse platform of your choice and then use it there! 

Turn NFTs into Avatars using NFT ALL STARS 

NFT  to convert your NFTs into avatars are similar to the CloneX method.

Step 1: You need to download the 3D files of your NFT from the NFT project’s website or discord channel.

Step 2: Open the files in a software development platform like Blender or Unity to customize your avatar. 

Step 3: Download the NFT All Stars app on your mobile device and scan the QR code on their website to connect your wallet.

Step 4: Upload your avatar to the app and enjoy playing with it in augmented reality. 

Step 5: Export your avatar as a GLB file for compatibility.

Turn NFTs into Avatars using Vroid Studio 

Vroid Studio

Once again, the method is similar to NFT All Stars and CloneX.

Step 1: First, download the NFT 3D files from your NFT core team or their website.

Step 2: Then you can open the 3D files in a software development platform such as Blender or Unity for customization

Step 3: However, you may need to export your avatar as a VRM file, which is a format that can be used in Vroid Studio and other platforms that support VRM models.

Step 4: Open Vroid Studio and select “Import Model” from the menu. Choose the VRM file that you exported and click “Open.”

Your avatar will appear in the virtual Vroid Studio after that, and you can also use them in other VR software applications.

Can I Turn Any NFTs Into Avatars?

No, you can’t just turn any NFT into avatars. As much as I would like it to happen, there are certain limitations that people need to consider in the world of NFTs.

For context, there are 2 types of NFTs – a 3D model design and a 2D prototype.

3D Avatars

  •  Based on movements (has depth, width, and length)
  •  More on realistic human-like animations
  •  Any avatar that you can use and see in software programs, primarily avatars seen in virtual reality games

2D Avatars

  •  Based on frames (has length and width)
  •  More on artistic approach and art expressions
  •  Any image that you see in software applications, such as flat decorations and objects seen in virtual room NFTs

This concept usually depends on the format and compatibility of the NFT and with the chosen Metaverse platform.

For instance, 2D NFTs can be displayed as picture frames in Decentraland or other Metaverse platforms.

On the other hand, 3D ones can be utilized as wearables, collectibles, and even interactive characters that you can use in most Metaverse programs.

Why Have a Metaverse Avatar?

Well, besides flexing and bragging rights, having a metaverse avatar offers a chance to let your inner thoughts out and give NFTs life.

Allowing you to create fun memories, express your identity, explore different adventures, and meet new exciting people in the space.

In fact, some romantic relationships started in an NFT community. Others also sprung up from NFT gaming communities.

Who knows? You might be the next one to find a partner.

Aside from gaining relationships, having a metaverse avatar allows you to socialize and widen your connections in Web3.

Not to mention, if you decide to create your own content or experiences in the metaverse, you can tap into the creator economy expected to grow exponentially with the emergence of new platforms and immersive technologies.

The metaverse will become a commerce channel for digital and physical goods and fuel the creator economy’s development.

And your avatar will serve as your unique digital identity.

Are NFTs, Avatars, Blockchain, and Metaverse Connected?

Yes, NFTs, avatars, blockchain, and the metaverse are connected.

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) provide a unique digital ownership system on the blockchain, while avatars represent users in the metaverse.

The metaverse is a virtual environment where blockchain technology enables secure transactions, including the buying, selling, and trading of digital assets like NFTs and avatars.

How To Turn NFTs Into Avatars in Metaverse (FAQs)

What Metaverse Platforms Can I Use for an Avatar?

These are the notable metaverse avatar apps that you can use.

– The Sandbox
– Decentraland 
– VRChat
– VRoid Studio
– Illuvium
– Bloktopia
– Star Atlas
– Roblox
– Horizon Worlds
– Voxels
– Somnium Space
– Ember Sword
– UHive
– Nvidia Omniverse

Do I Need Crypto To Turn NFTs Into Avatars?

No, you don’t need cryptocurrency to turn NFTs into avatars. You may have used crypto to purchase the initial NFT. Customizing and converting it into a Metaverse-ready format is free on most platforms.

There might be in-app purchases to unlock unique customization options, wearables, or privileges, but you are not obligated to do so.

Do I Need To Have NFTs To Make Metaverse Avatars?

No, you do not need to have NFTs to make metaverse avatars. Many platforms allow users to create and customize avatars without owning NFTs. NFTs simply provide an added layer of uniqueness and ownership.

For example, Decentraland, a popular metaverse platform, allows users to create and customize avatars for free without owning NFTs.

You can choose from various appearances, outfits, and accessories to personalize your avatar.

What Can I Do With My Avatar in the Metaverse?

You can interact with other users, attend virtual events, navigate diverse environments, participate in gaming experiences, create and exchange digital assets, and conduct real-world transactions using cryptocurrencies or other digital payment methods.

The range of activities is extensive and constantly evolving as the metaverse develops.

Can Someone Copy My Avatar?

Yes and no. Someone can copy your avatar’s appearance, but not if it’s an NFT. When an NFT is created, it is assigned a unique identifier that distinguishes it from other tokens.

This identifier is linked to the metadata of the digital asset, which is also stored on the blockchain. And that is a decentralized, tamper-proof ledger that records your ownership, provenance, and transaction history of your NFT, which can’t be copied.

Can I Sell My NFT Avatars?

Yes, you can sell your NFT avatars on marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, Mintable, and Nifty Gateway.

To Sum Up

It’s only a matter of time before people hop into the Metaverse with their NFT avatars, given Web3’s unlimited opportunities.

And that concludes my guide on how to turn NFTs into avatars in Metaverse. 

If you liked this article, please don’t forget to share it and let me know in the comments below which platform you are trying first.

See you in the Metaverse!

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