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Here are my top 3 picks for every creator for any need.

Best Graphic Design Platform

Canva Logo


The best cloud-based graphic design tool for creators of all levels.

Best AI Writer for General Content

Jasper Logo Best Apps for Content Creators


The all-around best AI writer that performs well in all areas of content creation.

Best for Video Editing and Making

FlexClip Logo


A Canva-style software tool that makes video editing super easy for all creators.

Imagine being a carpenter with no tools. How about being a painter without paint or a paintbrush? 

That’s what it feels like to be a content creator without software to make content.

But with all these shiny new apps popping up from nowhere, it’s getting more difficult to choose which “tool” you should add to your kit. 

So in this article, I’ll share the best apps for content creators in 2023.

I’ll show you the ONLY content creation stack you’ll need to kickstart your journey.

What Are the Best Content Creation Apps?

1) Canva

Best Graphic Design Platform

Canva Homepage

The G.O.A.T. of free design software. Everyone and their grandmother know Canva. 

Canva is a web-based graphic design platform that allows users to create a wide range of visual content, such as social media graphics, presentations, posters, and many more.

If that’s not enough, do you know you can also create sick video intros here for your YouTube channel? 

Talk about an all-in-one content creation software.

Key Features

  • Graphic Design Tools: make logos, flyers, banners, collages, and posters with their highly customizable0 design tool. 
  • Social Media Templates: They offer an array of templates for different social media posts such as Facebook, Instagram, and even Instagram stories.
  • Presentations: You can also create presentations to export to Microsoft Office or Google Slides. 
  • Collaboration Features: Allow users to invite other people to invite others to view or edit their designs.
  • Animation Features: Add animations to designs such as social media posts and presentations.
  • Branding Tools: Helps businesses and individuals maintain consistent brand identity across designs.


  • Great for beginners with no design experience
  • Awesome collaboration features
  • Available as a mobile application for those who want to edit on the go


  • Advanced designers may find the tool restrictive
  • Limited stock images, templates, and fonts on the free version


Canva Pricing Plans
  • CANVA FREE: $0/month for one person
  • CANVA PRO: $12.99/month for one person 
  • CANVA FOR TEAMS: $14.99/month for the first five people

My Take

Canva is a must-have for me and every content creator in 2023. 

Its free templates will kickstart your design process. It has an intuitive dashboard and drag-and-drop design features to make creating content easy.

Canva is easy for its users but tough to beat for its competitors.

Get 16% off annually with Canva Pro.

2) Jasper

Best AI Writer

Jasper Homepage - Best Apps for Content Creators

AI is crushing the writing industry and for good reason.

Whether you’re a blogger, YouTuber, or podcaster, articles and scripts are the foundation of engaging content.

But writing from scratch takes A TON of time. Not anymore, though.

With Jasper, it takes just a few clicks to get it done.

It’s a game-changer for me and I’m sure it will be for you too.

Key Features

  • Jasper Chat: AI chatbot that can generate ideas, revise content, and help in content creation needs.
  • Chrome Extension: Integrate artificial intelligence into your content workflow with the Jasper Chrome extension. 
  • Jasper Art: Create amazing AI-generated images to go along with your copy.
  • Surfer Integration: Optimize SEO rankings with Jasper’s Surfer Integration
  • 50+ Templates: Choose from their different writing templates for your content.


  • Highly customizable writing templates
  • Has a native chatbot like ChatGPT
  • Can generate AI images (with Jasper Art)


  • Generated content can become repetitive
  • Quite expensive
  • No native SEO features


Jasper Pricing Plans - Best Apps for Content Creators
  • Creator: $39 if billed annually
  • Teams: $99 if billed annually
  • Business: Custom pricing

All plans come with unlimited words.

My Take

All forms of content start from a solid piece of text.

Rather than wrecking your brains each time to develop the perfect script, blog post, podcast notes or marketing copy.

Why not let Jasper take all that pressure off you?

You can then focus on refining rather than staring at a blank canvas.

Get 10,000 words for FREE if you sign up using my link below!

3) FlexClip

Best for Video Editing and Video Making

FlexClip Homepage

Flexclip is a free online video editor and video maker that you can use to create videos with text, music, animations, and more effects.

Think Canva, but for video. Super easy that even a monkey can do it. Not calling you a monkey. Don’t be mad.

No video editing skills are required, and you can start immediately.

Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or content creator, Flexclip offers a range of tools and templates to help you create professional-looking videos in minutes.

Key Features

  • Numerous Elements: Beautify your videos with text animations, elements, transitions, and millions of dynamic vector elements
  • Essential Editing Tools: Access mandatory video editing tools such as trimming, adding text and music, motion graphics, and screen recording.
  • Auto Subtitling: Automatically generate captions for your videos to maintain viewer engagement 
  • Endless Templates: Get started immediately with a wide range of templates for different types of videos, including business, promo, and social media videos


  • User-friendly interface
  • A wide range of templates and editing tools
  • The ability to create and share videos seamlessly on different devices


  • No 1080p exports in the free and basic plans
  • Customer service needs improvement


  • FREE: $0 monthly 
  • BASIC: $9.99 monthly ($5.99 if paid yearly)
  • PLUS: $19.99 monthly ($9.99 if paid yearly)
  • BUSINESS: $29.99 monthly ($19.99 if paid yearly)

My Take

Overall, Flexclip is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use video editing tool with many features.

While the free version is limited, the paid plans offer great value for money and access to a wide range of templates and editing tools found on most premium software.

It’s a great tool to start pumping out video content without friction.

And if you need more advanced features in the future, the monthly subscriptions won’t even dent your wallet.

4) Easil

Best for Design Collaboration

Easil Homepage

Creating compelling and consistent graphics is difficult. But managing a team of freelance graphic designers is on another level. 

Thanks to Easil, I can coordinate with them and ensure we produce consistent graphics that are always on brand.

Also, you can start creating with their pre-designed graphic templates and use their brand kits to make your on-brand marketing material with minimal effort.

Key Features

  • Professionally Designed Templates: Access thousands of high-quality and pre-designed graphic and video templates.
  • Create Short Videos: Add video content to their social media graphic templates.
  • Background Remover: Magically remove photo backgrounds
  • Text Masks: Add images to text with this tool and take your graphics to the next level.
  • Update Across Multiple Designs: Allows users to link designs together efficiently to update texts and images.


  • Professional designs perfect for social media
  • Generous free features
  • Update across multiple designs automatically


  • Becomes laggy when loading some images and other formats
  • No mobile app


Easil Pricing Plans
  • EASIL BASIC: Free 
  • EASIL PLUS: $7.50 monthly
  • EASIL EDGE: $59 monthly

My Take

I’ll recommend Easil for content creators with a larger graphic design team.

Easil makes it easy to collaborate and maintain your brand style in all your content. 

Get started on Easil now.

5) Adobe Express

Best for Premium-Looking Graphics

Adobe Express Homepage

Imagine if you could produce graphic-designer-level content quickly without being a professional graphic designer. 

Pretty sweet, right?

As much as I love Canva, their templates sometimes seem quite generic.

So if I want to create standout content from premium-looking templates, I always opt for Adobe Express.

You should too.

Key Features

  • Photo Editor: Remove image backgrounds, resize images, convert image files, and crop images with this tool.
  • Pre-designed Templates: Make content creation easy with their beautifully made templates. 
  • Video Editor: Convert, resize, and trim videos.
  • File Editor: Create, export, and combine PDFs.


  • Available as a mobile app for Android and iOS
  • The free version already has excellent choices and templates
  • High-quality graphics


  • Android version is limited to the graphic design tool only
  • Videos created are limited to 30 seconds long


Adobe Express Pricing Plans
  • FREE PLAN:$0
  • PREMIUM PLAN: $9.99/month

My Take

Adobe Express is a fast tool to get the hang of.

Aside from a graphic design tool, you can also create short videos and manage your PDF files.

Talk about diversity.

6) InStories

Best for Engaging Stories

InStories Homepage

Posting stories is a non-negotiable if you want to grow your personal brand. 

It’s a great way to share real-time updates with your followers. Stories go live for 24 hours, but that doesn’t mean you can get away with posting sub-par quality content. 

If you do that, you can actually reverse the benefit you’ll get from posting stories.

But thanks to InStories, you can craft stunning stories to engage your followers.

Key Features

  • 500+ Ready-Made Templates: No need to start from scratch; you can choose from their templates.
  • Integrated Photo and Video Library: They have about 180M+ photos and 32k+ videos.
  • Functional Video Editor: No complicated tools. They offer a straightforward video editor. 


  • Available online and as a mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Various templates to choose from
  • Instagram stories and reels made from this app are top quality


  • App glitches and freezes at times
  • Needs a bit more work with its editor’s interface


InStories Pricing Plans

FREE with in-app purchases

My Take

Let’s be honest, Instagram stories and reels are essential platforms to dabble with if you want to keep up with the trends.

Other tools don’t have the features for this yet, but InStories is here to help with that.

7) Procreate

Best Digital Art Tool for iPad

Procreate Homepage

Every aesthetic artist you see on social media uses Procreate. Ok that’s an over exaggeration but it’s a lot.

Not only does it look good in videos to film yourself using the app on your iPad, but Procreate is also easy to use and powerful.

With its easy navigation, you can spend less time on mundane tasks, so you focus more on creating art.

You don’t even need to be a graphic artist. Every content creator looking to make graphics or art with the iPad should use Procreate.

Key Features

  • Customizable Brushes: Offers a wide range of customizable brushes.
  • Layers: Allows you to work with multiple layers, making organizing and editing your artwork easy.
  • Selection and Masking Tools: You can isolate and edit specific artwork parts.
  • Animation: Create simple animations within the app.
  • Time-Lapse Recording: Built-in feature that allows you to capture the process of creating your artwork.


  • Layers and masking features are necessary tools for more advanced layout artists
  • It can stimulate real-life painting experiences
  • One-time purchase for a reasonable price


  • Only available on iOS
  • No templates and pre-made designs 



My Take

Procreate is the best choice for creators who enjoy sketching and creating graphics on the iPad.

Even non-artists like myself use Procreate for any sketches or social media graphics that require sketching.

It doesn’t come with any templates besides brushes, so keep that in mind.

But for a one-time purchase of just $12.99, come on… Just buy it.

Or would you rather pay for Photoshop?

What Are the Best Free Apps for Content Creators

Most of the tools on this list have free options, but here are my 2 best free apps:

  • Canva:  A graphic design platform that allows creators to create graphics, posters, social media content, and other visuals with ease. 
  • Jasper:  AI-powered writing assistant designed to create high-quality write-ups for content creators. 

To Sum Up

It’s hard enough to keep up with the fast trends, and as a content creator, you’re expected to always stay at the top of your game. 

These apps help you create, manage, and distribute content effectively and consistently.

That wraps up the 7 best apps for content creators this 2023. 

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