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If you don’t have time to read the whole article, here are my top 5 AI marketing tools you need to have.

best for long-form articles
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Content at Scale
One of the up-and-rising AI content writing tools in the market.
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Best All-in-One SEO Tool
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The All-In-SEO tool with a full suite of features under one roof.
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Best Surfer SEO Alternative
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If you like Surfer SEO but can’t stomach the monthly fee.
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Best for on-page seo Optimization
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Surfer SEO
A must-have for on-page content SEO optimization.
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Best short-form copywriting
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The most popular AI writing tool for short-form copy.
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No doubt about it, marketing is evolving at breakneck speed. It’s taking an AI-first approach.

Skynet incoming…

But the truth is many effective marketing campaigns already heavily rely on artificial intelligence.

Did you know?

Over 25% of small businesses rely on AI tools for marketing and sales automation.

While more than 90% of the survey participants mentioned that these tools help reduce the need to hire additional marketing roles.

From personalization to predictive analytics and even AI-generated videos, these tools help create more targeted, personalized, and successful campaigns.

Just think about how much more effective your content would be if they were personalized every piece at scale.

You might think, “Damn, that’s creepy. How did they know?”.

Brendan Aw Creeped Out Face

But how helpful would it be to have a robot tell you how to optimize your marketing campaigns?

I’d say change your social media bio to “successful entrepreneur” because you will get all those juicy conversions.

Ok, jokes aside, that’s the power of AI in marketing. 

In this article, I will cover the best AI marketing tools on the market and how they can help grow your business in 2023.

What Are the Best AI Marketing Tools for 2023?

Here are my picks for the 11 best AI marketing tools for 2023 to grow your business.

1) BuzzSumo

Best For Content Marketing Analytics

BuzzSumo Homepage

If you’re looking for a way to see what content is resonating with your audience, BuzzSumo is the tool for you.

BuzzSumo allows you to see the most popular content across all social media platforms so that you can adapt your content strategy accordingly.

In today’s increasingly competitive online landscape, ensuring your content resonates with your audience is more critical than ever.

With BuzzSumo, you can find out what’s working and what isn’t so that you can adjust your content strategy accordingly.

Key Features

  • Content Ideas Generator: Easily discover new content ideas and topics that are trending in your industry. 
  • Content Analysis Reports: Receive an in-depth analysis of popular content around a particular topic or keyword.
  • Domain Reports: Shows data about a specific website or domain. You’ll see total backlinks, referring pages, and social shares for each article published on the domain. 
  • Influencer Searches: Identify critical influencers in any industry based on their reach, authority, and engagement levels.
  • Backlinks: Monitor all your backlinks over time so that you can keep track of any changes that occur on external sites linking to yours.
  • Journalist Profiles: Find journalists who write about topics related to your business or product quickly and easily.
  • Question Analyzer: Allows users to quickly and easily identify popular questions related to a given topic. 
  • Brief Generator: This allows users to create custom briefs for their content marketing efforts based on keywords and topics they would like to focus on. 
  • YouTube Analyzer: As its name implies, the YouTube Analyzer feature helps users analyze YouTube videos relating to a particular subject. 
  • Facebook Page Analyzer: Get an up-close look at how successful any Facebook page has been regarding the likes and shares it has received over time. 
  • Facebook Pages: With this feature from BuzzSumo, users have access to detailed information about highlighted pages, such as demographics and overall engagement rates across various metrics like likes, comments, and shares – all broken down into easy-to-understand visuals, which make analysis much more straightforward than ever before.

Pros and Cons of BuzzSumo


  • Extremely useful for content marketing initiatives.
  • Great for social listening on social media platforms and even news.
  • The overall user interface is easy to use and very intuitive.
  • Very helpful to analyze influencer activity.


  • Free trial feature limitation might not be enough to get a good feel before purchasing.
  • It may not be a good tool when researching smaller niches.
  • Pricing is not friendly for smaller businesses.
  • TikTok and Instagram Influencer research are not available.


BuzzSumo Pricing Plans

BuzzSumo offers the following pricing plans:

  • BASIC: $199 per month, $95 if paid annually (Best for Solo users).
  • CONTENT CREATION: $249 per month, $199 if paid annually (with Content, Question, and Backlink Analyzer).
  • PR & COMMS: $249 per month, $199 if paid annually (with Journalist Database, Coverage Reports, and Slack Integration).
  • SUITE: $399 per month, $319 if paid annually. (Best for large companies and agencies).
  • ENTERPRISE: $999 per month (Best for famous brands with HUGE marketing teams).


Buzzsumo is an AI marketing tool offering immense value for businesses looking to advance in their content marketing efforts.

It’s also one of the very few tools that provide detailed social listening insights about content trends on social media and influencer activity.

Imagine being professor X and having access to Cerebro.

I definitely recommend having it in your arsenal of Martech tools.

They don’t have a free plan anymore, but you can always make full use of the trial and decide if you want to continue later.

You’ll probably find that you can’t live without it.

Start your 30-day free trial with my link below.

2) Content at Scale

Best for Long-Form Articles

Content at Scale Front Page

Key Features

  • Expert Team: The software was built by content marketers, copywriters, and SEOs with decades of experience.
  • Free AI Detector: Their content generation software includes AI content detection.
  • Multiple AI Models: Combines various proprietary NLP neural networks on top of GPT-3 through what I assume is an ensemble learning method to produce truly unique content.
  • Full SEO-Optimized Post: One-click generation of an entire blog post fully optimized for search engines without using other tools.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Integration with Copyscape to check for plagiarism.

Pros and Cons of Content at Scale


  • It’s the only tool not reliant on one AI model like GPT-3.
  • A proper one-click solution to create SEO-optimized content ready for publishing with extremely minimal edits.
  • Supports over 100 languages.
  • Can auto-generate Click-to-Tweet and Key Takeaways snippets.
  • Insane cost savings per article compared to hiring a human writer.
  • It has a WordPress plugin integration to manage posts and create internal links.


  • The plans are pretty expensive if you produce less than 20 posts per month.
  • It still has some kinks and bugs that need to be refined.
  • The UI and UX can be improved quite a bit.
  • It tends to produce additional and repeated text that is pure fluff.


Content at Scale Pricing

Content at Scale offers the following pricing plans:

  • STARTER PLAN: $500/month for 20 posts.
  • SCALING: $1000/month for 50 posts.
  • AGENCY: $1500/month for 100 posts.


Among the sea of AI writing tools available right now, I am genuinely impressed with the sheer efficiency that Content at Scale provides.

No, it’s not the magical tool everyone hopes for where you can click one button, and your article ranks.

No such tool exists yet.

But if you are looking for a tool that can produce a scarily close SEO-optimized article that passes AI detection, is plagiarism-free, and is full of value.

Seriously, look no further.

But for the love of god, please run it through an AI content detector first before publishing if you want to please Google.

Limited Offer: Click on my link below and get 20% EXTRA post-credits when you sign up.

Read My Full Content at Scale Review

3) Jasper

Best for Short-Form Copywriting

Jasper AI Homepage

Just like how JARVIS helps Ironman around the house, digital marketers may save time and effort with Jasper, an AI content and copywriting partner.

Jasper helps them produce content that is both search engine optimized and engaging to readers.

You can reduce the amount of time it takes to produce content by using a variety of templates.

It’s also the most popular AI writing tool in the market.

Key Features

  • Advanced Analytics Capabilities: Gain actionable insights from your data.
  • Automated Insights: This makes it easy to access important information about your campaigns and target audience quickly.
  • Personalization Tools: Create more intimacy with your customers by crafting unique messages for each one.
  • Content Management Platform: Allows digital marketers to easily manage all aspects of their online presence from one place.
  • Audience Segmentation: Enables digital marketers to easily target different groups within their user base with tailored ads or messages that better align with individual interests or needs. 
  • AI-Powered Insights: Help digital marketers make more intelligent decisions when creating new campaigns or refining existing ones for better results.
  • Data Visualization & Dashboarding: Get an overview of the performance of all your marketing campaigns on a single dashboard.

Pros and Cons of Jasper AI


  • Can generate factually accurate and quality content fast most of the time.
  • Able to give human-like instructions through the Command feature.
  • Massive library of recipes to choose from for any marketing initiative.
  • Has Key integrations with Surfer SEO, Grammarly, and Google Docs.
  • The AI can output very natural content that Google loves.


  • Very expensive.
  • Unable to produce relevant content for niche topics.
  • Content may be factually incorrect.
  • Junk content will eat up credits very fast on lower plans.
  • The plagiarism checker is not free, as Copyscape powers it.


Jasper AI Pricing Plans

Jasper offers the following pricing plans:

  • STARTER: $40/mo estimated for 35,000 words/mo (Best small bloggers).
  • BOSS MODE: $82/mo estimated for 100,000 words/mo (Best for growing bloggers & small agencies).
  • BUSINESS: Custom Plan & Price (Best for teams and enterprises).


Jasper AI has revolutionized how people write articles, blog posts, and other types of written content.

It’s an AI marketing tool that has enabled businesses, publishers, and content creators to produce higher-quality work faster than ever.

They even recently secured $125M of Series A funding, bringing it to a total valuation of $1.5B.

However, it is by no means perfect and will still require the human touch to be an effective tool.

4) WordHero

Best for Unlimited AI Writing Credits

WordHero Homepage

WordHero is another powerhouse AI content writer which I use frequently.

Fun fact, it’s also the first one I ever subscribed to.

It helps you craft high-quality copy quickly by using natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

All at a very affordable price with unlimited content generation.

That’s quite hard to beat at this stage.

Key Features

  • Generator Mode: If you’re searching for a fast way to develop content with artificial intelligence, WordHero’s generator mode should be your go-to.
  • Long-Form Editor: The Long-Form Editor can speed up content production by 10, so you can craft excellent material with mouse clicks.
  • Keyword Assistant: Makes it easy and uncomplicated to insert your targeted words into your writing.
  • Simple User Interface: WordHero AI was designed as an excellent tool for any writer who wants to get 80% of the work done with 20% of the effort.
  • Tremendous Language Support: WordHero currently supports about 108 languages and counting.

Pros and Cons of WordHero


  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Very responsive and active team with a strong roadmap.
  • Supports up to 108 languages.
  • Massive library of templates.
  • It runs on OpenAI GPT-3 like Jasper.
  • Unlimited words are generated on all plans (except Lifetime Starter).
  • Affordable price.
  • A very active and close-knit community of users.


  • Output content may not be relevant at times, especially for niche topics.
  • Not as feature-rich as Jasper.
  • No integrations.
  • Relatively new company.


WordHero Pricing Plans - Limited Lifetime Promotion

WordHero offers the following pricing plans:


  • MONTHLY: $49/mo
  • YEARLY: $29/mo (billed yearly at $348)

Lifetime Plans (Limited Time Only):

  • LIFETIME STARTER: One-time payment of $89 for 20,000 words/mo (NO Long-Form editor, Keyword Assistant, and Future SEO tools).
  • LIFETIME PRO: One-time fee of $269 (HAS Unlimited Words, Long-Form editor, Keyword Assistant, Future SEO tools, and more).


WordHero is an excellent alternative to Jasper for those who need a reliable yet cost-effective AI writing tool.

I used it to write a few sections of this article.

Its features, such as the Long-Form Editor and Keyword Assistant, are perfect for writers looking to level up their SEO game. At the same time, its support of 108 languages makes it an excellent tool for international users.

I run a company in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Unfortunately, not even Jasper can output Khmer, the native language here.

That is a massive plus for me.

WordHero’s AI does the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to worry about grammar or syntax mistakes.

WordHero is one of the top AI writing tools in the market, and I dare say even a solid competitor for Jasper.

Limited Offer: Get the Lifetime Pro plan that gives you UNLIMITED WORDS.

Only LIFETIME PRO comes with the long-form editor, keyword assistant, and future SEO tools.

Read My Full WordHero Review

5) Descript

Best All-in-One Video and Audio Editor

Descript Homepage

Descript is an excellent tool for digital marketers who want to create compelling visual content quickly and easily.

With its AI-powered features and intuitive interface, Descript makes producing top-quality videos more effortless than ever.

Descript’s video editor allows users to insert text, images, audio clips, and other elements into pre-existing video footage with a few simple clicks.

This enables digital marketers to craft powerful visual stories that can be effectively used in various marketing campaigns.

Key Features

  • Transcription: Descript’s powerful transcription feature helps save time by automatically transcribing videos into text.
  • Podcasting: With the podcasting feature of Descript, you can easily record high-quality podcasts.
  • Screen Recording: Capture everything happening on your screen in full HD with just one click.
  • Social Clips & Templates: Leverage the Social Clips & Templates feature to quickly create highly engaging social media clips from existing content in just a few clicks.
  • Overdub: Easily add natural-sounding voices to videos without audio engineering knowledge or experience.
  • Studio Sound: Ensure audio consistency across your projects using descriptive studio sound tools such as EQ adjustments, compression filters, and more.
  • Filler Word Removal: Automatically remove filler words like ‘umm’ and ‘ahh’.
  • Subtitles & Captions: Easily generate accurate and valuable subtitles
  • Publishing: Allows you to upload directly onto popular platforms like YouTube and Vimeo with just one click.

Pros and Cons of Descript


  • Filler word removal is a lifesaver.
  • Uses Google Cloud Speech.
  • It has a straightforward user interface for the seemly complex task of editing audio and video files.
  • Highly affordable, even for smaller creators.
  • The transcription process is fast and accurate.
  • Integrations to many platforms like YouTube, Slack, Squadcast, Buzzsprout, Podbean, and many more.


  • Some controls are pretty buggy at times.
  • Files management isn’t as straightforward.
  • It might feel limited if you are a power user that requires more comprehensive features.
  • Supports only up to 23 languages.


Descript Pricing Plans

Descript offers the following pricing plans:

  • FREE: $0
  • CREATOR: $12 per user/mo, $144 billed annually.
  • PRO: $24 per user/mo, $288 billed annually.
  • ENTERPRISE: Custom pricing for teams of 10+


Descript is a unique and powerful AI marketing tool that stands out from the rest.

It is an all-in-one solution that makes editing and transcribing videos and audio files as easy as a word doc using machine learning.

This is especially useful if you can quickly produce a written version of video or audio content to distribute across various channels without doing double work.

It is a must-have.

6) MarketMuse

Best for Enterprise Content Strategy

MarketMuse Homepage

MarketMuse is an AI-powered marketing tool designed to help teams create and execute content strategies more confidently.

Through robust data analysis, MarketMuse equips users with the insights necessary for making informed decisions about their content creation and optimization efforts.

At its core, MarketMuse enables digital marketers to quickly analyze one topic at a time and research entire content inventories at scale.

A unique combination of natural language processing (NLP) technology, machine learning algorithms, and comprehensive data sets helps power the platform’s capabilities.

This allows MarketMuse to deliver actionable insights that are not only accurate but contextualized as well.

Key Features

  • AI-driven Topic Analysis: Using artificial intelligence technology to analyze content topics in detail, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your target audience’s search intent.
  • Comprehensive Content Inventory Analysis: You can quickly audit your entire content inventory. 
  • Automated Content Recommendations: Automatically detect gaps in your content and receive actionable insights 
  • On-Page Optimization Assistance: Optimize existing pages by providing insights into improving titles and meta descriptions for better clickthrough rates (CTRs). 
  • Real-Time Performance Tracking: Get real-time updates on how your social media marketing efforts are doing.
  • Customizable Reports: Last but not least, MarketMuse allows you to customize reports based on specific needs and objectives.

Pros and Cons of MarketMuse


  • Extremely valuable internal and external insights for content strategy and optimization.
  • Professional and responsive customer support team.
  • Uses proprietary data and AI vs others that use APIs.
  • Compelling content gap analysis using heatmaps.
  • Has a refined and clean user interface.
  • Decently free plan.


  • Very expensive for smaller users.
  • No monthly plan.
  • Sign up process for paid plans are troublesome as you need to speak to a sales representative.
  • Lack of collaborative tools to share analysis reports.
  • Limited SERP results are available for only a handful of countries.


MarketMuse Pricing Plans

MarketMuse offers the following pricing plans:

  • FREE: $0/mo
  • STANDARD: $7,200/yr
  • PREMIUM: $12,000/yr


MarketMuse is the perfect tool to increase content quality, discoverability, and publishing speed without hopping between various optimization tools.

Its advanced proprietary AI marketing tools enable you to create unique content-driven customer journeys, decipher lagging points, and easily optimize your content.

It’s an invaluable addition to any content marketer’s arsenal but costly.

7) Chatfuel

Best for Chat Bots

Chatfuel Homepage

Chatfuel is an automated chatbot-building platform that enables businesses to quickly and easily create Messenger and Instagram chatbots for their customers.

Their no-code platform allows businesses to quickly create powerful bots with impressive features such as natural language processing, custom variables, deep linking, and more.

You can also integrate your bots with popular third-party services like Stripe, Shopify, Zapier, and Hubspot, allowing them to automate customer interactions further. 

Key Features

  • Automated Chatbot Features: Gives you the ability to quickly and easily create automated chatbots for Messenger and Instagram. 
  • Pre-Built Templates: Make it easy to start building your own Chatbot. 
  • A/B Testing & Analytics Tools: Optimize user experiences and gain insights into how potential customers interact with your brand’s messages.
  • AI Functionality: Powerful artificial intelligence technology enables bots to become more intelligent over time by learning from every interaction they receive from the target audience.
  • Integration & Connectivity Options: Integrate with third-party services such as payment processing platforms like Stripe or Shopify, CRM systems like Salesforce or Zendesk, and other marketing tools like MailChimp or HubSpot.
  • Content Management System: Finally, they have developed a robust content management system (CMS) that allows users to add images, videos, or GIFs directly into the conversation threads.

Pros and Cons of Chatfuel


  • Beginner friendly to add additional AI features to your Facebook messenger.
  • Easy to customize flows using the visual builder.
  • Duplication of messaging tracks to use across other channels.
  • Simply and easy-to-understand analytics dashboard.


  • NLP is not as accurate at times.
  • You only can sign up with a Facebook account.
  • Lack of integration with other popular messaging platforms.
  • You must keep track of usage to avoid automatically jumping into a higher plan.


Chatfuel Pricing Plans

Chatfuel offers the following pricing plans:

  • FREE: Free/mo
  • BUSINESS: $11.99mo
  • ENTERPRISE: $199/mo


Chatfuel offers an excellent chatbot platform for a reasonable cost. It has a user-friendly UI, abundant chatbot features, options to deliver messages to certain user groups, many compatible applications, various marketing options, and great analytics.

Its primary limitation is that it only produces chatbots for Facebook Messenger. So if you hope to create a bot on multiple platforms, this might not be for you.

Chatfuel is still a great program to construct your Chatbot with and is one of the premier chatbot software platforms available.

8) DeepWord

Best for Personalized Videos

DeepWord Homepage

DeepWord is a cutting-edge synthetic media creation platform designed to make the production of engaging content accessible to everyone. 

It has an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that will help you rapidly create high-quality visuals, animations, and video content without requiring expensive programming or design skills.

Thanks to advances in computer vision and machine learning technologies, DeepWord can automatically generate realistic scenes from videos and images, regardless of resolution or camera angle. 

It uses a revolutionary deep learning algorithm to detect objects from images or videos and assemble them into a scene in virtual space. 

This allows marketers to easily add a certain level of intimacy that can only be achieved by manually personalizing a video.

Key Features

  • Automated Video Creation: Easily create stunning synthetic media content. 
  • AI-Powered Storytelling: Take advantage of its AI-powered storytelling feature, which allows you to generate compelling storylines for your videos in just a few clicks.
  • Dynamic Visual Effects: Create stunning visuals for your videos without skills or prior experience. 
  • Scene Composition & Editing: Get complete control over your video’s look and feel – all at a fraction of the time it would take with traditional methods.
  • Advanced Image & Voice Processing: Modify existing audio/video files or generate new ones using cutting-edge technology.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Its integrated natural language processing (NLP) engine allows you to craft complex conversations between characters in their videos effortlessly. 
  • High-Quality Rendering: State-of-the-art rendering engine which takes care of all your graphic needs in real-time.

Pros and Cons of DeepWord


  • Very straightforward and easy-to-use tool to make personalized videos with AI
  • Wide selection of pre-built video actors of various ethnicities
  • Text-to-speech is quite accurate
  • Works with all languages


  • Pricing can be better
  • Facial expressions generated by the AI are rather robotic and unnatural at times


DeepWord Pricing Plans

DeepWord offers the following pricing plans:

  • FREE: Free/mo
  • PREMIUM: $ 14.99/mo 
  • PAY AS YOU GO: $2.25/min


DeepWord is a tool many digital marketers wouldn’t consider utilizing immediately.

Understandably, more prominent companies would have a dedicated content team to handle video creator efforts.

However, smaller teams and freelancers could benefit from it by reducing the costs of hiring and freeing up more time for other initiatives while engaging their audience.

For these reasons, I recommend using DeepWord as your go-to AI video creation platform if it fits your workflow.

9) Surfer SEO

Best for On-Page SEO Optimization

SurferSEO Homepage

Surfer SEO is the authoritative on-page SEO tool and one of my favorite tools that streamline the optimization process for organic search engine rankings for businesses.

It provides advanced analysis of SERPs (search engine result pages) and competitor sites to help boost visibility and traffic to your written content and, ultimately, your website.

Using AI & Machine Learning algorithms, Surfer SEO identifies the content of top-ranking pages and enables users to quickly remember what on-page elements they need to optimize to increase their chances of appearing higher up on SERPs.

With this data, digital marketers can structure their content and improve user experience to obtain better rankings.

Key Features

  • Grow Flow: Provides users with valuable insights on their website’s SEO health. With the Google Search Console integration, expect personalized recommendations that improve keywords, content, and internal links.
  • Content Editor: Enjoy a Google Docs-style editor that allows users to optimize any article by receiving real-time feedback and analytics data from competitors within a single tool. 
  • Keyword Research: Develop a precise content plan with the in-built keyword research tool by identifying low-competition keywords and relevant topics clusters.
  • Audit: Enter your website’s URL and get a host of SEO improvement opportunities to rank better on search engines.

Pros and Cons of Surfer SEO


  • The user interface is very intuitive, and the user experience is smooth.
  • Able to create an optimized article outline in a matter of seconds.
  • Provides relevant optimization opportunities with straightforward suggestions on what to do next.
  • The audit tool is comprehensive and offers actionable insights for immediate results.
  • Has integrations with Jasper, Google Docs, Semrush, WordPress, and even its own API.


  • The keyword research tool is not as powerful compared to other dedicated software.
  • It might be a bit costly for non-power users.
  • NLP guidelines are not available for free users and are only free for the first month of the basic plan.
  • AI writing assistant is not as powerful as other tools.
  • In-built plagiarism checker.


SurferSEO Pricing Plans

Surfer SEO offers the following pricing plans:

  • FREE: Free/mo
  • BASIC: $49/mo (NLP guidelines only free for the first month).
  • PRO: $99/mo
  • BUSINESS: $199/mo


Surfer SEO is an AI marketing tool you should be familiar with, as it’s one of the industry standards.

Its integration with Jasper makes it a powerhouse combo that is a force to be reckoned with.

Moreover, Surfer’s automated insights provide valuable information about competitors’ data and potential optimizations that is almost necessary if you want to rank higher on search engines like Google.

I am using it for this article too.

10) NeuronWriter

Best Surfer SEO Alternative

NeuronWriter Homepage

NeuronWriter is a robust content optimization AI tool designed to help digital marketers create higher-ranking, better-performing content.

I also used this with Surfer SEO to optimize the article you are reading right now.

The app’s advanced editor allows users to view and analyze Google SERPs, competition data, and semantic models (NLP) to identify trends in content that rank better and more often.

This provides valuable insight when crafting content that will receive higher visibility on major search engines like Google.

The app also offers an intuitive user experience, which makes content planning and optimization easier.

Users can quickly map out their content plan using the task assignment feature, allowing them to manage their team’s workflow while staying organized easily.

Additionally, NeuronWriter lets users write with user intent by providing keyword suggestions based on search queries and phrases related to the topic.

This ensures the content is crafted for maximum engagement and better ranking results. 

Key Features

  • Automated Content Analysis: Gers get access to a content analysis system, quickly identify opportunities for improvement in their content, and determine how it compares to the competition. 
  • Semantic Models (NLP): By harnessing the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, digital marketers can create highly relevant and optimized content for natural language search queries.
  • Automated Content Suggestions: Get access to a comprehensive library of automatic content suggestions, enabling users with the knowledge and resources necessary to create higher-ranking content quickly and easily.
  • Information Architecture Optimization: Easily optimize a website’s information architecture to better structure pages according to user intent and maximize SEO value across the domain. 
  • Competitive SERP Analysis: In addition to analyzing individual webpages for SEO optimization opportunities, you can compare multiple websites to gain a competitive edge in SERPs (search engine results pages). 
  • Content Planning Tools: The platform comprises a range of planning tools designed specifically for digital marketers to take actionable steps concisely.
  • Integration with Third-Party Apps: Integrate NeuronWriter with third-party apps like WordPress or Hootsuite to further streamline workflow processes. 

Pros and Cons of Neuronwriter


  • Very similar capabilities to the industry standard, Surfer SEO.
  • They offer a generous credit system.
  • Supports over 170+ languages.
  • Able to manually adjust AI settings to converse credits if needed.
  • A promising roadmap with a team that actively engages with its customers.
  • Able to pull questions and queries from Google Suggestions and competitors.


  • The user interface is not very intuitive and needs some time to get used to.
  • No plagiarism checker.
  • No recommendations to improve the readability score.
  • The platform is buggy at times which causes team members to be unable to see changes and save progress.


neuronwriter pricing plans

NeuronWriter offers the following pricing plans:

  • BRONZE PLAN: €19/mo (Best for starters)
  • SILVER PLAN: €37/mo (Best for a freelancer)
  • GOLD PLAN: €57/mo (Best for a team of copywriters or small agencies)
  • PLATINUM PLAN: €77/mo (Best for medium to larger businesses)
  • DIAMOND PLAN: €97/mo (Best for large enterprises and large agencies)

*Prices are in Euros


NeuronWriter is one of my favorite tools because it is the best alternative to SurferSEO, which is more affordable.

Its content optimization capabilities are industry standard, and you can expect any content written through the platform to be primed and ready to appear on the first page of Google.

I have access to both, and I still will use them concurrently.

Read My Full NeuronWriter Review

11) Grammarly

Best for Writing Assistance

Grammarly Homepage

Grammarly is an online writing assistant that helps ensure accuracy and clarity in your writing.

It is a popular tool among professionals, academics, and students alike for its ability to quickly and accurately detect grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style errors.

I don’t care who you are. You’re gonna make mistakes when writing.

So let Grammarly do the policing for you.

Key Features

  • Writing Assistant: Use AI to fix grammatical, spelling, tone, clarity, and wordiness in all your written content with just a few clicks.
  • In-line Writing Suggestions: Fast and easy corrections within your text prompt without complicated navigation.
  • Snippets: Speed up your writing process with ready-made templates containing reusable text chunks.
  • Brand Tones: Achieve brand language optimization by ensuring consistency across all company-specific word usage.
  • Style Guides: Create style guides that ensure any unique specific spelling conventions are used precisely and accurately to be on-brand.
  • Integrations: Grammarly can also be integrated across most of your favorite apps and websites like Zendesk, Slack, Gmail, Outlook, Google Docs, Salesforce, Twitter, WordPress, and many more.
  • Auto Citations: Automatically format and generate citations from popular research directories.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Ensure that you have unique content that is plagiarism free by cross-referencing over 16 billion web pages.

Pros and Cons of Grammarly


  • A quick and accurate way to correct your writing.
  • AI can identify the context accurately.
  • Easy-to-follow actionable suggestions.
  • Explanations on why changes should be made.
  • Wide variety of writing style options for any content.
  • Maintain consistent brand language with ease.
  • Integration to many popular apps used by others.
  • Extremely affordable.


  • The free version is limited only to basic corrections.
  • No plagiarism on the free version.
  • It only supports English.
  • May autocorrect text that you don’t want to.
  • Unable to detect certain unofficial words not found in the dictionary.


Grammarly Pricing Plans

Grammarly offers the following pricing plans:

  • FREE: Free/mo
  • PREMIUM: $12/mo
  • BUSINESS: $15/mo


Ultimately, no matter how good a writer you are, mistakes are bound to be made.

Even professionals may make a spelling error, be off-brand or have an inconsistent tone.

Though not wholly perfect, using a tool like Grammarly will ensure that you maintain consistency each time to the best of your ability.

Grammarly is an industry-standard tool that most professional digital marketers I know to use.

Try out the free plan first with my link below!

12) Semrush

Best All-in-One SEO Tool

Semrush Homepage

This article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Semrush, a popular software coined as the swiss army knife of AI SEO tools.

It offers a range of features tailored to meet the needs of digital marketing professionals, allowing them to do keyword research, track rankings, analyze their competitors’ strategies, and more.

Key Features

  • SEO Tools: Drive more traffic, generate more keyword ideas, track your rankings, and build more backlinks with their host of SEO tools.
  • Content Tools: Plan, create, and optimize all your content using a vast range of solutions.
  • Market Research: Get valuable insight into your competition and the market to get ahead of others.
  • Advertising: Find out what others are spending on specific keywords and craft concise paid campaigns that are cost-efficient and yield the highest ROAS.
  • Social Media Management: Simplify your organic and paid social media marketing campaigns using their publishing, monitoring, and advertising management solutions.

Pros and Cons of Semrush


  • It has an extensive feature set that covers pretty much all SEO needs.
  • Powerful link-building features.
  • The diverse and massive databases are used to feed into their proprietary neural networks.
  • Great value for money, considering the number of tools you get.
  • Excellent content and competitor analysis suites.


  • The user interface can be very intimidating for first-time users and even intermediates.
  • Most tools only analyze data from Google.
  • Traffic data are only estimations and may not be accurate.


Semrush Pricing Plans

Semrush offers the following pricing plans:

  • Pro: $119.95/mo
  • Guru: $229.95/mo
  • Business: $449.95/mo


No digital marketing Martech stack is completed without including an all-rounder AI marketing tool like Semrush.

While I wouldn’t say it’s a master of none, other dedicate tools are marginally better at specific features.

Semrush is a jack of all trades, but not in a bad sense.

This software is excellent for anyone who needs a feature-rich tool to plan, create and execute successful marketing campaigns under one roof.

What Is the Best AI Marketing Tool on This List?

While there isn’t only one specific tool you should be using because many professionals use a wide variety for different purposes.

If I had to pick one, it would be Semrush, as it is an all-rounder and value for money.

What Are AI Tools Used in Marketing?

AI marketing tools are software programs or platforms that use artificial intelligence to enhance efficiency, improve customer experience, and boost revenue.

These tools can with the following:

  • Enhanced Personalization: By understanding customer preferences, behavior, and purchasing history, AI can create individualized experiences for each customer, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Improved Targeting: By analyzing customer data to identify patterns and trends, marketers can create targeted and highly converting campaigns that reach the right audience.
  • Increased Efficiency: Marketers can automate routine tasks, such as data analysis, content creation, and customer interactions, freeing up marketers’ time to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Better ROI: By optimizing campaigns, targeting the right audience, and improving customer engagement, AI tools can increase return on investment (ROI) for marketing initiatives.
  • Real-time Insights: AI can provide real-time insights into customer behavior, preferences, and purchasing habits, allowing marketers to adjust their strategies quickly.

A marketing plan must then be developed to effectively capitalize on that customer data advantage to convert the audience into paying customers.

Why Use AI Powered Marketing Tools?

Artificial intelligence marketing software helps digital marketers analyze vast amounts of data across various digital platforms and provide them with valuable insights. It helps with crafting an effective marketing strategy and automating various tasks.

Without it, competing with others using these tools would be impossible because they have an irrefutable upper hand.

In this digital age, everyone is a slave to the algorithms of technology companies in that we operate our businesses.

AI is using its own medicine against them by leveraging its technological prowess to beat these platforms at their own game.

We then gather these insights and automate our workflow with precise marketing plans to beat other competitors.

Best AI Marketing Tools (FAQ)

Will AI Take Over Digital Marketing?

I don’t think it will take over the entire industry, but it will only make humans more reliant and less creative over time if not used appropriately. An AI marketing tool is only as good as the data it gets fed and the person who wrote the code.

AI can help marketers make decisions based on data and trends, significantly reducing costs and time. However, creative strategy and audience intimacy will still require human input.

Ultimately, AI will always be a tool to assist marketers in their work rather than replace them.

Is AI Marketing Legit?

Yes, it is a legitimate way to improve your marketing strategies and by no means illegal, dubious, or gimmicky.

Virtually every company uses some AI marketing tool to understand customer behavior, optimize campaigns and target the right audience. It can also help you automate mundane tasks so that you can focus on more critical activities.

These tools are a great way to gain a competitive edge and drive more conversions.

Are There Free AI Marketing Tools?

AI marketing tools don’t generally come for nothing, although many offer free trials. Some may offer entirely free plans, but these tend to be very limited, and won’t have the required breadth of features to help you make a proper impact in your marketing efforts.

Many blogs with “FREE AI tools” in their titles usually don’t feature completely unpaid products. There is no free lunch in this world, and these software companies still need to make a profit.

It takes huge computational and financial resources to process an insane amount of data and train machine learning algorithms to create an artificial intelligence tool. So don’t be misled.


AI marketing platforms are getting used more often, and these tools are only a taste of what’s to come in the next few years.

As artificial intelligence technology improves, so will these marketing tools – giving businesses an ever-growing arsenal of powerful options for driving growth and success.

If you’re looking to future-proof your marketing campaigns, keep an eye on these cutting-edge tools.

Implementing even just one of these can significantly impact your bottom line.

So what are you waiting for?

If you liked this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends, colleagues, and aspiring marketers.

Please also comment below if you have any other recommendations I can add to this list!

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