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11 Best AI SEO Tools in 2024: To Get on Page #1 of Google

Updated on January 15, 2024

My Overall Pick

surfer seo logoPin

Surfer SEO

Boost your website’s visibility with Surfer SEO’s cutting-edge optimization tools.

Runner Up

scalenut ai seo tools logoPin


The All-in-one content marketing powerhouse tool for all your content SEO needs.

Surfer Alternative

neuronwriter logoPin


An excellent SEO content optimizer that rivals Surfer SEO very closely.

Have you ever wondered why you are not getting any website traffic after spending all that time crafting a fantastic article?

With over 90% of web search volume coming from Google.

You damn well better be incorporating proper search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.

And it’s almost impossible to rank without the help of artificial intelligence automation in this digital age.

In this article, I’ll review the best AI SEO tools for 2024 to help you get on the first page of Google.

Each of the tools on my list assists you in either one or more of the following:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO

Let’s get going.

What Are The Best AI SEO Tools?

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Here are my top picks for the best AI SEO tools.

  1. SurferSEO: Best for On-Page SEO Optimization
  2. Scalenut: Best for the Entire SEO Content Lifecycle
  3. NeuronWriter: Best for Content SEO and AI writing
  4. Frase: Best for Content Briefs and Content Outlines
  5. Alli AI: Best for Automated Technical SEO
  6. Jasper: Best for SEO Copywriting
  7. Ahrefs: Best for Keyword Research and Site Audits
  8. Outranking: Best for Solo Freelance Content Creators
  9. Semrush: Best All-in-One SEO Tool
  10. LinkWhisper: Best WordPress Plugin for Internal Linking
  11. Originality AI: Best for AI Content Detection

1. SurferSEO

Best for On-Page SEO Optimization and Content Audits

Surfer SEO Homepage AI SEO ToolsPin

Surfer SEO is a well-known on-page content optimizer that can help increase your website’s visibility, organic traffic, and ranking.

It will be tough to find someone who hasn’t heard of it.

It streamlines the SEO process by offering features for information gathering, content creation, optimization, and auditing.

Key Features

  • Content Editor: Allows users to optimize any article by receiving real-time feedback and analytics data from competitors within a Google Doc-like editor.
  • Keyword Research: Assists in creating an accurate content plan by discovering low-competition keywords and relevant topic clusters.
  • Keyword Surfer: A free extension displaying keyword volume and useful metrics within Google search.
  • Grow Flow: Allows users to enter their website’s URL and receive various SEO improvement opportunities to improve their search engine rankings.

Pros and Cons of SurferSEO


  • Helps you find LSI keywords, phrases, and related topics for your content.
  • Has a keyword research tool that shows you keyword suggestions, popularity, and trends.
  • Equipped with a content editor that gives you real-time feedback on your content score and suggestions for improving it. 


  • It can be overwhelming and confusing to use for beginners.
  • No credit management feature.
  • It can be expensive for some users, especially if they need more queries or features.


Surfer SEO Pricing Plans AI SEO ToolsPin
  • BASIC: $49 monthly
  • PRO: $99 monthly
  • BUSINESS: $199 monthly

My Take

If you asked any blogger, content marketer, or writer, I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar that they have used Surfer in some capacity.

It offers versatile and shareable reports, a Google Docs extension, and tools for content clustering, planning, creating SEO briefs, and audits.

This makes it a must-have for anyone serious about optimizing their SEO content strategy.

But my all-time favorite reason is how smooth the user experience is.

Start your free trial now with a 7-day money-back guarantee👇

2. Scalenut

Best for the Entire SEO Content Lifecycle

ScaleNut Homepage AI SEO ToolsPin

ScaleNut is a content intelligence SaaS platform that leverages deep learning and AI to help you discover and create relevant content for your target audience.

It streamlines content creation with AI-powered editing and 40+ templates for diverse needs, enabling faster, higher-quality writing.

Integrated with Semrush for keyword research, it optimizes content for better rankings and full-spectrum content marketing execution.

Key Features

  • All-in-One Content Creation and Optimization: Build content clusters to establish topical authority, discover customer-oriented topics, and use AI to write content in one place.
  • Large Template Library: Get access to over 40+ AI templates to craft compelling and benefit-driven copy, even on the free plan.
  • Cruise Mode: Simply input a keyword or headline, and ScaleNut will write a complete article for you, complete with relevant facts, citations, images, and more.
  • App Integrations: Integrate seamlessly with popular apps like Semrush and WordPress.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Uses Copyscape to check for any duplicated content on the web.

Pros and Cons of Scalenut


  • Clean UI and UX.
  • Comprehensive topic clustering capabilities.
  • Generous free plans with access to most AI writing tools.
  • Offers step-by-step instructions to help users create and optimize their content for higher organic traffic and rankings.


  • AI-generated content can be repetitive.
  • Lack of fine-tuning options for the templates.
  • Plagiarism checker, team management, and app integrations are only available on the Growth plan or higher.


ScaleNut Pricing Plans AI SEO ToolsPin
  • ESSENTIAL: $39 monthly ($20/month if billed annually)
  • GROWTH: $79 monthly ($40/month if billed annually)
  • PRO: $149 monthly ($75/month if billed annually)

My Take

ScaleNut is an ideal solution for SEO strategists, content creators, executives, and agencies looking to manage their entire content marketing life cycle in one platform.

It handles all your SEO content needs, even keyword research, with Semrush integration. That’s mad.

But you need a Semrush subscription as well. So that’s a bummer.

Either way, ScaleNut is a solid all-rounder and one of the top tools in my arsenal. 

Save 50% annually if you sign up using my link below for a limited time👇

Read my full Scalenut Review

3. NeuronWriter

Best for Content SEO and AI Writing

NeuronWriter Homepage AI SEO ToolsPin

NeuronWriter uses data from Google SERPs, competition analysis, and natural language processing to suggest semantically related keywords for optimizing your content.

In addition to its AI Writer feature, the tool also offers Internal Linking, which suggests related websites to make link-building and internal linking easier.

Comes with a WordPress integration and Chrome plugin as well.

Key Features

  • Content Plan: Provides NLP-based recommendations for keywords, phrases, entities, and questions.
  • Content Manager: You can tag and group analyses while setting priorities based on market trends. 
  • Content Ideas: Helps in brainstorming and planning ideas for articles.
  • AI Writing: Generate an entire article or FAQ section with unused keywords with the latest GPT4, GPT3.5, and InstructGPT language models.
  • Competitor Analysis: Analyzes the best articles or YouTube video transcripts to see how to structure your own to beat them.

Pros and Cons of NeuronWriter


  • Supports more than 170 languages, which helps attract a target audience worldwide.
  • Gives more relevant FAQ queries than other similar tools.
  • Uses the latest GPT models to produce quality content.
  • It has a neat UI and UX, easy to use.


  • The plagiarism checker isn’t integrated with the industry standard, Copyscape.
  • Limited templates for content.
  • Premium features require the Gold plan or higher.


NeuronWriter Pricing Plans AI SEO ToolsPin
  • Bronze Plan: €19 monthly (~$20)
  • Silver Plan: €37 monthly (~$40)
  • Gold Plan: € 57 monthly (~$61)
  • Platinum Plan: €77 monthly (~$83)
  • Diamond Plan: €97 monthly(~$105)

My Take

Overall, NeuronWriter is a powerful AI-driven tool that can provide content writers with an efficient way to produce articles that rank well in search engines.

It’s also my daily on-page SEO tool for all my articles like the one you are reading now.

One of my favorites is the auto-import feature to update old articles.

NeuronWriter is back on Appsumo! Get 91% off lifetime deals with my link below👇

4. Alli AI

Best for Automated Technical SEO

Alli AI Homepage AI SEO ToolsPin

All AI is a tool that offers AI-driven SEO software that helps users optimize, automate, deploy, and scale SEO with real-time cloud deployment and instant code changes.

Alli AI offers an efficient solution to time-consuming and expensive SEO tasks. 

By automating tasks such as meta tag creation, link descriptions, and image alt, businesses can lower their costs and reduce the need for a large team. 

Allowing you to scale operations while keeping fulfillment costs low.

Key Features

  • Bulk On-Page Optimization: Create site-wide optimization rules and deploy code changes to individual pages with one button click.
  • Live Editor: Edit and optimize text, content, and code on your browser’s page and deploy the updates instantly.
  • Real-time Deployment: Bypass CMS and technical limitations and instantly deploy code and content changes anywhere on any page.
  • Self-Optimizer for Traffic ROI: Automatically generate sitewide page titles with real-time focus keyword A/B testing to maximize traffic profitability.

Pros and Cons of Alli AI


  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Real-time deployment on popular CMS or websites.
  • Generates a daily task list and prioritizes the most impactful SEO actions.
  • Helps users find optimization opportunities.


  • The plans are expensive. 
  • You still need technical SEO knowledge to accept suggestions.
  • It may not be compatible with some CMS or website frameworks.


Alli AI Pricing Plans AI SEO ToolsPin
  • CONSULTANT: $249 monthly
  • AGENCY: $499 monthly
  • ENTERPRISE: $999 monthly

My Take

With Alli AI, you can optimize any website in minutes and automate SEO at scale without hiring a developer.

Though not cheap, it does all the heavy technical SEO work for you with AI. That alone is worth the money.

Start your free trial if you click the link below👇

5. Frase

Best for Content Briefs and Content Outlines

Frase IO Pricing Plans AI SEO ToolsPinPin

Frase doesn’t disappoint when it comes to SEO content optimization

This tool offers AI-powered content optimization and writing tools for content marketers, SEOs, and agencies.

It claims to help users research, write, and optimize high-quality SEO content in minutes instead of hours.

Key Features

  • Content Brief: Curate well-researched content briefs in minutes based on the top results for any target search query.
  • Content Writing: Generate quality, high-converting copy at the click of a button using AI templates and autocomplete functions.
  • Content Optimization: Compare your content to your top search competitors and get suggestions on keywords, headers, and concepts to include.
  • Content Analytics: Unveil new content opportunities and prevent keyword cannibalization using your Google Search Console data.

Pros and Cons of Frase


  • Helps users research, write, and optimize SEO content faster and easier.
  • Provides a variety of AI templates and functions for content writing and rewriting.
  • Offers a content analytics dashboard that identifies new content opportunities.


  • There is no free trial option, only a $1 trial for 5 days.
  • Autosave is glitchy sometimes, so remember to do it manually.


Frase IO Pricing Plans AI SEO ToolsPinPin
  • SOLO: $14.99 monthly ($12.99 monthly if paid annually)
  • BASIC: $44.99 monthly ($39.25 monthly if paid annually) 
  • TEAM: $114.99 monthly ($97.75 monthly if paid annually)
  • PRO ADD ON: Additional $35 monthly for other features

My Take

Frase is a great tool that assists users in creating comprehensive content briefs quickly.

It saves time by analyzing and consolidating the best content instead of spending hours researching SERPs.

It also allows users to research their competitors’ keywords, headings, and concepts and customize brief templates to streamline their workflow.

Again, this one’s worth checking out as well!

You can get started with Frase for as low as $1👇

6. Jasper

Best for SEO Copywriting

Jasper Homepage AI SEO ToolsPin

Jasper’s one of the most popular AI writing tools for content creation in the industry.

It’s a fantastic tool that offers various copywriting templates to create marketing copy, sales emails, Facebook ads, video scripts, and more.

You even get access to Jasper chat and the ability to create AI-generated images.

Key Features

  • Browser Extension: Write open-ended commands and generate content wherever you work online.
  • Social Media: Generate monthly social media content in minutes using AI templates and functions.
  • Advertising: Write high-converting ads for Google Ads and Facebook Ads with AI suggestions and best practices.
  • Articles: Create well-researched and engaging articles with AI outlines and briefs.
  • Emails: Write effective emails for sales, marketing, newsletters, and more with AI formulas and templates.

Pros and Cons of Jasper


  • Helps users create content faster and easier with AI templates and functions.
  • Has a powerful Command feature that allows users to write open-ended commands and generate content wherever they work online.
  • Offers a lot of flexibility in how users can use it for different types of content, such as social media, advertising, articles, emails, website, and art.


  • Struggles a bit to produce factual content.
  • Charges users for every word the AI generates, even junk or irrelevant content.
  • Does not have a plagiarism detection feature built-in.


Jasper Pricing Plans AI SEO ToolsPin
  • Creator: $39 (if billed annually)
  • Teams: $99 (if billed annually)
  • Business: Custom plan.

By the way all plans are unlimited words.

My Take

Jasper is a potent writing tool for all your on-page SEO needs. 

As I said, it’s really popular for a reason.

It is widely regarded as the top AI writer on the market thanks to its exceptional features and quality.

Start your 7-day FREE trial now👇

7. Ahrefs

Best for Keyword Research and Site Audits

Ahrefs Homepage AI SEO ToolsPin

Ahref is a tool website that offers SEO tools and resources to grow your search traffic. It claims to help users research their competitors, find keywords and content ideas, monitor their niche, audit their website, and track their SEO progress.

Key Features

  • Site Explorer: Analyze the organic search traffic and backlink profile of any website or URL.
  • Keywords Explorer: Discover thousands of keyword ideas for any topic or niche with accurate metrics and difficulty scores.
  • Content Explorer: Find the most popular content for any topic or keyword based on social shares, organic traffic, and backlinks.
  • Rank Tracker: Monitor your rankings over time and track your SEO performance with advanced metrics and reports.
  • Site Audit: Crawl your website for technical SEO issues and get actionable recommendations on how to fix them.

Pros and Cons of Ahrefs


  • A powerful web crawler that can analyze any website or URL for SEO data and insights.
  • Provides keyword alerts that notify users of new ranking opportunities and competitor movements.
  • Extremely in-depth analytics for any sort of website metrics.
  • Has one of the largest keyword databases on the planet, with over 19 billion keywords across 10 search engines in 242 countries.


  • No free trial option.
  • It may be too complex or overwhelming for beginners or casual users needing basic SEO features.
  • Very expensive.


Ahrefs Pricing Plans AI SEO ToolsPin
  • LITE: Starts at $99 monthly
  • STANDARD: Starts at $199 monthly
  • ADVANCED: Starts at $399 monthly
  • ENTERPRISE: Starts at $999 monthly

My Take

In my opinion, Ahrefs is the king of keyword research. Full stop.

If you’ve been working in SEO for so long, you know the power that Ahrefs holds.

However, if you’re just starting, it’s worth checking out the other tools on this list before settling for this one.

Because this is really an end-game tool.

Start ranking higher and gaining more traffic by joining Ahrefs👇

8. Outranking

Best for Solo Bloggers

Outranking IO Homepage AI SEO ToolsPin

Outranking.io is an AI-powered SEO tool designed for solo bloggers and content writers, helping them create quality content that appeals to both search engines and readers.

It’s quite handy as it streamlines your content strategy and automates blog SEO tasks that usually take up a lot of time and resources.

It’s a versatile and cost-efficient tool that allows you to focus on creating great content while letting the software boost your website’s organic traffic.

Key Features

  • Workflow: Write better content 10x faster with AI-assisted workflows and writing tools.
  • Content Strategy: Use advanced clustering algorithms and AI in minutes to create an ROI-driven keyword strategy.
  • Content Optimization: Predictably optimizes content for more keywords, higher ranking, and the right search intent.
  • AI Writing: Write factual content using prompts to automatically fact gathering from ranking pages or custom sources.

Pros and Cons of Outranking


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface and features suitable for SEO content beginners and professionals.
  • Provides advanced GPT-3 AI-based writing software that can generate factual content based on SERP analysis and concepts.
  • Comprehensive content optimization tool that suggests keywords, headings, questions, internal links, and more.


  • May not be able to handle overly technical or creative topics.
  • Does not have a plagiarism checker.


Outranking IO Pricing Plans AI SEO ToolsPin
  • STARTER: $7 for the first month ($49 starting next month)
  • SOLO: $79 monthly
  • PRO: $149 monthly
  • COMPANY: $219 monthly

My Take

It’s hard to beat Outranking when it can perform tasks from content strategy to rank tracking and everything in between.

Its features and affordable pricing makes it a compelling option for those seeking a reliable full-suite content SEO tool.

Start your $7 free trial now if you click my link below👇

9. Semrush

Best All-in-One SEO Tool

Semrush Homepage AI SEO ToolsPin

Semrush is probably the tool I use the most daily.

It’s the Swiss army knife of SEO tools that does everything from keyword search, content marketing, competitor research, backlinks analysis, site audits, PPC, and social media marketing in just one platform.

Key Features

  • SEO Toolkit: Uncover millions of keywords, analyze any domain’s backlink profile, run technical SEO audits, and track your SERP positions daily.
  • Content Marketing Toolkit: Find topics that resonate with your audience, get actionable tips to create SEO-friendly content, and track brand mentions and content reach.
  • Market Research Toolkit: Analyze traffic of any website, unveil competitor promotion strategies, and discover keyword and backlink gaps.
  • Advertising Toolkit: Find the best keywords for every PPC campaign, monitor your competitor’s ad copies and landing pages, and optimize your advertising spend.
  • Social Media Toolkit: Schedule and post content on social media, analyze the performance of your posts, track and analyze competitor accounts and manage your public brand reputation.

Pros and Cons of Semrush


  • Complete toolkit for On-page, off-page, and technical SEO.
  • Extensive backlink analysis module.
  • Has a writing tool that analyzes your content and provides SERP-back data suggestions.
  • Provides in-depth website audits.


  • Requires basic SEO and technical knowledge
  • The user interface can be overwhelming for beginners
  • Does not have a native content writing feature like some other SEO tools.


Semrush Pricing Plans AI SEO ToolsPin
  • PRO: $199.95 monthly
  • GURU: $229.94 monthly
  • BUSINESS: $499.95 monthly

My Take

Semrush also remains to be one of the top choices out there for SEO. However, it may be more expensive than other tools on this list.

If you like Ahrefs for keyword research but want something more feature rich and budget-friendly.

I will definitely go with Semrush.

Get 17% off if you pay annually with my link below👇

Best WordPress Plugin for Internal Linking

LinkWhisper Homepage AI SEO ToolsPin

You must build smart internal links on your site to rank higher in Google and provide a better user experience for your visitors.

But finding and adding relevant links can be time-consuming and tedious.

That’s why you need LinkWhisper, a WordPress plugin that uses artificial intelligence to suggest and create internal links for you in seconds.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Internal Link Suggestions: Artificial intelligence automatically suggests relevant internal links based on your content. You can add multiple links at once with pre-selected anchor text or customize them to your liking.
  • Internal Links Reporting: Generate comprehensive link reports showcasing the number of internal and external links while fixing 404 errors and other link-related issues.
  • Customizable Settings: Tailor internal link suggestions and settings to your preferences. You can ignore specific words or phrases, open internal links in a new tab, exclude specific pages or categories from linking, and more.

Pros and Cons


  • Automatic AI-powered internal link suggestions
  • Comprehensive internal links reporting
  • Customizable settings for a personalized experience
  • Links will remain even if you choose to uninstall the plugin


  • Potential compatibility issues with some page builders or themes
  • Difficulty finding relevant links for niche or obscure topics


LinkWhisper Pricing Plans AI SEO ToolsPin

Link Whisper is a premium plugin that requires a yearly subscription fee. Pricing depends on the number of sites you plan to use it on:

  • 1 Site: $77 yearly
  • 3 Sites: $117 yearly
  • 10 Sites: $167 yearly

My Take

Link Whisper is an invaluable tool for bloggers, affiliate marketers, niche site owners, and content creators looking to optimize their content-heavy sites for SEO and improve user experience.

Although it may face compatibility issues with specific themes, its AI-powered link suggestions, comprehensive reporting, and customizable settings make it a powerful addition to any WordPress site.

If you’re like me and are too lazy to think about how to link blog posts manually internally, this will be perfect for you. 

Get started with LinkWhisper using my link below. Refund within 30 days if you don’t like it👇

11. Originality AI

Best for AI Content Detection

Originality AI Homepage AI SEO ToolsPin

In this new age of AI, many tend to overlook its impact on SEO and Google’s ability to detect AI-generate content.

This is why Originality AI makes it on my list.

It’s the best AI content detector on the market, with a 99.07% accuracy on GPT-3 and only slightly lower results on new language models.

Key Features

  • Execute comprehensive AI content and plagiarism analysis of your entire website with just one click.
  • Precisely identify AI-generated content from tools such as GPT 4, and its predecessors with 94+ accuracy.
  • Use text highlighting to pinpoint specific segments that were flagged by the software.
  • Incorporate Originality.AI data into custom applications using their provided API.
  • Effortlessly add or remove an unlimited number of team members while managing individual permissions via a centralized dashboard.

Pros and Cons of Originality AI


  • Most accurate tool for detecting AI content.
  • Extremely reasonable and fair pricing model.
  • Robot API for integrations in your own systems.
  • Can add unlimited team members.


  • Only supports English.
  • Still has its fair share of false positives and negatives.


It works on a credit system where one credit scans 100 words at $0.01 per credit.

My Take

With the proliferation of AI writers, we can only expect to see an increase in lower-quality content polluting the web.

So to gain Google’s favor, you must create for users first.

Google has already mentioned AI content isn’t inherently bad.

But since these tools only produce text similar to existing web content, it won’t be original or high quality.

You need a tool like Originality AI to keep your content accountable and optimized for search engines.

Sign up for Originality AI now and keep your content safe in Google’s eyes👇

Bonus AI SEO Tool


ShortPixel Homepage AI SEO ToolsPin

ShortPixel is a cutting-edge image optimization service that harnesses the power of AI to smartly compress images, CSS, and JS files without sacrificing visual quality. With up to 90% compression and virtually no noticeable differences, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using it.

Search engines like Google take page load speed into account when determining rankings. Using a tool like ShortPixel to optimize your website’s images is crucial for improving your site’s position in search results.

Don’t be like most people and avoid image optimization, which can significantly enhance your website’s core web vitals and improve SEO performance.

Plans start at only $8.25 monthly for unlimited image optimizations. Alternatively, they have even cheaper credit-based monthly plans or packages👇

What are AI SEO Tools?

AI SEO tools are software applications that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help businesses optimize their website’s search engine rankings.

These tools can help businesses, content creators, and individuals optimize their website content and improve website visibility and organic traffic.

What To Look For in an AI SEO Tool?

This can differ on your personal preference, but essentially you would want a tool that offers the following:

  • Content optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Performance tracking

Some bonus features include tools that can write content and check for plagiarism.

Overall, these are the essential features you should look for in a tool. 

Best AI SEO Tools (FAQs)

How Can AI SEO Tools Improve Website Organic Performance?

AI SEO tools can significantly enhance website organic performance by automating on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and technical SEO tasks.

These tools analyze webpages, optimize content, suggest keywords, build relevant backlinks, and identify technical issues to improve search engine rankings and increase traffic.

By streamlining and increasing accuracy in these processes, AI SEO tools save time and deliver better organic performance than manual efforts alone.

What Are the Best AI SEO Tools for Small Businesses?

The best AI SEO tools for small businesses are Frase, ScaleNut, Semrush, NeuronWriter, and Originality AI. These tools should cover more than one of the three segments of SEO (on-page, off-page, and Technical) to be cost-effective. 

Can SEO Be Replaced With AI?

SEO cannot be entirely replaced by AI, as human intelligence is crucial for understanding context and developing creative strategies.

While AI can efficiently analyze data and identify trends, it lacks the creativity and contextual understanding required for successful SEO campaigns.

Combining the strengths of experienced professionals and AI will yield the best results, driving organic traffic without compromising content quality.

How Is AI Used in SEO?

AI is used in SEO to guide search engine optimization of a web page or a website to gain better rankings and organic traffic.

AI-powered SEO tools can be used in the following ways:
– Create topic clusters that answer user questions and rank
– Know the optimum length of content on your given topic
– Use keywords and LSI keywords correctly
– Optimize your content to meet Google’s E.A.T standards found in their search quality raters guidelines
– Increase search traffic, find keyword opportunities
– Increase rankings for existing and new topics/terms
– Generate content that ranks
– Unlock performance in voice search and scale
– Automate everyday SEO activities.

To Sum Up

Leveraging AI SEO tools is essential in today’s competitive digital landscape.

Use these powerful tools to help you streamline and enhance your website’s organic performance, saving time and resources while delivering better results than manual efforts alone.

You could do it manually if you want, but would that be a wise choice when everybody else isn’t?

So, combine the power of AI with human creativity and expertise to get your pages on the first page of Google!

That’s a wrap.

Share my article if you like my review of the best AI SEO tools. 

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