How To Highlight In Notion

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Welcome to this simple and easy tutorial on how to highlight in Notion

I’ll explore different ways to enhance, organize, and navigate your documents using various highlighting techniques. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Why Would You Want To Highlight Text in Notion?

Like using an actual highlighter, the goal is to bring attention to a specific section of your notion document. 

These include:

  • Enhancing readability and emphasis
  • Organizing your notes more effectively
  • Quickly navigating through your document

How To Highlight Text in Notion?

Method 1: Using Formatting Options in Notion’s Menu

This is probably the most common and intuitive method in any text editor.

Step 1) Select Your Text

After selecting your text, you’ll notice that the popup menu provides several formatting tools. Click the “A” to choose a color.

Method 1 - Select Text

Step 2) Select Background Color

You’ll notice 2 sections:

  • Color: Changes the actual text color
  • Background: Changes the background of the text
Method 1 - Select Background Color

Head over to the “background” section and choose your desired color

I selected blue and here’s the result.

Method 1 - Highlighted Text Done

That’s it.

Method 2: Using The Background Slash Command

This method involves using the background slash command.

Step 1) Type /background

When you type /background, you will see the same color options appear as in method 1.

Now just select your preferred color and it will take up the length of the page.

Method 2 - Background Slash Command

Step 2) Type Your Text

Now just start typing your text in the highlighted section.

Method 2 - Start Typing

Alternatively, you can type your text first and use the /background command at the start or end of the text block.

Method 2 - Text First

The result will still be the same.

Are There Keyboard Shortcuts for Highlighting Text in Notion?

Yes, Notion has a keyboard shortcut that makes highlighting text even easier.

Press Ctrl + Shift + H (Windows) or Cmd + Shift + H (Mac) when selecting text, and your last used color will be applied automatically.

How To Highlight New Text Added to an Already Highlighted Section?

When you add new text to a previously highlighted section, the new text will not automatically inherit the previous formatting.

You must manually select the new text, then apply the same highlighting.

How To Highlight New Text Added To An Already Highlighted Section

How To Highlight in Notion Mobile?

The process of highlighting in the Notion mobile app is pretty much the same but without the option of using slash commands.

Just highlight the text, click the “A” and choose the background color.

How To Highlight on iPhone

How To Highlight in Notion (FAQs)

How Many Available Highlight Colors Are There In Notion?

There are 9 available highlight colors, excluding the default white. These include Gray, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink and Red.

Can I Highlight an Entire Paragraph in Notion?

Yes, you can highlight an entire paragraph in Notion by selecting the entire paragraph with your mouse and then changing the background color using the text formatting or background slash command method.

How Do I Un-Highlight or Remove the Background Color in Notion?

To un-highlight or remove the background color from text in Notion, simply select the text with the background color you want to remove and click on the “A” icon in the formatting menu. Select the default background color to remove the background color.

Are There Any Third-Party Tools or Extensions That Can Help Me Highlight Text in Notion?

Currently, there are no specific third-party tools or extensions that focus on highlighting text in Notion. It’s best to use the built-in text formatting options provided by Notion to change the background color and highlight text as needed.

To Sum Up

Alright, I hope this clears up everything about highlighting Notion.

It ain’t rocket science.

You’re now equipped to enhance your notes and projects using Notion’s versatile highlighting options.

Happy highlighting!

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