How to Reach Out to Brands as a UGC Creator

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You decided to take the first step to become a UGC creator, but now you are struggling to reach out to brands, right?

It’s kinda like selling insurance. You are going to get rejected more than you would like.

But don’t worry. I got you.

In this article, I’ll guide you on how to reach out to brands as a UGC creator and increase your chances of getting a brand deal.

Let’s go.

Why Brands Prefer UGC Creators?

Brands prefer UGC creators because of their ability to create authentic and unique content that is more effective at convincing consumers to purchase than publisher-generated material.

A study by TurnTo has identified that 90% of purchasing decisions are influenced by user-generated content.

This makes you invaluable for brands looking to reach new audiences and increase their conversions.

In other words. You are hot stuff.

How To Find Brands To Work With for UGC?

1) Social Media Platforms

The best place to start finding brands to work with is social media. More specifically, the explore pages.

Search hashtags like #ugc and #ugccreator to see what pops up.

UGC Search Query IG

Or if you already have companies in mind, they usually post UGC videos on their Instagram and TikTok feeds which tell you a few things:

  • The quality of content they expect
  • If they even accept collaborations
  • Contact details of key decision-makers

2) Influencer Marketing Platforms

Another way to reach out to brands looking for content is through influencer marketing platforms.

These websites connect brands with the right influencers and help them collaborate on campaigns across different platforms.

It’s like Tinder but for creators and brands.

They provide an excellent opportunity for both parties, allowing creators to see their work seen by potential clients and giving brands access to a wide range of talent in one place.

It’s easy to use. Just sign up, create your profile, and connect with potential partners.

You can join specific campaigns or submit proposals directly to brands via the platform’s messaging system.

The platform also offers various opportunities, such as sponsored content, posts, or giveaways, that UGC creators can take advantage of if they meet specific criteria set by each brand individually.

It’s handy if you want quick results because it allows you to find suitable projects within minutes instead of hours spent searching manually elsewhere online.

3) Freelance Marketplaces

Freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr are great places to find brands to work with if you don’t have a UGC portfolio or website.

UGC Search Query Fiverr

You can create a freelancer account on them and build out your profile by showcasing your best work.

I strongly recommend this method for newbies because many brands actively look for UGC creators on these platforms.

UGC Search Query Upwork

But if you want to be a little more proactive, you can submit proposals for UGC jobs on Upwork to increase your chances of collaboration.

How To Contact Brands?

Reaching Out via DMs

Most aspiring UGC creators will probably use this method as their first outreach attempt.

The problem is that most will fail.


Because brands’ social media accounts get bombarded with a ton of messages daily.

And social media managers aren’t calling the shots for partnerships.

If you send them an entire pitch, it will get ignored.

What you want to do instead is get your message across in a few lines and get them to point you in the right direction.

In just a few sentences, you want to get these things across:

  • Tell them who you are
  • Emphasize that you are a UGC content creator
  • Show them your interest in collaborating
  • Ask for the email of the person in charge

It takes less effort to scan the message, know your motive, and give you an email rather than scrolling down your entire dissertation.

Through The Brand’s Contact Page

Another common method would be using the contact form on their website.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this.

The only issue is when there isn’t a dedicated partnerships form or email.

Even if there is, there are cases where the email address is just an alias that gets forwarded to a generic customer service inbox.

E.g. [email protected] -> [email protected]

It’s a hit or miss going with this route.

Contacting a Team Member

Most won’t consider this option because it’s extremely manual.

And for those who try, go about it totally wrong.

Some will try contacting the CEO/Founder because they think it’s a huge step in the door if they get a reply.

Yea, IF they get a reply…

9 out of 10 times, they won’t.

That’s aiming way too high, and C-suite executives have more important things to do.

Instead, you want to find the email of the brand partnerships manager or someone in the marketing team in charge of user-generated content.

But let’s face it. Not many UGC creators are copywriters.

You might want to use an AI writing tool to get your initial draft and subject line to increase your chances.

How Do You Pitch to Brands as a UGC Creator?

This is probably the part that most UGC content creators struggle with.

But don’t take it from me.

Listen to 5 brand leaders who have collaborated successfully with other UGC creators.

These are what you should do when pitching to brands.

1) Providing Relevant and Valuable Information

When reaching out to brands, you should provide relevant and valuable information about your content.

They should ensure the message is tailored to the brand’s needs, outlining why your content would be an excellent fit for the company.

Other essential points to include in an outreach message are specifics about:

  • The type of content you create
  • A link to your UGC portfolio or past work
  • Any other relevant metrics that demonstrate the impact of your content

You should also provide accurate scheduling information so that brand leaders know when you will be available to collaborate on campaigns.

2) It’s About How You Present Yourself

When reaching out to work with brand owners, you should provide as much information as possible about their online presence and content style.

It is also important to be open and honest about expectations so that both parties can have realistic goals for the collaboration.

Additionally, you should be patient and responsive to feedback from brand owners, as this will give them the confidence that they are working with a reliable and professional creator.

3) Emphasize Authenticity

The most important thing you should do when trying to work with us is to emphasize your authenticity.

We are constantly inundated with pitches from creators more concerned with self-promotion than creating genuinely helpful or entertaining content for our audience.

By prioritizing authenticity over likes or followers, you demonstrate that you are invested in building long-term relationships with our brand and consumers.

This helps set you apart from other creators in a crowded marketplace, aligns with our company values, and enhances our overall brand reputation.

4) Provide Value

When reaching out to work with us, the most significant thing you can do is to provide value.

You must demonstrate and articulate precisely how you will add value to our business and why a partnership would be mutually beneficial.

This is the most crucial point to illustrate when reaching out about a potential partnership in any business.

5) Demonstrate a Clear Understanding of the Brand’s Target Audience and Values

When reaching out to brand owners to work together, you should clearly understand the brand’s values and target audience.

This includes researching the brand’s previous campaigns, identifying its unique selling points, and tailoring your pitch to align with its goals and values.

Additionally, you should showcase creativity and expertise, providing examples of previous work or original content and explaining how your content can benefit the brand.

This can help to build trust and establish a collaborative relationship between the brand and yourself.

It’s also essential to be:

  • Professional and respectful in your outreach
  • Follow the brand’s guidelines
  • Respond promptly to any requests or feedback

Demonstrating a solid understanding of the brand and showcasing talent and professionalism can increase your chances of securing partnerships with brand owners.

What To Consider When Working With Brands as a UGC Creator

Here are more tips on some of the important things to consider when working with brands:

  • Align Your Values and Aesthetics: Collaborating with a brand that aligns with your content ensures authenticity and resonates better with your audience.
  • Establish Clear Communication: Schedule regular check-ins to discuss progress, address concerns, and maintain transparency throughout the project.
  • Understand Legal and Contractual Aspects: Familiarize yourself with legal aspects by understanding your obligations and rights.
  • Define Your Roles and Responsibilities: Establish expectations for content creation, approval processes, and revision cycles, minimizing misunderstandings and ensuring a smooth workflow.
  • Evaluate Compensation and Other Benefits: Consider monetary compensation and other benefits like exposure, networking, and brand awareness. Evaluate the whole package to decide if the collaboration aligns with your long-term goals.
  • Build Long-term Relationships: Aim for a long-term partnership that can lead to future opportunities, referrals, and a network of valuable connections in the industry.
  • Track Metrics and Measure Success: Analyze data like views, shares, comments, and conversions to inform future brands and optimize your content strategy.

Remember, successful UGC brand deals depend on carefully considering these factors.

Make sure it’s a mutually beneficial partnership and positively impacts your career as a UGC creator.

How to Reach Out to Brands as a UGC Creator (FAQs)

Do Brands Pay for UGC?

Yes, brands pay for UGC creation. A UGC creator is usually contracted to create content for the brand either in their own capacity, through an agency, or a platform.

To Sum Up

Reaching out to brands as a UGC creator might seem daunting, but you’ve got this!

Focus on finding brands that align with your style, perfect your pitch, and prioritize relationship-building.

Stay true to your unique voice, learn from feedback, and always keep track of your results.

Now, it’s time to take the plunge and connect with brands to boost your UGC creator career.

Hope you found this article useful.

If so, please share it!

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