Explain Your Content Creator Career To Parents

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As an aspiring content creator, you may have faced challenges explaining your job to your parents.

Believe me, my mum still thinks I’m trying to be an influencer who takes selfies.

The creator economy is booming, and so many untapped opportunities are just waiting to be capitalized.

They probably don’t understand what the heck it is.

That can be highly demoralizing and frustrating. I get it.

But no worries, I’m here help you navigate through this with my own personal experiences.

Here are five ways to explain your content creation job to your family and help them appreciate your work.

1) Show Them Examples of Your Work

One of the easiest ways to explain your career choice is to give them concrete evidence.

Share the platforms where you publish content. 

Take me for an example.

When I started my blog, I never told anyone about it till I had some articles published and made it look professional.

It wasn’t until a few months later that I shared my creation and managed to get some positive affirmations.

Nevertheless, the million-dollar question has always been, “Are you making money?

Yes, but it wasn’t enough to replace my full-time job. But that wasn’t the point.

I also showed them some feedback, comments, and reviews from my audience and clients. 

Having shown proof, they could finally see the quality and effort put into this endeavor and the impact and value it has for others.

2) Explain the Process and Skills Involved

Contrary to their popular belief, content creation isn’t as simple as snapping a few photos and posting them on social media. 

You need to explain to them the different stages of content creation, such as brainstorming, researching, writing, designing, editing, optimizing, distributing, and promoting

All of these activities fall under the umbrella of content marketing, which is a highly-valued skill in any industry.

Mention the marketing tools you use to create and manage your content more efficiently and effectively. 

You can also highlight the skills and knowledge you have acquired or improved through content creation, such as creativity, communication, technical, marketing, etc.

As an Accounting and Finance major, these skills weren’t exactly covered in my university curriculum. 

But showing that I acquired these skills of my own volition was a huge help in convincing my family that I had the passion and aptitude for it.

3) Share Your Goals and Progression

Often, families are concerned about the sustainability and longevity of this chosen career path.

It’s not without reason because, let’s be honest. The majority of content creators do not succeed.

So make sure to tell your family the following:

  • What motivates you to create content
  • What kind of audience or niche do you want to reach or serve
  • What kind of message or value do you want to deliver or provide

You can also tell them about some milestones or accomplishments you have achieved or are working towards as a content creator. 

These can include growing your audience or followers, landing a sponsorship or collaboration deal, and earning a certain amount of income or revenue.

Unless you somehow become an overnight sensation, progression will be slow.

The trick is, no matter how small, every little win is progression. 

And that is enough to prove to your family that this isn’t some hobby if you have a solid plan while tracking your achievements.

4) Compare Your Content Creation Job to a More Familiar or Traditional Job

Another challenge you might face is explaining this job to family members unfamiliar with the activities surrounding this role.

A possible solution is to compare the content creation job to a more familiar or traditional job that the family members can relate to. 

For instance, it can be compared to a journalist who writes articles for a newspaper or magazine. 

This involves researching, writing, and editing the content before publishing. 

You must also follow the trends and news in the niche or topic and provide accurate and reliable information to your audience. 

Or how about a graphic designer who creates logos or flyers for a company? 

Both jobs require creativity and technical skills to create visually appealing and effective content. 

Maybe the best way is to liken it to a teacher who creates lessons or courses for students. 

You have to plan, prepare and deliver your content in a way that educates, entertains, and engages your audience.

Ultimately, being a content creator requires you to wear multiple hats, just like in any organization.

This illustrates the number of responsibilities you will undertake, which your family can appreciate.

The final way to help your family understand your content creation job is to educate them about the trends and opportunities in the creator economy. 

Explain that the creator economy is a booming and evolving industry that offers many possibilities for creative and talented individuals. 

As a content creator, you’ll earn income through diverse avenues like collaborating with brands and marketing your skills, products, or services on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

Or creating your own subscription-based or pay-per-view content on platforms such as Patreon, Substack, or Medium. 

Also, mention that it offers flexibility, allowing you to work remotely, set your own pace, select projects, and enjoy recognition for your work. 

You can also share with them some of the success stories of other content creators who have built loyal and engaged audiences, earned significant revenues, or even created social impact through their content.

To Sum Up

Helping your family understand your content creator career can be challenging but essential. 

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Show them your work examples
  • Explain the process and skills involved
  • Share your goals and progression
  • Compare your job to a familiar role 
  • Educate them about the creator economy

Remember that patience and persistence are key. 

Their understanding may not be immediate, but they will eventually appreciate your passion and achievements.

Hope you like this article and share it with frustrated aspiring creators who can’t get their parents to take them seriously.

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